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Paltoo, Dina N (2003)
Synergism between Dipyridamole and Cisplatin in Human Breast Cancer Cells in vitro. Quimica Nova, 26, No.3 (2003): 340-343. Perussi, J.R., *Paltoo, Dina N, **Toppin, Veronica AL, and *Canada, RG.

Paluvoi, Nivedh (2012)
Association of leisure-time physical activity with cognition by apolipoprotein-E genotype in persons aged 60 years and over: The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES-III). Clin Interv Aging, Vol.7 (2012): 35-43. Thomas O. Obisesan, Nisser Umar, Nivedh Paluvoi, Richard F. Gillum.

Pamireddy, Prema (2011)
Severe methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus septicemia in a case of misdiagnosed crusted (Norwegian) scabies. Clinical Geriatrics, Vol.19, No.8 (Aug 2011): 43-47. Noel Manyindo, Prema Pamireddy, McDonald M., Vijayan J., Adenuga B., Adams RG.

Pan, Ran (1999)
Molecular modelling of trimethoprim complexes of human wild-type and mutant dihydrofolate reductases: identification of two subsets of binding residues in the antifolate binding site. Biopharmaceutics & Drug Disposition, Volume 20, Issue 7, Date: October 1999, Pages: 335-340. Ran Pan, Donnell Bowen, William M. Southerland.

Panchal, Edward Lee (2014)
Prevalence of colorectal neoplasia among Young African Americans and Hispanic Americans. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Vol.59, No.2 (2014): 446-450. Hassan Ashktorab, Mansour Paydar, Hassan Hassanzadeh Namin, Andrew Sanderson, Rehana Begum, Hassan Brim, Heena Panchal, Edward Lee, Angesom Kibreab, Mehdi Nouraie, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo.

Panchal, H (2015)
Association between diverticular disease and pre-neoplastic colorectal lesions in an urban african-american population, Digestion, Vol.92 (2015): 60-65. Hassan Ashktorab, H. Panchal, B. Shokrani, M. Paydar, A. Sanderson, E.L. Lee1, R. Begum, T. Haidary, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo, S. McDonald-Pinkett, Hassan Brim, Mehdi Nouraie.

Pang, Xiaowu (2009)
Salvianolic acid B inhibits growth of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma in vitro and in vivovia cyclooxygenase-2 and apoptotic pathways. International Journal of Cancer. Vol.124, No.9 (1 May 2009): 2200-2209. Yubin Hao, Tianpei Xie, Alexandru Korotcov, Yanfei Zhou, Xiaowu Pang, Liang Shan, Hongguang Ji, Rajagopalan Sridhar, Paul Wang, Joseph Califano, Xinbin Gu.

Pang, Xiaowu (2015)
Functions of MiRNA-128 on the regulation of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma growth and apoptosis. PLoS One, Vol.10, No.3 (2015): e0116321. Belinda Hauser, Yuan Zhao, Xiaowu Pang, Z. Ling, Ernest Myers, Paul C. Wang, J. Califano, Xinbin Gu.

Panguluri, RCK (1999)
BRCA1 mutations in African Americans. Hum Genet 105, No.1-2 (1999): 28-31. Panguluri, R.C.K.; Brody, L.C.; Modali, R.; Utley, K.; Adams-Campbell, L.; Day, A.A.; Whitfield-Broome, C.; Dunston, G.M..

Panguluri, RCK (1999)
Evidence for a BRCA1 founder mutation in families of West African ancestry. Am J Hum Genet 65, No.2 (1999): 575-8. Mefford, H.C.; Baumbach, L.; Panguluri, R.C.K.; Whitfield-Broome, C.; Szabo, C.; Smith, S.; King, M-C; Dunston, G.; Stoppa, Lyonnet D.; Arena, F.

Panguluri, RCK (2002)
CYP3A4-V and prostate cancer in African Americans: causal or confounding association because of population stratification? Human Genetics 110, No.6, (June 2002): 553-560. Kittles, Rick A; Chen, Weidong; Panguluri, Ramesh K; Ahaghotu, Chiledum; Jackson, Aaron; Adebamowo, Clement A; Griffin, Robin; Williams, Tyisha; Ukoli, Flora; Adams-Campbell, L.

