English Placement | Math Placement

English Placement

To enroll in Freshman English, your SAT Writing test score or your ACT English test score must exceed the cut-off score: 450 and above for SAT Writing and 18 and above for ACT English. If your scores exceed the cut-off score, you may register for any open section of ENGL 002 (except the one section designated for English majors). If you declared English as your prospective major, you will be able to register for the course. If you are not, please send an email to

If you scored at least 5 on the AP English Language exam, you will receive credit for ENGL 002 or ENGL 075. You should plan to register for ENGL 003 or ENGL 076 during pre-registration for the Spring semester. You are not required to register for a Composition class during the Fall semester.

If your SAT Writing or ACT English test scores do not exceed the cut-off score, you should register immediately for the Freshman English Virtual Summer Bridge Program. This program will allow you to strengthen your writing skills throughout the summer so that you can arrive on campus prepared for college-level writing. The program features McGraw-Hill's Connect Writing, an online course that identifies your strengths and weaknesses and provides self-paced, multimedia-rich tutorials tailored to your needs. As you achieve proficiency for each targeted skill, Connect Writing will guide you to completion. Throughout the course, a Howard instructor will be available to respond to queries about the course material and to evaluate your writing.

As long as you have completed the assigned modules in Connect Writing, you may take a proctored mastery test on campus during Orientation Week. If you pass the mastery test, the English Department will lift the current restriction on your account and authorize you to enroll in ENGL 002.

To enroll in the Connect Writing course, follow the instructions on the email sent to you by the Department of English. If you did not receive the email and know that your scores are below the cut-off, or if you would simply like to enroll in the program to strengthen your skills, email the Writing Program Administrative Assistant, Ms. Erica Lee, at The cost of the course is $30 and can be purchased online at the course site.

If you chose not to enroll in or do not complete the Freshman English Virtual Summer Bridge Program or if you do not pass the mastery exam, you must enroll in CAR Verbal during the Fall semester to remain in good standing at the University. You will receive three (3) credit hours for the course, but the credit hours do not count towards graduation. The CAR-Verbal course is a semester-long course and can be found under the "Academic Reinforcement" tab on BisonWeb. If you pass the CAR Verbal course, you will be allowed to register for ENGL 002 during the Spring semester.

Mathematics Placement

If you have received transfer credit for a college mathematics course, then you may register for a mathematics course at the next level.

If you took AP Calculus in high school, and scored 4 or 5 on the Calculus AB national exam, you may receive transfer credit for Calculus 1 (MATH 156). If your score on the national exam was 3, you will not receive transfer credit for Calculus 1, but you may register for that course or any lower level math course without further testing.

If you scored 570 or above on the mathematics component of the SAT or if you scored 23 or higher on the mathematics component of the ACT and you wish to register for College Algebra 1 (MATH 006), you may do so without further testing.

If you scored 620 or above on the mathematics component of the SAT or if you scored 28 or higher on the mathematics component of the ACT and you wish to register for Calculus 1 (MATH 156), you may do so without further testing.

If none of the conditions described above pertain to you, you are required to take a proctored Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE) on campus prior to registering for a mathematics course. The exam will be given during various orientation sessions during the summer. If you take the placement exam at one of the earlier orientation sessions and are dissatisfied with your placement, you may enroll in a customized self-paced online Pearson program to shore up your skills at

The cost of using this online program for up to 10 weeks is $36. If you complete the program's course of study you will be allowed another opportunity to improve your score on the MPE. See below for details.

MyFoundations Lab

MyFoundationsLab is an interactive website where you can:

  • Self-test & work through practice exercises with step-by-step help to improve your reading, writing, and math skills.
  • Study more efficiently with a personalized learning path.
  • Get help when YOU need it. MyFoundationsLab includes videos, animations, and more.

Before You Begin:

To register for MyFoundationsLab you will need:

  • MyFoundationsLab student access code (available for purchase with a major credit card at
  • Your instructors' Course ID: XL18-415A-3020-64S2
  • Your school's zip code: 20059
  • A valid email address

Student Registration:

  • Enter in your Web Browser.
  • Under Register, click Student.
  • Select "Yes, I have a Course ID."
  • Enter the Course ID given above and click Go.
  • Select "No, I need to buy access". Click Next
  • Select "10 weeks". Click Next
  • Read the License Agreement and Privacy Policy and click "I Accept."
  • On the Product Selection Screen, you'll be asked whether you already have a Pearson Education Account. Click:
    • "YES" if you have registered for other Pearson online products and already have a login name and password. Fields will appear for you to enter your existing login information.
    • "NO" if this is the first time you have registered for a Pearson online product. Boxes will appear for you to create your login name and password.
    • "NOT SURE" if you want to check for a pre-existing account and receive an email with your login name and password.

Simply follow the registration screens and enter your information as prompted. You will enter your name, email address, school information, and provide a security question/answer to ensure the privacy of your account.

Once your registration is complete, you will see a Confirmation screen (this information will also be emailed to you). Simply print your confirmation (remember to write down your login name and password) and you are now ready to Log in and access your resources!

Logging In:

  • Go to
  • Enter your login name and password and click Log in.
  • Enter your Course ID exactly as provided by your instructor and click "Find Course." Your course information should appear. If not, contact your instructor to verify the correct Course ID.

The first time you enter your course from your own computer and anytime you use a new computer, click the Installation Wizard or Browser Check on the Announcements page. After completing the installation process and closing the wizard you will be on your course home page and ready to explore your MyFoundationsLab resources!

Need help? Contact Product Support at for live CHAT, email, or phone support.