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Kassim, Olakunle O (1999)
Macrophage responses to Toxoplasma antigens in vitro: a possible role in inflammatory lesions in toxoplasmosis. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 1999 Aug;61(2):272-9. Tackey RN, Kassim OO.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2000)
Inhibitory factors in breast milk, maternal and infant sera against in vitro growth of Plasmidium falciparum malaria parasite. J Trop Pediatrics 46, No.2 (Apr 2000): 92-96. Kassi OO, Ako-Anai KA, Torimiro SE, Hollowell GP, Okoye VC, Martin SK

Kassim, Olakunle O (2001)
An IRP1-like protein from Plasmodium falciparum binds to a mammalian iron-responsive element. Blood 98, No.8 (Oct. 152001): 2555-2562. *Loyevsky M, LaVaute T, Allerson C, Stearman R, *Kassim O, Cooperman S, *Gordeuk VR, Rouault TA.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2001)
Assessment of antimalarial effect of ICL670A on in vitro cultures of Plasmodium falciparum. Brit J Haematol 115, No.4 (Dec 2001): 918-923. **Goudeau C, *Loyevsky M, *Kassim O, *Gordeuk VR, Nick H.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2001)
Detection of cationic surfactants in oral rinses and a disinfectant formulation using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 15(10), 2001: 767-70. Morrow AP, Kassim OO, Ayorinde FO.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2003)
Expression of a recombinant IRP-like Plasmodium falciparum protein that specifically binds putative plasmodial IREs. Mol Biochem Parasitol. 2003 Feb;126(2):231-8. Loyevsky M, Mompoint F, Yikilmaz E, Altschul SF, Madden T, Wootton JC, Kurantsin-Mills J, Kassim OO, Gordeuk VR, Rouault TA.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2005)
Effects of Root Extracts of Fagara zanthoxylloides on the in vitro Growth and Stage Distribution of Plasmodium falciparum. Antimicrob Agents Chemotherapy 49, No.1(2005): 264-268. Kassim OO, Loyevsky M, Elliott B, Geall A, Amonoo H, Gordeuk VR.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2006)
Characterization of bacterial isolates from diabetic foot infections in Ile-Ife, southwestern Nigeria. The Foot 16 (2006): 158-164. Ako-Nai AK, Ikem IC, Akinloye OO, Aboderin AO, Ikem RT, Kassim OO*.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2006)
Antibiotic resistance profile of staphylococci from clinical sources recovered from infants. 2005. Afr J Biotechnol 4, No.8 (2005): 816-822. Ako-Nai AK, Adeyemi FM, Aboderin OA, Kassim OO*.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2007)
Cytotoxicity of 2,3-dichloro-5,8-dimethoxy-1,4-naphthoquinone in androgen-dependent and -independent prostate cancer cell lines. Anticancer Res. 2007 May-Jun;27(3B):1537-46. Copeland RL Jr, Das JR, Bakare O, Enwerem NM, Berhe S, Hillaire K, White D, Beyene D, Kassim OO, Kanaan YM.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2008)
Plasmodium falciparum: Activity of artemisinin against Plasmodium falciparum cultured in sickle trait hemoglobin AS and normal hemoglobin AA red blood cells. Experimental Parasitology, 120, No.4 (Dec 2008): 381-384. A Walcourt, J Kurantsin-Mills, BB Adenuga, M Loyevsky, OO Kassim and VR Gordeuk.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2009)
Inhibition of in-vitro growth of Plasmodium falciparum by Pseudocedrela kotschyi extract alone and in combination with... Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Vol.103, No.7 (Jul 2009): 698-702. OO Kassim, M Loyevsky, H Amonoo, L Lashley, KA Ako-Nai, Victor R Gordeuk.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2011)
The determination of C-reactive protein (C-RP) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF- α) in sera of neonates with sepsis. International Journal of Tropical Medicine, Vol.6, No.2 (2011): 30-34. Ako-Nai, A., Lawal, O., Adejuyigbe, E., Kassim, O., Onipede, A., Olakunle Kassim.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2013)
The epidemiology of HIV seropositive malaria infected pregnant women in Akure Metropolis, Southwestern Nigeria. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, Vol.6, No.5 (September-October 2013): 519-525. Ako-Nai, A.a , Ebhodaghe, B.a, Osho, P.b, Adejuyigbe, E.c, Adeyemi, F.d, Ikuomola, A.e, Olakunle Kassim.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2014)
Use of tanning potential as a predictor for prostate cancer risk in African-American men. In Vivo, Vol. 28, No.6 (November-December 2014): 1181-1187. Desta Beyene, Mohammad Daremipouran, Victor Apprey, Robert Williams, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Olakunle O. Kassim, Tammey J. Naab, Yasmine M. Kanaan, Robert L. Copeland Jr..

