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Goring, Kim L (2009)
Effects of high-carbohydrate and high-fat dietary treatments on measures of heart rate variability and sympathovagal balance. Life Sci. Vol.85, No.3/4 (17 Jul 2009): 141-5. Millis RM, Austin RE, Bond V, Faruque M, Goring KL, Hickey BM, Blakely R, Demeersman RE.

Graf, Werner (2012)
Face-infringement space: The frame of reference of the ventral intraparietal area. Biological Cybernetics, Vol.106, No.4-5 (2012): 219-239. Gin McCollum, François Klam, Werner Graf.

Graf, Werner M (2006)
The central mesencephalic reticular formation: its role in space-time coordinated saccadic eye movements. J Physiol. 2006 Feb 1;570(Pt 3):433-4. Epub 2006 Jan 5. Review. Graf WM, Ugolini G.

Graf, Werner M (2006)
Horizontal eye movement networks in primates as revealed by retrograde transneuronal transfer of rabies virus: Differences in monosynaptic input to slow and fast abducens motoneurons. The Journal of Comparative Neurology, Volume 498, Issue 6, Date: 20 October 2006, Pages: 762-785. Gabriella Ugolini, François Klam, Maria Doldan Dans, David Dubayle, Anne-Marie Brandi, Jean Büttner-Ennever, Werner Graf.

Graf, Werner M (2009)
Posterior parietal cortex areas MIP and LIPv receive eye position and velocity inputs via ascending preposito-thalamo-cortical pathways. European Journal of Neuroscience, Vol.30, No.6 (Sep 2009): 1151-1161. Vincent Prevosto, Werner Graf, Gabriella Ugolini.

Graf, Werner M (2009)
Cerebellar inputs to intraparietal cortex areas LIP and MIP: Functional frameworks for adaptive control of eye movements, reaching, and arm/eye/head movement coordination. Cerebral Cortex, Vol.20, No.1 (Jan 2010): 214-228. Vincent Prevosto, Werner Graf, and Gabriella Ugolini.

Graf, Werner M (2010)
Comparative anatomy of the locus coeruleus in humans and nonhuman primates. Journal of Comparative Neurology, Vol.518, No.7 (2010): 963-971. Yukti Sharma, Tao Xu, Werner M Graf, Archie Fobbs, Chet C Sherwood, Patrick R Hof, John M Allman, Kebreten F Manaye.

Graff, Werner M (2012)
Harmaline attenuates voltage - sensitive Ca2+currents in neurons of the inferior olive. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol.15, No.5 (2012): 657-668. Xiping Zhan, Werner M. Graf

Haddad, Georges (2013)
Alcoholic cardiomyopathy: The heart got NRF. Alcohol, Vol.47, No.7 (Nov 2013): 570.

Haddad, Georges E (1995)
Regulation of the calcium slow channel by cyclic GMP dependent protein kinase in chick heart cells. Mol. Cell. Biochem., 148 (1995): 89-94. Haddad G.E., Sperelakis N., and G. Bkaily

Haddad, Georges E (1996)
Characterization and hemodynamic implications of renal vascular angiotensin II receptors in SHR. J. Mol. Cell. Cardiol., 28 (1996): 351-361. Haddad G., and R. Garcia.

Haddad, Georges E (1996)
Modulation of Ca2+ and Na+ transport by taurine in heart and vascular smooth muscle. Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. (Taurine 2). 28 (1996): 263-273. Bkaily G., Haddad G., Gros-Louis N., Jaalouk D., Taoudi Benchekroun R., Naik P., Pothier P., D’Orleans-Juste P., Bui M., Wang S., and N. Sperelakis.

Haddad, Georges E (1997)
Background K+ currents and response to metabolic inhibition during early development in rat cardiocytes. Mol. Cell. Biochem, 177 (1997): 159-168. Haddad G.E., Ruiz-Petrich E., Zumino A.P., and O.F. Schanne.