Parish-Gause, Debra (2001)
Ancestral proportions and admixture dynamics in geographically defined African Americans living in South Carolina, E.J. Parra, *R.A. Kittles, G. Argyropoulos, C.L. Pfaff, K. Hiester, C. Bonilla, *N. Sylvester, *D. Parrish-Gause, W.T. Garvey, L. Jin, P.M. McKeigue, M.I. Kamboh, R.E. Ferrell, W.S. Pollitzer, M.D. Shriver, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Volume: 114, Issue: 1, Date: January 2001, Pages: 18-29.

Parish-Gause, Debra (2003)
Inhibition of prostate cancer cell growth by activated eosinophils. Prostate. 2003 Oct 1;57(2):165-75. Furbert-Harris P, Parish-Gause D, Laniyan I, Hunter KA, Okomo-Awich J, Vaughn TR, Forrest KC, Howland C, Abdelnaby A, Oredipe OA.

Parish-Gause, Debra (2003)
Enhanced proliferation of functionally competent bone marrow cells in different strains of mice treated with swainsonine.Int Immunopharmacol. 2003 Mar;3(3):445-55. Oredipe OA, Furbert-Harris PM, Laniyan I, Green WR, White SL, Olden K, Parish-Gause D, Vaughn T, Griffin WM, Sridhar R.

Parish-Gause, Debra (2003)
Swainsonine stimulates bone marrow cell proliferation and differentiation in different strains of inbred mice. Pharmacol Res. 2003 Jan;47(1):69-74. Oredipe OA, Furbert-Harris PM, Green WR, White SL, Olden K, Laniyan I, Parish-Gause D, Vaughn T, Griffin WM, Sridhar R.

Parish-Gause, Debra (2004)
A genome-wide search for type 2 diabetes susceptibility genes in West Africans: the Africa America Diabetes Mellitus (AADM) Study. Diabetes. 2004 Mar;53(3):838-41. Erratum in: Diabetes. 2004 May;53(5):1404. Rotimi CN, Chen G, Adeyemo AA, Furbert-Harris P, Parish-Gause D, Zhou J, Berg K, Adegoke O, Amoah A, Owusu S, Acheampong J, Agyenim-Boateng K, Eghan BA Jr, Oli J, Okafor G, Ofoegbu E, Osotimehin B, Abbiyesuku F, Johnson T, Rufus T, Fasanmade O, Kittles R, Daniel H, Chen Y, Dunston G, Collins ...Truncated

Park, JJ (2011)
A distinct trans-Golgi network subcompartment for sorting of synaptic and granule proteins in neurons and neuroendocrine cells. J Cell Sci., Vol.124, Pt.5 (1 Mar 2011): 735-44. JJ Park, Marjorie C Gondré-Lewis, LE EidenE, YP Loh.

Parshad, Ram (1995)
Familial Clustering of Breast Cancer: Possible Interaction Between DNA Repair Proficiency and Radiation Exposure in the Development of Breast Cancer. International Journal of Cancer 64 (1995): 14-17.

Parshad, Ram (1995)
G² Phase Repair of X-Ray-Induced Chromosomal D.N.A. Damage Trichothiodystrophy Cells. Mutation Research 346 (1995): 107-14..

Parshad, Ram (1996)
Cytogenic Responses to G² Phase X-Irradiation of Cells from Retinoblastoma Patients. Genetics and Cytogenesis 88 (1996): 43-45. R Parshad, et al.

Parshad, Ram (1996)
Deficient DNA Repair Capacity, a Predisposition Factor in Breast Cancer. British Journal of Cancer , no. July (1996): 1-5.

Parshad, Ram (1996)
DNA Repair Proficiency: Potential Susceptibility Factor for Breast Cancer. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 88, no. 11 (1996): 753-55.

Parshad, Ram (1998)
Effect of DNA repair inhibitors on the in vitro test for alzheimer's disease. J Am Geriatr Soc 46, No.10 (Oct 1998): 1331-1333. Parshad R, Price FM, Schapiro MB

Parshad, Ram (1999)
The contribution of deficient DNA repair to chromosomal radiosensitivity of CHO cells after G2 irradiation. Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics 108, No.1 (January 1999): 38-41. Katherine K. Sanford; Ram Parshad.

Parshad, Ram (1999)
Protective action of plant polyphenols on radiation-induced chromatid breaks in cultured human cells. Anticancer Research 18 (1998): 3263-3266 . Ram Parshad, Katherine K. Sanford, Floyd M. Price, Vernon E. Steel, Robert E. Tarone, Gary J. Kelloff and Charles W. Boone.

Results 5851 to 5875 of 7809

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