Annual Fund

The Annual Fund provides a way for alumni, parents, employees, students and friends, like you, to make an immediate impact on Howard University year after year. Gifts designated to the Annual Fund directly support every aspect of the educational experience, from faculty salaries and library books to laboratory equipment and athletic uniforms.

By making annual yearly contributions, you enable Howard to continue to raise academic standards and bolster the quality of education offered to students. Furthermore, you provide a critical and consistent stream of support that helps the university to be financially resilient.

Annual Fund donors may choose to designate gifts to students, research, or any of the University's schools, colleges, units or programs. Donors can make direct contributions to the annual fund, or contribute through the following annual giving programs:

Everyone has causes close to their hearts – and we hope that preserving the legacy of academic excellence at Howard University is close to yours.

We thank you for your interest in annual giving and encourage you to add Howard to the list of organizations that you support each year.

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For More Information, Contact:

Keith D. Miles, JD
Senior Director of Annual Giving
(202) 238–2358

The TeleCenter-Phonathon Program

The Howard University TeleCenter Phonathon program connects alumni, parents and friends with current Howard students in an effort to increase alumni connections to the university and raise financial support for the Annual Fund.

Student callers are ready and willing to talk about all of the great things happening on campus, their experiences as students and all of the ways your support can benefit Howard. So, please answer the call when the phone rings!

The University‘s ability to obtain and increase gifts to the annual fund depends on our ability to get in touch with you. If you have not received a call from Howard in a while, please take a moment to update your information.

Thank you in advance for taking time to speak with our student callers. Your support, no matter what size, is appreciated and demonstrates a strong commitment to maintaining Howard‘s legacy of academic excellence – now, and for future generations!

For More Information, Contact:
Lloyd Jenkins-Johnston, Telecenter Coordinator
(202) 238–2460

The Class Reunion Gift Campaign

Your class reunion is a very special time - a time to return to campus, reunite with old friends and perhaps reconnect with a favorite professor. It is a time to remember your earlier years and reflect on all the things that you have gained from your time spent in the classrooms, on the playing fields and in the dormitories of the University. It is a time to come back and most importantly, an opportunity to give back!

Many of your experiences at the University were the direct result of generous people that came before you. We thank all of you who have returned the favor by contributing generously year after year to help maintain the excellent programs at Howard. If this is your reunion year, we encourage you to give generously to help future generations of Howardites. Your donations will help support the class gift that represents your class, and will be presented to the President at the annual All Classes Reunion Luncheon in May.

A monetary donation is not the only way to return the favor; your time is also an invaluable asset. Two committees of your classmates guide each reunion class program. The Reunion Gift Committee determines which gift will best exemplify the spirit of your graduating class, and the Class Planning Committee determines what activities would encourage the most classmates to return and participate in Reunion events.

We hope that you will support your alma mater by participating in your Class Reunion Gift Campaign –– it‘s a wonderful opportunity for you to show your class pride and support an institution that has done so much for you.

Please visit our Class Reunion page to learn more about this year‘s reunion activities.

For More Information, Contact:
Keith D. Miles, JD
Senior Director of Annual Giving
(202) 238-2358

The Family Fund for Employee Giving

The Family Fund, Howard University‘s annual giving program for faculty, staff, and retirees, is vigorously supported thanks to the ongoing support of the Howard family. Since 1995, more than $5 million has been contributed by our Howard family. The success of the Family Fund is an expression of the collective confidence in the University, and this is a tremendous achievement in which we take enormous pride.

Contributions to the Family Fund go directly to the Annual Fund and make a direct impact on the entire university community by improving academic programs, funding undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships, enhancing existing programs, making capital improvements, and increasing library acquisitions.

Many grateful Howard faculty and staff also desire to leave a personal legacy at the University long after their retirement. Charitable estate planning is easily directed through the Family Fund with planned gifts such as bequests through wills, life insurance gifts, gift annuities, remainder trusts, and real estate donations.

Various payment methods are available to make giving to the Family Fund easy: payroll deduction, credit card or direct bill. The choice is yours. For additional information, please visit our Family Fund page. There, you can find information on our annual Family Fund efforts, set up payroll deductions or make your gift today!

Howard family, please show your support for the Family Fund. HU is counting on YOU!

For More Information, Contact:

Keith D. Miles, JD
Senior Director of Annual Giving
(202) 238-2358