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Trouth, Cloud O (2004)
Expression of alpha-7 nAChRs on spinal cord-brainstem neurons controlling inspiratory drive to the diaphragm.Respir Physiol Neurobiol. 141, No.1 (2004): 21-34. Dehkordi O, Haxhiu MA, Millis RM, Dennis GC, Kc P, Jafri A, Khajavi M, Trouth CO, Zaidi SI.

Trouth, Cloud O (2004)
Stereological analysis of the hypothalamic hypocretin/orexin neurons in an animal model of depression. NEUROPEPTIDES 38, No. 5 (Oct 2004), 311-315. Allard JS, Tizabi Y, Shaffery JP, Manaye K

Trouth, Cloud O (2005)
Alpha-7 and alpha-4 nicotinic receptor subunit immunoreactivity in genioglossus muscle motoneurons. Respir Physiol Neurobiol. 145, No.2/3 (Feb 2005):153-61. Dehkordi O, Millis RM, Dennis GC, Coleman BR, Johnson SM, Changizi L, Trouth CO.

Trouth, Ovid (2007)
The sodium-activated potassium channel Slack is modulated by hypercapnia and acidosis. Neuroscience 151, No.2. (24 Jan 2008): 410-8. Ruffin VA, Gu XQ, Zhou D, Douglas RM, Sun X, Trouth CO, Haddad GG.

Tsao, Daisy (2014)
Evaluation of a coordinated school-based obesity prevention program in a Hispanic community: Choosing healthy and active lifestyles for kids/health y schools healthy families. American Journal of Health Education, Vol.45, No.5 (2014): 261-270. Berger-Jenkins, E., Rausch, J., Okah, E., Daisy Tsao, Nieto, A., Lyda, E., Meyer, D., McCord, M.

Tucci, M (2007)
The effects of tobramycin on MG63 cell viability and function. Biomed Sci Instrum. 2007;43:182-7. Ehanire I, Tucci M, Franklin L, Russell G, Benghuzzi H.

Tucker, Cynthia A (2012)
Alcohol, anthropometrics, and breast cancer risk in African American women. The Breast Journal, Vol.18, No.4 (2012): 394-395. Adana A. Llanos, Kepher H. Makambi, Cynthia A. Tucker, Peter G. Shields and Lucile L. Adams-Campbell.

Tucker, Cynthia A (2012)
Cholesterol, lipoproteins, and breast cancer risk in African-American women. Ethnicity & Disease, Vol.22 (Sum 2012); 281-287. Adana A. Llanos, Kepher H. Makambi, Cynthia A. Tucker, Sherrie Flynt Wallington, Peter G. Shields, Lucile L. Adams-Campbell.

Tuggle, KR (2010)
Laparoscopic versus open appendectomy in complicated appendicitis: A review of the NSQIP database. Journal of Surgical Research, Vol.158, No.2 (Feb 2010): 177. K.R. Tuggle, G. Ortega, O.B. Bolorunduro, T.A. Oyetunji, D.C. Chang, P.L. Turner, T.M. Fullum.

Turner, Blair (2014)
Long intrahemispheric pathways of the human cerebral cortex visualized by dissection. The FASEB Journal, Vol.28, No.1, Suppl. LB21 (April 2014). Blair Turner and Margaret Knapp.

Turner, Blair H (1995)
Consciousness: A Neurobiological Approach. Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science, Vol.30, No.2 (1995): 151-156. B H Turner, et al.

Turner, Patricia (2014)
Diabetes is not associated with an increased peri-operative mortality or non-infectious morbidity following lower extremity arterial reconstruction. American Journal of Surgery, Vol.207, No.4 (2014): 573-577. Kakra Hughes, Leybelis Padilla, Batul Al-Zubeidy, Oluwaseyi Bolorunduro, David Rose, Edward E. Cornwell III, Patricia Turner, Wendy Greene.

