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Mack Jr, James W (2000)
Backbone motions in a crystalline protein from field-dependent 2H-NMR relaxation and line-shape analysis. Biopolymers 53(1), January 2000: 9-18.*Mack James W, Usha MG, Long Joanna, Griffin Robert G., Wittebort RJ.

Mack Jr, James W (2004)
Amide exchange properties and lifetimes of the wild type and Y54M vnd/NK-2 homeodomain bound to two consensus DNA sequences. PROTEIN SCIENCE 13 (2004): 163-163. Hwang, K; Lee, H; Maeng, J; Gruschus, J; Mack, J; Ju, J; Saunders, X; Bardon, F; Nirenberg, M; Ferretti, J.

Mack Jr, James W (2005)
Cardiac-specific Nkx2.5 homeodomain: Conformational stability and specific DNA binding of Nkx2.5(C56S). BIOCHEMISTRY 44 (2005): 12480-12490. Fodor, E; Mack, JW; Maeng, JS; Ju, JH; Lee, HS; Gruschus, JM; Ferretti, JA; Ginsburg, A.

Mack, Kelly M (1995)
The effects of terbium on the accumulation of cisplatin in human ovarian cancer cells. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Cell Research 1267, (1995): 25-30. *Robert G. Canada; Paul A. Andrews; **Kelly M. Mack, *Adnan Haider.

Mack, Kelly M (1997)
The effects of terbium on the cellular accumulation of cisplatin in MDA-MB-231 human breast tumor cells. Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol. 39, (1997): 217-222. **Kelly M. Mack; *Robert G. Canada; Paul A. Andrews.

Mack, Mark (2010)
An impending death for anthropology at Howard University. Anthropology News, Vol.51, No.8 (Nov 2010): 28. Flordeliz T Bugarin, Eleanor M King, Mark Mack, Arvilla Payne-Jackson.

Mack, Mark E (2004)
The New York African Burial Ground Project: Past biases, current dilemmas,and future research opportunities. Historical Archaelogy 38, No.1 (2004): 10-17. Mack ME, Blakey M.

Mack, Serdia O (2000)
In situ analysis of the changes in expression of ovarian inhibin subunit mRNAs during follicle recruitment after ovulation in pigs. J Repro Fertil. 118, 2000: 235–242. Garrett WM, Mack S O, Rohan R M, Guthrie HD.

Mack, Serdia O (2000)
Absence of correlation between in situ expression of cytochrome P450 17a hydroxylase/lyase and 3ß-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/delta5-4 isomerase messenger ribonucleic acids and steroidogenesis during pubertal development in the rat testis. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2000; 73:19-28. Mack SO, Garrett WM, Guthrie HD.

Mack, Serdia O (2001)
Behavioral state control and airway instability. Adv Exp Med Biol. 499 (2001): 445-50. Haxhiu MA, Mack SO, Martin RJ, Ferguson DG, Longobardo G, Cherniac NS.

Mack, Serdia O (2001)
Monoaminergic neurons, chemosensation and arousal. Respir Physiol. 129, No.1-2 (Dec 2001): 191-209. Review. Haxhiu MA, Tolentino-Silva F, *Pete G, Kc P, Mack SO.

Mack, Serdia O (2001)
Monoaminergic neurons, chemosensation and arousal. Respir Physiol. 129, No.1-2 (Dec 2001): 191-209. Haxhiu MA, Tolentino-Silva F, Pete G, Kc P, Mack SO.

Mack, Serdia O (2002)
Paraventricular vasopressin-containing neurons project to brain stem and spinal cord respiratory-related sites. Respir Physiolo Neurobiol 133 (2002): 75-88. Kc P**, Haxhiu MA*, Tolentino-Silva FP, Wu M*, Trouth CO* and Mack SO*.

Mack, Serdia O (2002)
CO(2)-induced c-Fos expression in hypothalamic vasopressin containing neurons. Respiration Physiology 129, No. 3 (January 2002): 289-296. Kc, Prabha; Haxhiu, Musa A; Trouth, C Ovid; Balan, Kannan V; Anderson, Winston A; Mack, Serdia O

Mack, Serdia O (2002)
Paraventricular oxytocin neurons are involved in neural modulation of breathing. Journal of Applied Physiology (Bethesda, Md.: 1985) 92, No.2 (February 2002): 826-834. Mack, S O; Kc, P; Wu, M; Coleman, B R; Tolentino-Silva, F P; Haxhiu, M A

Mack, Serdia O (2002)
CO(2)-induced c-Fos expression in brainstem preprotachykinin mRNA containing neurons. Respir Physiol Neurobiol. 2002 Jun;130(3):265-74.. Pete G, Mack SO, Haxhiu MA, Walbaum S, Gauda EB.

Mack, Serdia O (2003)
Sleep networks and the anatomic and physiologic connections with respiratory control. Front Biosci. 2003 Mar 1;8:d946-62. Review.

Mack, Serdia O (2004)
A Subpopulation of histamine-containing neurons in the tuberomammillary nucleus is activated by hypercapnia and oxygen deprivation. FASEB JOURNAL 18, No. 5, Suppl. S (24 March 2004): A1063-A1063.Toppin VAL, Johnson Sheree M, Haxhiu Musa, Mack Serdia O.

Mack, Serdia O (2005)
Orexin stimulates breathing via medullary and spinal pathways. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY 98 (2005): 1387-1395. Young, JK; Wu, MF; Manaye, KF; Kc, P; Allard, JS; Mack, SO; Haxhiu, MA.

Mack, Serdia O (2005)
Chemical stimulation of suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) affects respiratory drive via activation of neurons within the Prebotzinger Complex. FASEB JOURNAL 19 (2005): A1640- A1641. Wu, MF; Haxhiu, MA; Mack, SO.

Mack, Serdia O (2006)
Ablation of vagal preganglionic neurons innervating the extra-thoracic trachea affects ventilatory responses to hypercapnia and hypoxia. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology 152, No.1 (May 2006): 36-50. Mingfei Wu, Prabha Kc, Serdia O. Mack and Musa A. Haxhiu

Mack, Serdia O (2007)
Stimulation of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus modulates cardiorespiratory responses via oxytocinergic innervation of neurons in pre-Botzinger complex. J Appl Physiol. 2007 Jan;102(1):189-99. Mack SO, Wu M, Kc P, Haxhiu MA.

Mack, Seshat (2013)
Synthesis and characterization of novel unsymmetrical and symmetrical 3-halo- or 3-methoxy-substituted 2-dibenzoylamino-1,4-naphthoquinone derivatives. Molecules, Vol.18, No.2 (2013): 1973-1984. Yakini Brandy, Nailah Brandy, Emmanuel Akinboye, Malik Lewis, Claudia Mouamba, Seshat, Mack, Raymond J. Butcher, Alan J. Anderson, Oladapo Bakare.

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