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Graduate Education and Faculty Development

Since its inception in 1997, HUCARC has strongly encouraged and supported activities leading to faculty and research career development. Such activities included faculty training visits to Indiana Alcohol Research Center and University of Connecticut Alcohol Research Center, mini-sabbaticals, and short courses on advanced techniques and participation in RSA satellite symposia. The careers of several faculty members were clearly advanced as a result of their participation in the HUCARC. The purpose of the HUCARC is to develop a research infrastructure and capacity in order to conduct alcohol research which, if successful, ultimately results in career advancement.

This builds on an existing framework of career development. To this end, the HUCARC has established a carefully designed, implemented and evaluated program for alcohol research training. In an effort to increase the supply of those entering alcohol research careers, several opportunities will be offered to develop, enhance, and reinforce skills in alcohol research, faculty development, and in teaching. The core of the program is the two credit hour/two semester course entitled “Graduate Alcohol Studies I and II.” It offers a training platform for selected graduate students, pre/post doctoral students, and alcohol faculty representing various disciplines in the biological and social sciences. The course are also available to junior faculty members who have indicated an interest in alcohol research as well as senior faculty who require reinforcement in the concepts of alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and alcohol research. Participants in the Alcohol Fellows Program may also enroll.

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