Turner, Patricia I (2010)
Laparoscopic versus open appendectomy in complicated appendicitis: A review of the NSQIP database. Journal of Surgical Research, In Press, Uncorrected Proof, Available online 15 May 2010. Karleena Regina-Marie Tuggle, Gezzer Ortega, Oluwaseyi B. Bolorunduro, Tolulope A. Oyetunji, Richard Alexander, Patricia L. Turner, David C. Chang, Edward E. Cornwell III, Terrence M. Fullum.

Turner, Patricia L (2011)
Demographically associated variations in outcomes after bariatric surgery. The American Journal of Surgery, Vol.201, No.4 (Apr 2011): 475-480. Patricia L. Turner, Tolulope A. Oyetunji, Gerald Gantt, David C. Chang, Edward E. Cornwell, Terrence M. Fullum.

Turner, Patricia L (2011)
Gastric prolapse with pseudocysts following laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. JSLS, Vol.15, No.4 (Oct-Dec 2011): 542-545. Glenn Jason A.; Ortega, Gezzer; Gonzalez, Dani O.; Reed, Jasmine A.; Turner, Patricia L.; Tran, Daniel D.; McKenna, Stephen; Bauer, Christine C.; Fullum, Terrence M.

Turner, PL (2006)
Endoscopic placement of radiopaque markers for focused evaluation of intestinal motility. Surg Innov. 2006 Sep;13(3):190-2. Turner PL, Kavic SM, Park AE.

Turner, PL (2006)
Laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy with splenic preservation for serous cystadenoma: a case report and literature review. Surg Innov. 2006 Jun;13(2):94-101. Review. Erratum in: Surg Innov. 2006 Dec;13(4):293. Aluka KJ, Long C, Rickford MS, Turner PL, McKenna SJ, Fullum TM.

Turner, PL (2006)
Classification of hiatal hernias using dynamic three-dimensional reconstruction. Surg Innov. 2006 Mar;13(1):49-52. Kavic SM, Segan RD, George IM, Turner PL, Roth JS, Park A.

Turner, PL (2006)
Plant community responses to experimental warming across the tundra biome. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Jan 31;103(5):1342-6. Walker MD, Wahren CH, Hollister RD, Henry GH, Ahlquist LE, Alatalo JM, Bret-Harte MS, Calef MP, Callaghan TV, Carroll AB, Epstein HE, Jonsdottir IS, Klein JA, Magnusson B, Molau U, Oberbauer SF, Rewa SP, Robinson CH, Shaver GR, Suding KN, Thompson CC, Tolvanen A, Totland O, Turner PL, Tweedie CE, Webber PJ, Wookey PA.

Turner, PL (2006)
Laparoscopic "Dome-down" cholecystectomy with the LCS-5 Harmonic scalpel. JSLS. 2005 Jan-Mar;9(1):51-7. Fullum TM, Kim S, Dan D, Turner PL.

Turner, PL (2006)
Laparoscopic "Dome-down" cholecystectomy with the LCS-5 Harmonic scalpel. JSLS. 2005 Jan-Mar;9(1):51-7. Fullum TM, Kim S, Dan D, Turner PL.

Turner, PL (2007)
At the bedside and the bench: research skills that last a lifetime. Bull Am Coll Surg. 2002 Jun;87(6):27-9.

Turner, Willie (2005)
HIV-1 Tat interacts with LIS1 protein. Retrovirology. 07;2, No.1 (Feb 2005): 6. Epie N, Ammosova T, Sapir T, Voloshin Y, Lane WS, Turner W, Reiner O, Nekhai S.

Turner, Willie (2010)
Hepcidin induces HIV-1 transcription inhibited by ferroportin. Retrovirology, Vol.7 (2010): art. no. 104. Min Xu1, Fatah Kashanchi, Altreisha Foster, Jamie Rotimi, Willie Turner, Victor R Gordeuk, Sergei Nekhai

Turner, Willie (2013)
Mini-review: Probiotics and disease prevention in different host systems. BMRJ, Vol.3 (2013): 42-57. Earl F. Bloch, Ronald D. Schultz and Willie Turner*.

Results 6251 to 6275 of 6783

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