Kassim, Olakunle O (2014)
Preponderance of bacterial isolates in urine of HIV-positive malaria-infected pregnant women with urinary tract infection. J Infect Dev Ctries, Vol.8, No.12 (2014): 1591-1600. Kwashie Ajibade Ako-Nai, Blessing Itohan Ebhodaghe, Patrick Osho, Ebun Adejuyigbe, Folasade Mubiat Adeyemi, Olakunle O Kassim.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2015)
Antiproliferative Activities of Fagara xanthoxyloides and Pseudocedrela kotschyi against prostate cancer cell lines. Anticancer Research, Vol.35 No.3 (March 2015): 1453-1458. Olakunle O. Kassim, Robert L. Copeland, Hilaire M. Kenguele, Sergei Nekhai, Kwashie A. Ako-Nai, Yasmine M. Kanaan.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2015)
Vitamin D receptor genetic polymorphisms are associated with PSA level, Gleason score and prostate cancer risk in African-American men. Anticancer Research, Vol.35, No.3 (March 2015): 1549-1558. Emmanuel Y. Jingwi, Muneer Abbas, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Danyelle Winchester, Desta Beyene, Agnes Day, Tammey J. Naab, Olakunle O. Kassim, Georgia M. Dunston, Robert L. Copeland Jr, Yasmine M. Kanaan.

Kassim, Olakunle O (2015)
Molecular characterization and antibiotic resistance profiles of bacterial isolates cultured from HIV seropositive Patients. Archives of Clinical Microbiology, Vol.6, No.1-2 (2015). Folasade M Adeyemi, Kwashie A Ako-nai, Ebun Adejuyigbe, Blessing I Ebhodaghe, Patrick O Osho, Tolulope T Oyeniyi, Olakunle O Kassim.

Kassim, Sekinat (2015)
Alternative for carpal tunnel injection: Palmar injection site (Rankin's Zone). J Surg Orthop Adv., Vol.24, No.1 (Spring 2015): 1-4. Violeta Gutierrez, Sekinat Kassim, Omar Bibi, Woodley Desir, Gezzer Ortega, E. Anthony Rankin, Kojo Marfo, Henry Paul Jr.

Kassim, Thaslim A (2012)
Speckle tracking–derived mitral annular velocities predict mortality in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Echocardiography, Vol.29, No.5 (May 2012): 560–567. Sirikarn Napan, Thaslim A. Kassim, Shubhada Kumar, Bryan H. Curry, Michael D. Greenberg.

Kassim, Thaslim A (2012)
The metabolically healthy but obese phenotype in African Americans. The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, Vol.14, No.2 (Feb 2012): 92–96. Rabia Cherqaoui, Thaslim A. Kassim, John Kwagyan, Clyde Freeman, Gail Nunlee-Bland, Muluemebet Ketete, Shichen Xu, Otelio S. Randall.

Kassim, Thaslim A (2012)
Speckle tracking-derived mitral annular velocities predict mortality in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Echocardiography, Vol.29, No.5 (2012): 560-567. Sirikam Napan, Thaslim A. Kassim, Shubhada Kumar, Bryan H. Curry, Michael D. Greenberg.

Kassim, Thaslim Ahamed (2010)
Pseudoaneurysm of mitral-aortic intervalvular fibrosa: Two case reports and review of literature. Eur J Echocardiogr. 2010 Apr;11(3):E7. Thaslim Ahamed Kassim, Robert C. Lowery, Ali Nasur, Sanul Corrielus, Gaby Weissman, Pamela Sears-Rogan, Michael Greenberg, Steven Singh

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