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Adams, Alex J (2013)
Student pharmacists' perceptions of community pharmacy residency programs. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, Vol.53, No.2 (2013): 193-197. M.V. Datar, Erin R. Holmes, Alex J. Adams, Sauuel F. Stolpe.

Addae-Afoakwa, K (2008)
Malignancies in HIV: Pre- and post-highly active antiretroviral therapy. Journal of the National Medical Association 100, No.7 (2008): 817-820. Nutankalva L, Wutoh AK, McNeil J, Reddy R, Frederick W, Daftary MN, Gentles A, Addae-Afoakwa, K*.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2007)
The prevalence of overweight and obesity among undergraduate health sciences students. ABNF J. 2007 Spring;18(2):46-50.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2013)
Obesity status and colorectal cancer screening in the United States. Journal of Obesity, 2013 , art. no. 920270. Karima A. Kendall, Euni Lee, Ilene H. Zuckerman, Linda Simoni-Wastila, Marlon Daniel, Pauline M. Green, Beatrice Adderley-Kelly, and Anthony K. Wutoh.

Adesina, Simeon K (2013)
Optimization of the fabrication of novel stealth PLA-based nanoparticles by dispersion polymerization using D-optimal mixture design. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, Vol.40, No.11 (1 November 2014): 1547-1556. Simeon K. Adesina, S.A. Wight, Emmanuel O. Akala.

Adesina, Simeon K (2014)
Polylactide-based paclitaxel-loaded nanoparticles fabricated by dispersion polymerization: Characterization, evaluation in cancer cell lines, and preliminary biodistribution studies. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol.103, No.8 (2014): 2546-2555. Simeon K. Adesina, Alesia Holly, Gabriela Kramer-Marek, Jacek Capala and Emmanuel O. Akala.

Adesoye, Adebola (2014)
Varicella-Zoster virus infection in children and adolescents. U.S. Pharmacist, Vol.39, No.5 (2014): 39-43. Adebola Adesoye, * Linda Nwachukwu*, Muideen Adigun, Alexander Oladele*.

Adesoye, Adebola A (2015)
Adverse effects associated with newer diabetes therapies: A review article. Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 12 July 2015. Oluwaranti F. Akiyode, Adebola A. Adesoye.

Adigun, Muideen (2012)
A brief review of pituitary tumors. US Pharm., Vol.37, No.5 (2012): 8-11. Seema Harikumar*, Kelly Allen,* Jinwi Ghogomu*, Kellee T. James,* Ericka V. Hylick, Muideen Adigun.

Adigun, Muideen (2013)
Evaluating Carbapenem resistance patterns and associated risk factors in a tertiary care hospital in Washington D.C.: A matched case control study. Journal of Health-System Pharmacy Residents, Vol.1, No.4 (2013): 1-5. Alnifaidy H, Monika Daftary, Mary Maneno*, Faria Farhat*, Rod Turpin*, Muideen Adigun*.

Adigun, Muideen (2014)
Varicella-Zoster virus infection in children and adolescents. U.S. Pharmacist, Vol.39, No.5 (2014): 39-43. Adebola Adesoye, * Linda Nwachukwu*, Muideen Adigun, Alexander Oladele*.

Adigun, Muideen (2015)
Uremic pruritus review. U.S. Pharmacist, Vol.40, No.8 (2015): HS12-HS15. Muideen Adigun, Lynette A. Badu*, Natalie M. Berner*, Alexander A. Oladele*.

Adir, Joseph (1995)
Transdermal Delivery of Metoprolol. II: In-Vitro Skin Permeation and Bioavailability in Hairless Rats. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 84, no. 2 (1995): 158-60. J Adir, et al.

Agu, Kenneth Anene (2013)
Improving pharmacy practice through public health programs: Experience from Global HIV/AIDS initiative Nigeria project. SpringerPlus, Vol.2 (2013). Dorothy Oqua, Kenneth Anene Agu, Mohammed Alfa Isah, Obialunamma U Onoh, Paul G Iyaji, Anthony K Wutoh, Rosalyn C King.

Akala, Emmanuel (2006)
In Vitro Avaialbility of Naltrexone from Stealth Polymeric Nanospheres. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 30, No.6 (2006): 131 E. Akala*, T. Ojifini**, H. Abayomi** and R. Taylor*.

Akala, Emmanuel (2007)
Non-compartmental Analysis of The Pharmacokinetics of Naltrexone after Intravenous Bolus Administration in Wistar Rats, LAD-1 Rats and HAD-1 Rats. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 31, No.2 (2007): 142. E. Akala*; H. Wang*, R. Zhang*; R. Taylor and A. Adedoyin

Akala, Emmanuel O (1998)
Hydrolysis of linear copolymers with pendant N, O-Diacyhydroxylamine. Moieties Pharm. Pharmacolo Lett. 8, No. 3 (1998): 129-132.

Akala, Emmanuel O (1998)
Novel pH sensitive hydrogels with adjustable kinetics of swelling. Biomaterials 19, No. 11-12 (June 1998): 1037-1047. Akala EO, Kopeckova P, Kopecek J.

Akala, Emmanuel O (1998)
Patent: Novel pH sensitive hydrogels with adjustable swelling kinetics for colon-specific delivery of peptides and proteins. Patent number:WO9801421 (Published 01/15/1998) inventors: Jindrich Kopecek; Pavla Kopeckova; Akala EO; Ping-Yang Yeh; Karel Ulbrich.

Akala, Emmanuel O (1999)
Computer-controlled release of Oxprenolol from capsules using gas producing cells and electronic circuits. Pharmazie 54, No. 7 (1999): 510-513. Akala EO; Groning R; Weyel S; Minkow E; Lambow N.

Akala, Emmanuel O (2001)
Studies on Naltrexone-Loaded Hydrolyzable Crosslinked Poly(ethylene glycol)-graft-poly(methyl methacrylate) Nanoparticles. Proc. Intern. Symp. Control. Rel. Bioact. Mater. 28 (2001): 273-274. W. Yin, E. Akala, and R. Taylor.

Akala, Emmanuel O (2001)
Studies on Alpha-Tocopherol-Loaded Biodegradable Microspheres. Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Letters 11, No. 2, December 2001: 72-75. *Akala E. O and *Scott K. R., "

Akala, Emmanuel O (2001)
Principles of Research Methods: An Integrated Teaching Approach. Am. J. Pharm. Educ., 65, 2001: 340-346. Fredric A. Lombardo*, Emmanuel O. Akala*, Patricia B. Ayuk-Egbe*, Monica N. Daftary*, Bisarat Hailemeskel*, Krishna Kumar, Beverly C. Mims*, Rao S. Pippalla, Cynthia A. Warrick, Anthony K. Wutoh*, and Kenneth R. Scott*

Akala, Emmanuel O (2002)
Design of naltrexone-loaded hydrolyzable crosslinked nanoparticles. Int J Pharm. 2002 Sep 5;244(1-2):9-19. Yin W, Akala EO, Taylor RE.

Akala, Emmanuel O (2003)
Organic redox-initiated polymerization process for the fabrication of hydrogels for colon-specific drug delivery. Drug Development Industrial Pharmacy, 29, No.4 (2003): 375-386. Emmanuel O. Akala*, Oluchi Elekwachi**, Vantoria Chase**, Hausalynn Johnson**, Marjorie Lazarre**, Kenneth Scott*.

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