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Schedule of Courses: Summer Session II 2007
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Index of Schools
   College of Arts & Sciences
   College of Engrg Arch Comp Sci
   College of Medicine
   College of Pharm Nurs AH Sci
   Division of Allied Health Sci
   Division of Fine Arts
   Division of Nursing
   Graduate School
   School of Business
   School of Communications
   School of Divinity
   School of Education
   School of Pharmacy
   School of Social Work

College of Arts & Sciences
   AFRO - Afro-American Studies (Undergrad)
   ARHI - Art History (Master of Arts) (Undergrad)
   BIOL - Biology (Undergrad)
   CHEM - Chemistry (Undergrad)
   CLAS - Classics (Undergrad)
   COMP - Comprehensive Sciences (Undergrad)
   ECON - Economics (Undergrad)
   ENGL - English (Undergrad)
   FREN - French (Undergrad)
   HIST - History (Undergrad)
   MATH - Mathematics (Undergrad)
   PHIL - Philosophy (Undergrad)
   PHYS - Physics (Undergrad)
   POLS - Political Science (Undergrad)
   PSYC - Psychology (Undergrad)
   SOCI - Sociology (Undergrad)
   SPAN - Spanish (Undergrad)
College of Engrg Arch Comp Sci
   ARCH - Architecture (Undergrad)
   CHEG - Chemical Engineering (Undergrad)
   EGPP - Engineering Preparatory Prog (Undergrad)
College of Medicine
   ANES - Anesthesiology
   DERM - Dermatology
   MNUE - Neurology
   MPHY - Physiology (Med) (Graduate)
   OBGY - Obstetrics & Gynecology
   PEDI - Pediatrics
College of Pharm Nurs AH Sci
   CLLS - Clinical Laboratory Science (Undergrad)
   HESC - Health Science (Undergrad)
Division of Allied Health Sci
   CLLS - Clinical Laboratory Science (Undergrad)
   HESC - Health Science (Undergrad)
   NUTR - Nutritional Science (Undergrad)
   OCCG - Occupational Therapy (Grad) (Graduate)
   PHAS - Physician Assistant (Undergrad)
   PHTH - Physical Therapy (Graduate)
   RASC - Radiological Science (Undergrad)
Division of Fine Arts
   ARHI - Art History (Master of Arts) (Graduate)
   ARTF - Art- Found Design Drawing (Undergrad)
   ARTH - Art History (Undergrad)
   ARTP - Art- Photo-Printmaking (Undergrad)
   FASH - Fashion (Undergrad)
   INTD - Interior Design (Undergrad)
   THMT - Theatre Arts- Musical Theatre (Undergrad)
   THTT - Theatre Arts- Theatre Tech (Undergrad)
Division of Nursing
   NURS - Nursing (Undergrad)
Graduate School
   AFST - African Studies (Graduate)
   ANAT - Anatomy (Graduate)
   ATMS - Atmospheric Sciences (Graduate)
   BIOC - Biochemistry (Graduate)
   BIOG - Biology (Grad) (Graduate)
   CHEM - Chemistry (Graduate)
   COMC - Communication & Culture (Graduate)
   COSD - Comm Science and Disorders (Graduate)
   ECOG - Economics (GR) (Graduate)
   EECE - Electrc & Computer Engineering (Graduate)
   ENGG - English (GR) (Graduate)
   FREN - French (Graduate)
   GENE - Genetics (Graduate)
   HHPL - Hlth Hmn Perform & Leisure (Graduate)
   HIST - History (Graduate)
   MCMS - Mass Comm & Media Studies (Graduate)
   MEEG - Mechanical Engineering (Graduate)
   MICR - Microbiology (Graduate)
   NUTG - Graduate Nutritional Science (Graduate)
   PHAR - Pharmacology (Graduate)
   PHIL - Philosophy (Graduate)
   PHSI - Physiology (Graduate)
   PHYS - Physics (Graduate)
   POLS - Political Science (Graduate)
   PSYC - Psychology (Graduate)
   SOCI - Sociology (Graduate)
   SPAN - Spanish (Graduate)
   SYCS - Systems and Computer Science (Graduate)
School of Business
   ACCT - Accounting (Undergrad)
   BECN - Business Economics (Undergrad)
   FINA - Finance (Undergrad)
   GECN - Economics (GR) (Graduate)
   GMGT - Management (GR) (Graduate)
   INFO - Information System & Analysis (Undergrad)
   MGMT - Management (Undergrad)
   MKTG - Marketing (Undergrad)
School of Communications
   COMC - Communication & Culture (Undergrad)
   COSD - Comm Science and Disorders (Graduate)
   COSD - Comm Science and Disorders (Undergrad)
   JOUR - Journalism (Undergrad)
   RTFG - Radio Television & Film (GR) (Graduate)
   SCOM - School of Communications (Undergrad)
School of Divinity
   FDSM - Core Curriculum (Graduate)
   THES - Thesis (Graduate)
School of Education
   ACAD - Academic Reinforcement (Undergrad)
   CARG - Graduate Reinforcement (Graduate)
   EDAP - Educational Admin & Policy (Graduate)
   EDUC - Curriculum & Instruction (Graduate)
   ELEM - Elementary Education (Undergrad)
   HUDE - Human Development & Psycho-Edu (Graduate)
   HUDE - Human Development & Psycho-Edu (Undergrad)
School of Pharmacy
   CLPS - Clinical & Pharmacy Science (Graduate)
School of Social Work
   SWHB - Human Behav & The Social Envir (Graduate)
   SWPH - Social Work PH.D Program (Graduate)
   SWPS - Soc Welfare Policy & Serv (Graduate)
   SWRS - Social Work Research (Graduate)
   SWSM - Social Work Seminar (Graduate)

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