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Rust, Cheryl F (2006)
CNS determinants of sleep-related worsening of airway functions: Implications for nocturnal asthma. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology 151, No.1 (28 Mar 2006): 1-30. Musa A. Haxhiu, Cheryl F. Rust, Chevon Brooks and Prabha Kc

Rustagi, Narendra (1999)
Total Generalization of the Quantity Discount Pricing Model to Increase Supplier s Profit. Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Vol.6, (Fall 1999): 48-57. Narendra K. Rustagi, Ayodele Mobolurin and Dharam Rana

Rustagi, Narendra (2001)
International Technology Transfer: A Complement to Economic Restructuring. International Journal of Technology Management, Vol.21, No.5/6 (2001), 604-611.

Rustagi, Narendra (2003)
Competitive Business Strategy for Leveraging Online Education, Malaysian Journal of Distance Education, Vol.5, No.2 (2003): 67-75. Rustagi, Narendra and Rajni Goel,

Rustagi, Narendra (2004)
Japanese Production Theory and Small Business International Journal of Commerce and Management 14, Nos.3/4 (2004): 83-91.

Rustagi, Narendra (2004)
Education Strategy for the Internet age. The E-Business Review 4 (2004): 140-144. Rustagi, Narendra K and Goel, Rajni.

Rustagi, Narendra (2006)
Increasing Competitiveness through Knowledge Transfer in Developing Countries. Advances in Competitiveness Research, 14, No.1 (2006): 77-89. Rajni Goel and Narendra K. Rustagi.

Rustagi, Narendra (2007)
Web Advertising: Analysis and Understanding of Indian Consumers Attitude, Journal of Global Information Technology, Vol.2, No.1-2 (Dec 2007): 24-32. Gurmeet Singh; Harish Gautam and Narendra Rustagi.

Rustagi, Narendra (2008)
Teaching evaluations: Perceptions of students and faculty. Journal of College Teaching & Learning, Vol.5, No.9 (Sep 2008): 45-53. Sandip Mukherji and Narendra Rustagi.*

Rustagi, Narendra (2008)
Teaching evaluations: Perceptions of students and faculty. Journal of College Teaching & Learning, Vol.5, No.9 (Sep 2008): 45-53.

Rustagi, Narendra K (2007)
Student evaluations and the quest for quality educaiton at U.S. Universities. Global ManageRustagi, Narendra K, Omar A. Hashmi.ment Review, Vol. 1, No.4 (August 2007): 1-7.

Rustagi, Narendra K (2008)
Global Digital Business Review, Vol.3, No.1 (2008). Sharma, Dinesh K.; Rustagi, Narendra; and Agarwal, Kamal N. (eds.).

Rustagi, Narendra K (2009)
Supply chain management curriculum development using alumni and corporate input. Global Management Review, Vol.3, No.2 (Feb 2009): 1-13. Rustagi, Narendra K.; Charles E Ermer; Todd L. McAllister and Ronald Straight

Rustagi, Narendra K (2012)
ISO 9000: Is it panacea for small businesses in developing countries? International Journal of Services and Standards, Vol.8, No.1 (2012): 58-73. G. Singh, Narendra K. Rustagi.

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