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Banks, Kristina B (2012)
DDoS and other anomalous web traffic behavior in selected countries. 2012 Proceedings of IEEE Southeastcon (2012): Art. No. 6197004, 1-5. Kristina B. Banks.

Barden, Jamie (2012)
Persuasion. Encyclopedia of Human Behavior (2nd ed.; 2012): 96-102. Jamie Barden, R.E. Petty

Barnes, Donna Holland (2011)
Teaching physicians to assess suicidal youth presenting to the emergency department. Pediatr Emerg Care. 2011 Jun 22. [Epub ahead of print]. Horwitz SM, Heinberg LJ, Storfer-Isser A, Donna H. Barnes, Smith M, Kapur R, Findling R, Currier G, Wilcox HC, Wilkens K.

Baroni, Peter G (2011)
"No" still means "yes": The failure of the "non-consent" reform movement in american rape and sexual assault law. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Vol.101, No.4 (2011): 1081-1169. Decker, J.F., Peter G. Baroni.

Barrett, Richard A (2012)
Su1436 association of race-ethnicity and socioeconomic status with colorectal cancer screening utilization among a nationally representative sample of US adults. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Vol.75, Vol.4, Suppl. (Apr 2012): AB331-. Richard A. Barrett, Dianne N. Thompson, Nisser A. Umar, Hassan Brim, Hassan Ashktorab, Tamaro S. Hudson, Duane T. Smoot, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo

Basant, Nikita (2011)
Support vector machines in water quality management. Analytica Chimica Acta (2011). Article not published yet, but available online Article in Press. Singh, K.P., Nikita Basant, Gupta, S.

Basant, Nikita (2012)
Modeling the binding affinity of p38α MAP kinase inhibitors by partial least squares regression. Chemical Biology & Drug Design, Vol.80, No.3 (2012): 455-470. Accepted Article. N. Basant, C. Durante, M. Cocchi, M.C. Menziani.

Basant, Nikita (2012)
Erratum to “Support vector machines in water quality management” [Anal. Chim. Acta (2011) 152–162]. Analytica Chimica Acta, Available online 31 May 2012. Kunwar P. Singh, Nikita Basant, Shikha Gupta.

Baskin, Sheena (2011)
New mechanism for complement killing of Gram-negative bacteria. AJMR, Vol.5 (2011): 3936-3941. Earl F. Bloch*, Shelly McDonald-Pinkett Stephanie Campbell, Sheena Baskin, Sandra Dillahunt, Sharla Peters, Shantelle Lucas, Dia Evans, Christina Johnson, Taira Everett, Yasmine Kanaan.

Batra, AP (2012)
On the mirage of the classical electron of Uhlenbeck and Goudsmit. arXiv (Mar 2012): 1203.1510v1. A.P. Batra, Tristan Hübsch

Battle III, Jeremiah (2011)
A qualitative analysis of the efficacious benefits of affordable housing on individuals and society. Proceedings of the National Conference of Undergraduate Research 2011.

Battle Jr, Eliot F (2012)
Laser hair removal for darker skin types. In: Andrew F. Alexis and Victoria H. Barbosa (eds.), Skin of Color: A Practical Guide to Dermatologic Diagnosis and Treatment (New York: Springer, 2013), 237-246.

Battle, TL (2012)
Observations of an 11 September Sahelian squall line and Saharan air layer outbreak during NAMMA-06J. International Journal of Geophysics, Vol.2012 (2012), Article ID 153256, 14p. W. Smith, A. E. Reynolds, A. S. Pratt, S. Salack, B. Klotz, T. L. Battle, D. Grant, A. Diop, T. Fall, A. Gaye, D. Robertson, M. S. DeLonge, S. Chan.

Bauer, Stephen (2011)
Gastric prolapse with pseudocysts following laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. JSLS, Vol.15, No.4 (Oct-Dec 2011): 542-545. Glenn Jason A.; Ortega, Gezzer; Gonzalez, Dani O.; Reed, Jasmine A.; Turner, Patricia L.; Tran, Daniel D.; McKenna, Stephen; Bauer, Christine C.; Fullum, Terrence M.

Baxi, Yesha (2011)
Frame work for real time optimal power flow using real time measurement tools and techniques. NAPS 2011 - 43rd North American Power Symposium, 2011. art. no. 6025201. James A. Momoh, Yesha Baxi*, Ayobami O. Idubor.

Bean, Carol A (2011)
Abandoned Spaces. Washington, DC: Platt Studio, 2011. Carol A Bean, Michael Bean.

Beckett, Nashida (2011)
Electrosurgical excision of acne keloidalis nuchae with secondary intention healing. Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, Vol.4, No.1 (Jan 2011). Nashida Beckett, Christina Lawson, Cohen, G.

Begum, Rehana (2012)
Timing of procedure and compliance with outpatient endoscopy among an underserved population in an inner-city tertiary institution. Annals of Epidemiology, Vol.22, No.7 (2012): 531-535. Dilhana S. Badurdeen, Nisser A. Umar, Rehana Begum, Andrew K. Sanderson II, Momodu Jack, Getachew Mekasha, John Kwagyan, Duane T. Smoot, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo.

Bent-Goodley, Tricia B (2011)
Participation and influence in federal child welfare policymaking. Journal of Public Child Welfare, Vol.5, No.2-3 (2011): 145-166. H.R. Edwards, D.U. Bryant, Tricia B. Bent-Goodley.

Bent-Goodley, Tricia B (2011)
HIV/AIDS knowledge and prevention programming in domestic violence shelters: How are we doing? Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services, Vol.10, No.1 (2011): 42-54. Rountree, M.A., Goldbach, J., Tricia Bent-Goodley, Bagwell, M.

Bentley, Amy R (2012)
Simple F test reveals gene-gene interactions in case-control studies. Bioinformatics and Biology Insights, (2012): 169-176. Guanje Chen, Ao Yuan, Jie Zhou, Amy R. Bentley, Adebowale Adeyemo, Charles N. Rotimi.

Bentley, Amy R (2012)
Interethnic variation in lipid profiles: Implications for underidentification of African–Americans at risk for metabolic disorders. Expert Review of Endocrinology & Metabolism, Vol.7, No.6 (Nov 2012): 659-667. Amy R Bentley, Charles N Rotimi.

Bentley, Amy R (2012)
A novel approach for the simultaneous analysis of common and rare variants in complex traits. Bioinform Biol Insights, Vol.6 (2012): 1-9. Epub 2012 Jan 22. Ao Yuan, Guanjie Chen, Yanxun Zhou, Amy Bentley, Charles Rotimi.

Berezovskaya, Faina S (2011)
Myeloid cells in tumour-immune interactions. Journal of Biological Dynamics, Vol.4, No.4 (2010): 315-327. Kareva, I., Faina Berezovskaya, Castillo-Chavez, C.

Berezovskaya, Faina S (2012)
Bifurcations in mathematical models of niche construction. 7th Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling,, 2012. Faina S. Berezovskaya, Irina G. Kareva, Georgiy P. Karev.

Results 201 to 225 of 2699

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