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Araujo, Ana Lucia (2012)
Politics of Memory: Making Slavery Visible in the Public Space. New York: Routledge, 2012. Ana Lucia Araujo (ed.).

Bainum, Peter M (2012)
Dynamics and Control of Space Systems 2012: Proceedings of the 1st International Academy of Astronautics Conference on Dynamics and Control of Space Systems (DyCoSS) held March 19–21, 2012, Porto, Portugal. Published for the American Astronautical Society by Univelt, Inc., San Diego, CA, 2012. Anna D. Guerman, Peter M. Bainum, Jean-Michel Contant (eds.).

Bangura, Abdul Karim (2012)
Pan-Africanism: An Exploration of Afro-Asian Connections. Lagos, Nigeria: Concept Publications, 2012. (Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization, Occasional Monograph, No. 25).

Copeland Jr, Robert A (2012)
Copeland and Afshari's Principles and Practice of Cornea. New Delhi, India: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, 2012. Robert A. Copeland Jr. and Natalie Afshari (eds.)

Crooms-Robinson, Lisa (2012)
The Oxford Handbook of African American Citizenship, 1865-Present. Oxford University Press, 2012. Henry Louis Gates, JR., Claude Steele, Lawrence D. Bobo, Michael Dawson, Gerald Jaynes, Lisa Crooms-Robinson, Linda Darling-Hammond (eds.).

Diogo, Rui (2012)
Comparative Anatomy and Phylogeny of Primate Muscles and Human Evolution. Oxford, UK: Taylor & Francis, 2012. Rui Diogo, Bernard A. Wood

Diogo, Rui (2012)
Photographic and Descriptive Musculoskeletal Atlas of Gibbons and Siamangs (Hylobates) - With Notes on the Attachments, Variations, Innervation, Synonymy and Weight of the Muscles (Oxford, UK: Taylor & Francis, 2012). Rui Diogo, Josep M. Potau, Juan F. Pastor, Felix J. dePaz, Eva M. Ferrero, Gaelle Bello, Mercedes Barbosa, M. Ashraf Aziz, Anne M. Burrows, Julia Arias-Martorell, Bernard A. Wood.

Hunte, C Kenrick (2012)
Diaspora Remittances and Investment: A Derivation and Measurement. Malta: Islands and Small States Institute, Occasional Papers on Islands and Small States, 2012. C Kenrick Hunte.

Kpalukwu, Okachi N (2012)
We, the Enslaved. Publish America, 2012.

Quimby, Ernest (2012)
Doing Qualitative Community Research: Lessons for Faculty, Students and the Community. Bentham Science Publishers, 2012.

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