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Howard, Barbara V (2013)
Factors relating to eating style, social desirability, body image and eating meals at home increase the precision of calibration equations correcting self-report measures of diet using recoverybiomarkers: Findings from the Women’s Health Initiative. Nutrition Journal, Vol.12, No.63 (2013). Yasmin Mossavar-Rahmani, Barbara V. Howard, et al.

Howard, Barbara V (2013)
Psychological trauma symptoms and Type 2 diabetes prevalence, glucose control, and treatment modality among American Indians in the Strong Heart Family Study. Journal of Diabetes and its Complications, Available online 16 Sep 2013. Michelle M. Jacob, Kelly L. Gonzales, Darren Calhoun, Janette Beals, Clemma Jacobsen Muller, Jack Goldberg, Lonnie Nelson, Thomas K. Welty, Barbara V. Howard.

Howard, Barbara V (2013)
editerranean and DASH diet scores and mortality in women with heart failure: The Women's Health Initiative. Circulation: Heart Failure. Published online before print 9 Oct 2013. Emily B. Levitan, Cora E. Lewis, Lesley F. Tinker, Charles B. Eaton, Ali Ahmed, JoAnn E. Manson, Linda G. Snetselaar, Lisa W. Martin, Maurizio Trevisan, Barbara V. Howard, James M. Shikany.

Huang, Sophia (2013)
An anti-PSMA bivalent immunotoxin exhibits specificity and efficacy for prostate cancer imaging and therapy. Advanced Healthcare Materials, Vol.2, No.5 (2013): 736-744.. Fayun Zhang, Liang Shan, Yuanyi Liu, David Neville, Jung-Hee Woo, Yue Chen, Alexandru Korotcov, Stephen Lin, Sophia Huang, Rajagopalan Sridhar, Wei Liang, Paul C. Wang.

Hughes, Kakra (2013)
Upper extremity bypass for chronic ischemia - A national surgical quality improvement program study database study. Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Vol.47, No.3 (2013): 192-194. Kakra Hughes, Maricel Cubangbang, Kwesi Blackman, Oluwaseyi Bolorunduro, David Rose, Edward E. Cornwell III, Wendy R. Greene, Thomas Obisesan.

Hughes, Kakra (2013)
Commentary: Endovascular repair of the descending thoracic aorta: A tale of two nations. Journal of Endovascular Therapy, Vol.20, No.3 (Jun 2013): 273-275. Ourania Preventza and Kakra Hughes.

Hughes, Kakra (2013)
Hemodialysis access, Surgical Clinics of North America, Available online 21 June 2013. David A. Rose, Emmanuel Sonaike, Kakra Hughes.

Hughes, Kakra (2013)
Hemodialysis access. Surg Clin North Am., Vol.93, No.4 (Aug 2013): 997-1012. David A. Rose, Emmanuel Sonaike, Kakra Hughes.

Hughes, Kakra (2013)
Upper extremity bypass for chronic ischemia--a national surgical quality improvement program study database study. Vasc Endovascular Surg., Vol.47, No.3 (2013): 192-4. Kakra Hughes, Maricel Cubangbang, Kwesi Blackman, Oluwaseyi Bolorunduro, David A. Rose, Edward E. Cornwell III, Wendy R. Greene, Thomas Obisesan.

Hughes, Kakra (2013)
Diabetes is not associated with an increased peri-operative mortality or non-infectious morbidity following lower extremity arterial reconstruction. The American Journal of Surgery, Available online 12 Oct 2013. Kakra Hughes, Leybelis Padilla, Batul Al-zubeidy, Oluwaseyi Bolorunduro, David Rose, Edward Cornwell III, Patricia Turner, Wendy Greene.

Hughes, Kakra (2013)
Racial/ethnic disparities in amputation and revascularization: A nationwide inpatient sample study. Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Vol.48, No.1 (Jan 2014): 34-37. Kakra Hughes, Shiva Seetahal, Toluloupe Oyetunji, David Rose, Wendy Greene, David Chang(not), Edward Cornwell, lll, Thomas Obisesan.

Hurley, Laura L (2013)
Antidepressant-like effects of curcumin in WKY rat model of depression is associated with an increase in hippocampal BDNF. Behavioural Brain Research, Vol.239 (2013): 27-30. Laura L. Hurley, Luli Akinfiresoye, Evaristus Nwulia, Atsushi Kamiya, Amol A. Kulkarni, Yousef Tizabi.

