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Kanaan, Yasmine (2014)
Eccentric muscle challenge shows osteopontin polymorphism modulation of muscle damage. Human Molecular Genetics, Vol.23, No.15 (August 2014): 4043-4050. Whitney Barfield, Kitipong Uaesoontrachoon, Chung-Sheih Wu, Stephen Lin, Yue Chen, Paul C. Wang, Yasmine Kanaan, Vernon Bond Eric P. Hoffman.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2003)
Inherited BRCA2 mutations in African Americans with breast and/or ovarian cancer: a study of familial and early onset cases. Human Genetics 290, No.10 (2003): 1331-1336. Kanaan Y*, Kpenu E, Utley K*, Adams-Campbell L, Dunston G*, Brody LC, Broome C*.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2004)
Estrogen receptor/progesterone receptor-negative breast cancers of young African-American women have a higher frequency of methylation of multiple genes than those of Caucasian women. Clin Cancer Res. 2004 Mar 15;10(6):2052-7. Mehrotra J, Ganpat MM, Kanaan Y, Fackler MJ, McVeigh M, Lahti-Domenici J, Polyak K, Argani P, Naab T, Garrett E, Parmigiani G, Broome C, Sukumar S.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2005)
Undergraduate research experience in combinatorial and parallel synthesis for the development of bioactive small organic molecules. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 229 (2005): U370- U370. Bakare, O; Copeland, RL; Kanaan, Y; Manner, K; Patterson, V; McKelvey, I; Osei, S; Gopaul, R; Rogers, P; Igiehon, E.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2005)
Neuroprotective effects of nicotine against salsolinol-induced cytotoxicity: implications for Parkinson’s disease, Neurotox Res. 8, No.3-4 (Dec 2005): 289-293. Copeland, RL. Jr., **Leggett YA., *Kanaan YM, *Taylor RE, *Tizabi Y.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2007)
Antiapoptotic Effects of Nicotine in its Protection against Salsolinol-Induced Cytotoxicity. Neurotox Res. 2007 Jun;12(1):61-70. Copeland RL Jr, Das JR, Kanaan YM, Taylor RE, Tizabi Y.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2007)
Cytotoxicity of 2,3-dichloro-5,8-dimethoxy-1,4-naphthoquinone in androgen-dependent and -independent prostate cancer cell lines. Anticancer Res. 2007 May-Jun;27(3B):1537-46. Copeland RL Jr, Das JR, Bakare O, Enwerem NM, Berhe S, Hillaire K, White D, Beyene D, Kassim OO, Kanaan YM.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2008)
The Deposition of C5b-9 complexes and its precursors on E.coli J5 during Complement activation enhances uptake and toxicities of gentamicin. Immunological Investigations, 37, No.3 (21 April 2008): 245-261. Earl Bloch, Kasey Morrison**, Shelly McDonald-Pinkett* ,Sheena Baskin**, Stephanie Campbell**, Sharla Peters**, Sandra Dillahunt**, Dia Evans**, Shantelle Lucas**, Aimee Macatangay**, Yasmine Kanaan*

