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Advisory Committee

Cindy Ehlers, Ph.D. Scripps Research Institute, LaJolla, CA
Co-Director ARC, Department of Psychiatry and Neuroscience.
Research Expertise: Human electrophysiology and genetic determinants of risk of alcoholism.

R. Adron Harris, Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
Director of Waggoner Alcohol and Addiction Research.
Research expertise: Patterns of gene expression in the alcoholic brain; neurobiology of addiction.

Ed White, Jr. (Community Member ) Training Resources Associates.
Certified alcohol and drug counselor active in staff development and drug counselor training.

Consultants for Clinical Trials

Henry Kranzler, M.D. University of Connecticut
Professor of Psychiatry; Associate Scientific Director of the Alcohol Research center, and Assistant Dean for Clinical Research.
Research Expertise: Treatment for alcoholism and neurobiology of addiction.

Ex-Officio Members

David Crabb, M.D. Indiana University
Director Alcohol Research Center; Chairman, Department of Medicine John B. Hickam Professor of Medicine Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
Research Expertise: Chemical effects of alcohol on the liver, the central nervous system and the metabolism.

Victor Hesselbrock, Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Professor Associate Chair for Research; Director, Alcohol Research Center Physicians Health Services; Professor of Addiction Studies.
Research Expertise: Psychological and biological factors that contribute to the susceptibility for developing alcohol problems, including dependence.

Marcia Scott, Ph.D., NIAAA Representative
Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research; Program Director for Research on Special Populations, including studies of racial/ethnic minorities, women, the elderly, the disabled, and lesbian/gay populations.

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