Hurley, Laura L (2013)
Neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration, and depression. Neurotox Res., Vol.23, No.4 (2013): 131-44. Laura L. Hurley, Yousef Tizabi.

Husain. Mehreen (2013)
A reversible cause of skin hyperpigmentation and postural hypotension. Case Rep Hematol. 2013: 680459. Rabia Cherqaoui, Mehreen Husain, Sujay Madduri, Pamela Okolie, Gail Nunlee-Bland and James Williams.

Imani-Shikhabadi, Reza (2013)
Curative treatment of esophageal cancer; An evidenced based review. Journal of Gastrointestinal Cancer, 2013, Article not published yet, but available online. Ravi Shridhar, Reza Imani-Shikhabadi, Bonnie Davis, Oscar A. Streeter and Charles R. Thomas Jr.

Ivey, Gabriel D (2013)
Effective weight loss management with endoscopic gastric plication using the StomaphyX™ device: Is it achievable? Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases, Vol.9, No.1 (2013): 113-117. Sharon K Ong’uti, Gezzer Ortega, Michael Onwugbufor, Gabriel D Ivey, Terrence M Fullum, Daniel D Tran.

Jackson, Hope T (2013)
Associated injuries in traumatic sternal fractures: A review of the national trauma data bank. Am Surg., Vol.79, No.7 (Jul 2013): 702-5. Tolulope Oyetunji, Hope T. Jackson, Augustine C. Obirieze, Danier Moore, Marc J. Branche, Wendy R. Greene, Edward E. Cornwell III, Suryanarayana M. Siram.

Jacob, Robin (2013)
Potential benefit of hormonal therapy for non-uterine soft tissue sarcoma (STS) — A case report and literature review. SpringerPlus, Vol.2 (2013). Li Li, Isaiah P Schuster, Robin Jacob, Kenneth H Hupart, Vladimir Gotlieb.

Jacobs-El, Naima (2013)
Retinal surgery-induced trigeminal neuralgia. Retinal Cases and Brief Reports, Vol.7, No.1 (2013): 67-68. Naima B. Jacobs-El* and Saad Shaikh.

Jamerson, Kenneth (2013)
Effect of intensive blood pressure control on cardiovascular remodeling in hypertensive patients with nephrosclerosis. Int J Nephrol, Epub 11 Sep 2013, 120167. Otelio RandallO, John Kwagyan, Tamrat Retta, Kenneth Jamerson, Velvie Pogue, Keith Norris, Muluemebet Ketete, Shichen Xu, Tom Greene, Xuelei Wang, Lawrence Agodoa.

Jayam-Trouth, Annapurni (2013)
Neurosarcoidosis. In: Yoshinobu Eishi (ed.), Sarcoidosis, Ch.8 (New York: InTech, 2013). Mohankumar Kurukumbi, Preema Mehta, Isha Misra and Jayam-Trouth Annapurni.

Jayam-Trouth, Annapurni (2013)
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in a patient with newly diagnosed HIV infection and end stage renal disease. Case Rep Neurol Med., 2013: 473618. Mohankumar Kurukumbi, Maria I. Castellanos, Amanda K Crawford, Shreyas D Gowdar, Annapurni Jayam-Trouth.

Jayam-Trouth, Annapurni (2013)
Association of chronic kidney disease with cerebral microbleeds in patients with primary intracerebral hemorrhage. Stroke, Vol.44, No.9 (2013): 2499-2413. Ovbiagele B, Wing JJ, Menon RS, Burgess RE, Gibbons MC, Sobotka I, German L, Shara NM, Fernandez S, Annapurni Jayam-Trouth, Edwards DF, Kidwell CS.

Jeffres, Miara A (2013)
Inotropic and lusitropic effects of calcitonin gene-related peptide in the heart. American. Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 2013, Published online before print Apr 12, 2013. Mustafa Al-Rubaiee, Pandu R.R. Gangula, Richard M Millis, Robin K Walker, Nsini A Umoh, Valerie M. Cousins, Miara A Jeffress, Georges E. Haddad.

John, Mario (2013)
Safety and efficacy of non-cemented femoral fixation in patients 75 years of age and older. The Journal of Arthroplasty, Vol.28, No.8 (2013): 1378-1380. Morteza Meftah, Mario John, Matin Lendhey, Aleksandr Khaimov, Amar S. Ranawat, Chitranjan S. Ranawat.

Results 276 to 300 of 699

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