Haddad, Georges E (1997)
The use of confocal microscopy in the investigation of cell structure and function in heart, vascular endothelium and smooth muscle cells. Mol. Cell. Biochem., 172 (1997): 171-194. Bkaily G., Pothier P., D’Orleans-Juste P., Simaan M., Jacques D., Jaalouk D., Belzile F., Boutin C., Haddad G., and W. Neugebauer.

Haddad, Georges E (1997)
Endotoxin binding on capillary endothelium and myocyte plasma membranes in perfused rat heart. J. Endotoxin Res. , 4, No.1 (1997): 45-51. Bikhazi A., Nahle Z., Kreydiyyeh S., Haddad R., Bitar K., Haddad G., and A. Abdelnoor.

Haddad, Georges E (1997)
Modulation of renal glomerular angiotensin II receptors by ACE inhibition and AT1 receptor antagonism. Regulatory Peptides , 68 (1997): 111-117. Haddad G., Amiri F., and R. Garcia.

Haddad, Georges E (1997)
Effect of angiotensin converting enzyme two-week inhibition on renal ANG II receptors, and reactivity of renal vessels of the SHR. J. Mol. Cell. Cardiol., 29 (1997): 813-822. Haddad G., and R. Garcia.

Haddad, Georges E (1997)
Modulation of cytosolic and nuclear Ca2+ and Na+ transport by taurine in heart cells. Mol. Cell. Biochem., 170 (1997): 1-8. Bkaily G., Jaalouk D., Haddad G., Gros-Louis N., Simaan M., Naik R., and P. Pothier.

Haddad, Georges E (1999)
Two uncompetitive, activated, and transport sites of the Na+/H+ exchanger for pH regulation in perfused rat kidney. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. A 123, (1999): 417-422. Bikhazi, A.; Ziadeh, A.; Abbud, R.; Nabhan, S.; G. Haddad.

Haddad, Georges E (1999)
Renal angiotensin II receptor regulation and renin angiotensin system inhibition in one-kidney, one-clip hypertensive rats. J. Hypertens, 17, No.2 (1999): 279-286. Farhad, A.; Haddad, G.; R. Garcia

Haddad, Georges E (1999)
Alterations in IGF-I binding on cardiac myofibers and capillary endothelium during chronic volume-overload-induced hypertrophy. J. Biochem., Mol. Biol., Biophys. 3 (1999): 65-74. Haddad G., Saadeh F., Sharaf L., Nahle Z., Abou-Fares M., Haddad R., Bitar K., and A. Bikhazi.

Haddad, Georges E (2000)
Characterization of insulin-resistance: Role of receptor alteration in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, essential hypertension and cardiac hypertrophy. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 11(4), October 2000: 299-306. *Anwar B. Bikhazi, Sami T. Azar, *Adel E. Birbari, *Ghina N. El-Zein, George E. Haddad, Raja E. Haddad and Khalil M. Bitar.

Haddad, Georges E (2001)
Cross-talk between MAPKs and PI-3K pathways alters the functional density of Ik channels in hypertrophied hearts. Ethnicity and Disease, Vol.20, 1 Suppl. (2010): S1219-S1224. Zhao, A., Alvin, Z., Laurence, G., Li, C., Georges E. Haddad.

Haddad, Georges E (2003)
Regulation of insulin-like growth factor-1 by the renin-angiotensin system during regression of cardiac eccentric hypertrophy through angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and AT1 antagonist. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 81(2003): 142-149. G.E. Haddad, K. Blackwell, and A. Bikhazi.

Haddad, Georges E (2004)
Modulation of atrial contraction by PKA and PKC during the compensated phase of eccentric cardiac hypertrophy. BASIC RESEARCH IN CARDIOLOGY 99, No.5 (Sep 2004): 317-327. Haddad GE, Coleman BR, Zhao A, Blackwell KN

Results 76 to 100 of 459

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