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Day, Agnes (2014)
Metabolic profile of triple-negative breast cancer in African-American women reveals potential biomarkers of aggressive disease. Cancer Genomics Proteomics, Vol.11, No.6 (2014): 279-294. Yasmine M. Kanaan, B.P. Sampey, Desta Beyene, A.K. Esnakula, Tammey J. Naab, Luisel J. Ricks-Santi, Sylvia Dasi, Agnes Day, Kwesi W. Blackman, Wayne A.I. Frederick, Robert L. Copeland Jr, E. Gabrielson, Robert L. Dewitty Jr.

Day, Agnes (2015)
Vitamin D receptor genetic polymorphisms are associated with PSA level, Gleason score and prostate cancer risk in African-American men. Anticancer Research, Vol.35, No.3 (March 2015): 1549-1558. Emmanuel Y. Jingwi, Muneer Abbas, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Danyelle Winchester, Desta Beyene, Agnes Day, Tammey J. Naab, Olakunle O. Kassim, Georgia M. Dunston, Robert L. Copeland Jr, Yasmine M. Kanaan.

Day, Agnes A (1999)
BRCA1 mutations in African Americans. Human Genetics 105, No.1-2 (1999): 28-31. Panguluri, R.C.K.; Brody, L.C.; Modali, R.; Ytley, K.; Adams-Campbell, L.; Day, A.A.; Whitfield-Broome, C.; Dunston, G.M.

Day, Agnes A (2000)
Stimulation of plasminogen activator and inhibitor in the lymphatic endothelium. Microvascular Research. 60(3), 2000: 201-211.*Leak LV, *Saunders M., *Day AA, *Jones M.

Day, Agnes A (2001)
Differential cytokine mRNA expression in swine whole blood and peripheral blood mononuclear cell cultures. J. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 643 (2001): 1-12. Haile Yancy, Sherry Ayres, Dorothy Farrell, Agnes Day, Michael Myers.

Day, Agnes A (2004)
Comparative study of matrix metalloproteinase expression between Afican American and Caucasian women. J. Carcinogenesis, 3:15 (2004). Jacquline A. Mason**, Haile Yancy, Kerrie Lashley**, Marti Jett and Agnes Day*.

Day, Agnes A (2006)
Molecular expression profiles of extracellular matrix proteins in human skin diseases. Ehtnicity and Disease, 16 (Autumn 2006): S5-20-21. Safiya Ransome** and Agnes Day.

Day, Agnes A (2007)
Metastatic progression and gene expression between breast cancer cell lines from African American and Caucasian women. J Carcinog. 2007 May 1;6(1):8. Yancy HF, Mason JA, Peters S, Thompson CE 3rd, Littleton GK, Jett M, Day AA.

Day, Agnes A (2007)
Differential effects of omega-3 and omega-6 Fatty acids on gene expression in breast cancer cells. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2007 Jan;101(1):7-16. Hammamieh R, Chakraborty N, Miller SA, Waddy E, Barmada M, Das R, Peel SA, Day AA, Jett M.

Day, Agnes A (2009)
Estrogen receptor-dependent genomic expression profiles in breast cancer cells in response to fatty acids, Journal of Carcinogenics, Vol.8., No.1 (2009): 17. Faizeh Alquobaili, Stacy-Ann Miller, Seid Muhie, Agnes Day, Marti Jett, Rasha Hammamieh.

Day, Agnes A (2010)
Cytotoxic effects of N-(3-Chloro-1,4-dioxo 1,4-dihydro-naphthalen-2-yl)-benzamide on Androgen-dependent and -independent prostate cancer cell lines. Anticancer Research, Vol.30, No.2 (Feb 2010): 519-27. Yasmine M. Kanaan, Douglas F. White, Jharna R. Das, Solomon Berhe, Oladapo Bakare, Hillaire Kenguele, Desta Beyene, Yanfei Zhou, Agnes A. Day, Robert L. Copeland Jr.

Day, Stephanie (2008)
A keystone predator controls bacterial diversity in the pitcher-plant (Sarracenia purpurea) microecosystem. Environmental Microbiology 10, No.9 (Sep 2008): 2257-2266. Celeste N. Peterson, Stephanie Day, Benjamin E. Wolfe, Aaron M. Ellison, Roberto Kolter, Anne Pringle.

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