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A message From Stacey J. Mobley, Esq.
Chairman, Howard University Board of Trustees

Dear Howard University Alumni:
An institution is made stronger by the active presence and insight of its alumni. Toward that end, President Frederick has cited alumni outreach and enhanced engagement as important initiatives of his administration. Your strong participation in the 2015 alumni trustee election process is essential to the continuous advancement of the University and ensures that Board deliberations and decisions are reflective of the alumni perspective.

To elicit the broadest possible participation, alumni trustee elections have been conducted online since 2010. However, the number of actual voters remains extremely low with less than 10 percent of all eligible alumni voting in last year's alumni trustee election. This low rate is of grave concern to the Board of Trustees as we aggressively seek strategies to engage alumni in the life of alma mater. Under the leadership of "true blue" alumnus, Wayne Frederick you are encouraged to fully participate in the process by nominating candidates and voting in the election. All earned degree holders from Howard University are eligible to be a candidate and all earned degree holders are eligible to vote.

In preparation for the opening of the election in March 2015, I urge you to visit the University's website at www.howard.edu/vote to learn more about how you can participate in this year's election. Please contact the Department of Alumni Relations at 202-806-5857 or by email at charles.gibbs@howard.edu with any questions on the nominating and voting processes.

Thank you for your steadfast support of Howard University. I look forward to a record number of participants in this year's alumni election!


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