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2008)
The deposition of C5b-9 complexes and its precursors on E. coli J5 during complement activation enhances uptake and toxicities of gentamicin. Immunol Invest. Vol.37, No.3 (2008) 245-61. Earl F. Bloch, Kasey Morrison, Shelly McDonald-Pinkett, Sheena Baskin, Stephanie Campbell, Sharla Peters, Sandra Dillahunt, Dia Evans, Shantelle Lucas, Aimée Macatangay, Yasmine Kanaan.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2008)
Synthesis and evaluation of imido-substituted-Naphthoquinone derivatives as inhibitor of MAPK signaling cascade in prostate cancer cells. Anticancer Research, 28, 5C (Sep-Oct 2008): 3244-3245. Robert L Copeland Jr., Jharna R. Das, Oladapo Bakare, YaYin Fang, Desta Beyene, and Yasmine M. Kanaan.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2009)
Biological evaluation of 2,3-dichloro-5,8-dimethoxy-1,4-naphthoquinone as an anti-breast cancer agent. Anticancer Res.Vol.29, No.1 (Jan 2009): 191-9. Yasmine M Kanaan, Jharna R Das, Oladapo Bakare, NM Enwerem*, Solomon A Berhe, Desta Beyene, V Williams*, Yanfei Zhou, and Robert L Copeland Jr.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2009)
Chromosomal changes in aggressive breast cancers with basal-like features. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. Vol.193, No.1 (Aug 2009): 29-37. W Yu, Yasmine Kanaan, YK Baed, and E Gabrielson.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2010)
Cytotoxic effects of N-(3-Chloro-1,4-dioxo 1,4-dihydro-naphthalen-2-yl)-benzamide on Androgen-dependent and -independent prostate cancer cell lines. Anticancer Research, Vol.30, No.2 (Feb 2010): 519-27. Yasmine M. Kanaan, Douglas F. White, Jharna R. Das, Solomon Berhe, Oladapo Bakare, Hillaire Kenguele, Desta Beyene, Yanfei Zhou, Agnes A. Day, Robert L. Copeland Jr.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2011)
New mechanism for complement killing of Gram-negative bacteria. AJMR. Vol.5(2011) 3936-3941. Earl F. Bloch*, Shelly McDonald-Pinkett Stephanie Campbell, Sheena Baskin, Sandra Dillahunt, Sharla Peters, Shantelle Lucas, Dia Evans, Christina Johnson, Taira Everett, Yasmine Kanaan.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2012)
Synthesis and cytotoxic activities of some 2-Arylnaphtho[2,3-d]oxazole-4,9-dione derivatives on androgen-dependent (LNCaP) and androgen-independent (PC3) human prostate cancer cell lines. Invest New Drugs, Vol.30, No.4 (2012): 1709-1714. Brandy Y, Ononiwu I, Adedeji D, Williams V, Mouamba C, Kanaan Y, Copeland RL Jr, Wright DA, Raymond J. Butcher, Denmeade SR, Bakare O.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2012)
Association of cumulative ultraviolet radiation exposure with prostate cancer risk in a case-control study of African-American men. The Open Prostate Cancer Journal, Vol.5 (2012): 8-14. Yasmine M. Kanaan, Desta Beyene, Mohammad Daremipouran, Augustine Mireku-Boateng, Robert Williams, Aaron Jackson, George E. Bonney, Victor Apprey, Marlon G. Daniel, Anthony K. Wutoh, JoyAnn Phillips Rohan, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Robert L. Copeland Jr.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2012)
Inflammatory breast cancer is associated with hyperactivated mitogen activated kinase. J Autacoids (Editorial), Vol.1, No.3(2012): 1-2. Robert L. Copeland1, Yasmine M. Kanaan2. http://dx.doi.org/10.4172/2161-0479.1000e114

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2014)
Strong association of fascin expression with triple negative breast cancer and basal-like phenotype in African-American women. J Clin Pathol., Vol.67, No.2 (2014): 153-60. Ashwini K. Esnakula, Luisel Ricks-Santi, John Kwagyan, Yasmine M. Kanaan, Robert L. DeWitty, Lori L. Wilson, Bert Gold, Wayne A.I. Frederick, Tammey Naab.

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2014)
Use of tanning potential as a predictor for prostate cancer risk in African-American men. In Vivo, Vol. 28, No.6 (November-December 2014): 1181-1187. Desta Beyene, Mohammad Daremipouran, Victor Apprey, Robert Williams, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Olakunle O. Kassim, Tammey J. Naab, Yasmine M. Kanaan, Robert L. Copeland Jr..

Kanaan, Yasmine M (2014)
Metabolic profile of triple-negative breast cancer in African-American women reveals potential biomarkers of aggressive disease. Cancer Genomics Proteomics, Vol.11, No.6 (2014): 279-294. Yasmine M. Kanaan, B.P. Sampey, Desta Beyene, A.K. Esnakula, Tammey J. Naab, Luisel J. Ricks-Santi, Sylvia Dasi, Agnes Day, Kwesi W. Blackman, Wayne A.I. Frederick, Robert L. Copeland Jr, E. Gabrielson, Robert L. Dewitty Jr.

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