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Razjouyan, Hadie (2012)
Hypothyroidism, the main thyroid dysfunction in Iranian patients with Myasthenia Gravis: a case serie. Iranian Journal of Neurology, Vol.10, No.1-2 (2011, Accepted April 2012): 22-25. Mansoureh Mamarabadi, Hadie Razjouyan, Mehdi Moghaddasi.

Redd, Teresa (2012)
An HBCU perspective on academically adrift. College Composition and Communication, Vol.63 (2012): 499-506.

Reed, Jasmine A (2011)
Gastric prolapse with pseudocysts following laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. JSLS, Vol.15, No.4 (Oct-Dec 2011): 542-545. Glenn Jason A.; Ortega, Gezzer; Gonzalez, Dani O.; Reed, Jasmine A.; Turner, Patricia L.; Tran, Daniel D.; McKenna, Stephen; Bauer, Christine C.; Fullum, Terrence M.

Reeves, Inez V (2012)
Exaggerated vasopressor response to exercise and cerebral blood flow velocity. Clinical and Experimental Hypertension, Vol.34, No.5 (2012): 370-376. Vernon Bond, Richard M. Millis, Alfonso Campbell, Jules Harrell, Kim L. Goring, Inez Reeves, Sheree M. Johnson, Richard G. Adams.

Reid, SN (2011)
The NIH criteria for the surgical treatment of obesity: A call for re-evaluation. Journal of Surgical Research, Vol.165, No.2 (Feb 2011): 333 (Abstract). Terence M. Fullum, S.N. Reid, G. Ortega, S.K. Ong'uti, P.L. Turner.

Reidy, Joseph P (2012)
Review of: The American Crucible: Slavery, Emancipation, and Human Rights, by Robin Blackburn (New York: Verso, 2011). Journal of American History, Vol.99, No.2 (2012): 591.

Reidy, Jospeh P (2011)
Review of: Accommodating Revolutions: Virginia's Northern Neck in an Era of Transformations, 1760–1810, by Albert H. Tillson Jr. Historian, Vol.73, No.4 (Winter 2011): 850–851, Joseph P. Reidy.

Ressman, Katherine (2011)
Age-related changes in prenatal cocaine and/or nicotine induced depression and anxiety in offspring. Neurotoxicology and Teratology, Vol.33, No.4 (Jul-Aug 2011): 498. Sonya Sobrian, Katherine Ressman, Lara Marr, Robert Holson.

Ressman, Katherine (2012)
Differential effects of prenatal cocaine and/or nicotine on indices of psychiatric disorders in elderly rats. Neurotoxicology and Teratology, Vol.34, No.3 (May-June 2012): 374- . Sonya K. Sobrian, Katherine Ressman, Lara Marr, LaPorcia Wagner, R. Robert Holson.

Retta, Tamrat M (2011)
Long-term follow-up of participants with heart failure in the antihypertensive and lipid-lowering treatment to prevent heart attack trial (ALLHAT). Circulation, Vol.124, No.17 (2011): 1811-1818. Piller, L.B., Baraniuk, S., Simpson, L.M., Cushman, W.C., Massie, B.M., Einhorn, P.T., Oparil, S., Ford, C.E., Graumlich, J.F., Dart, R.A., Parish, D.C., Tamrat M. Retta, Cuyjet, A.B., Jafri, S.Z., Furberg, C.D., Saklayen, M.G., Thadani, U., Probstfield, J.L., Davis, B.R.

Revia, Alexandre (2012)
Jobs and the future of the US economy: Possibilities and limits. The Review of Black Political Economy, Vol.39, No.1 (2012): 5-28. Michael Isaacson, Aleksandre Revia, Enrique Lopezlira, Jassmine Gaines.

Reviere, Rebecca (2012)
Freud, Anna (1895–1982). Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning, Pt.6 (2012): 1324-1326. Rebecca Revière.

Reviere, Rebecca (2012)
Goodall, Jane (1934–). Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning, Pt.7 (2012): 1381-1382.

Richards, Nikisha Q (2012)
Metabolic disorders of the cornea. In: Robert A. Copeland Jr. and Natalie Afshari (eds.), Copeland and Afshari's Principles and Practice of Cornea (New Delhi, India: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, 2012), 622-653. Stephen G. Odaibo*, Nikisha Q. Richards*, Robert A. Copeland Jr.

Richardson, Kimberlei A (2011)
Animal models of drug addiction in support of novel therapeutic strategies. ILAR Journal, Vol.52, No.3 (2011): 1-6. Frascella, J., Kimberlei A. Richardson, K.A.,McLemore, G.L.

Richardson, Kimberlei A (2012)
Lateral hypothalamic orexin/hypocretin neurons that project to ventral tegmental area are differentially activated with morphine preference. J Neurosci., Vol.32, No.11 (Mar 2012): 3809-17. Kimberlei A. Richardson, G. Aston-Jones.

Ricks-Santi, Luisel J (2011)
Association of IL-10 promoter polymorphisms with prostate cancer risk in African-Americans. American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, 2011. Muneer M. Abbas,, Tshela M. Mason, Luicel Ricks-Santi, George E. Bonney, Victor Apprey, Rick Kittles, Chiledum Ahaghotu, Georgia M. Dunston

Ricks-Santi, Luisel J (2011)
116-P Association of IL-10 promoter polymorphisms with prostate cancer risk in African- Americans Human Immunology, Volume 72, Supplement 1, October 2011, Page S96 Muneer M. Abbas, Tshela M. Mason, Luicel Ricks-Santi, George E. Bonney, Victor Apprey, Rick Kittles, Chiledum Ahaghotu, Georgia M. Dunston

Ricks-Santi, Luisel J (2012)
Identification of genetic risk associated with prostate cancer using ancestry informative markers. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis., Vol.15, No.4 (2012): 359-364. Luisel J. Ricks-Santi, Victor Apprey, T. Mason, B. Wilson, M. Abbas, W. Hernandez, S. Hooker, M. Doura, George Bonney, Georgia Dunston, Rick Kittles, Chiledum Ahaghotu.

Roane, Philip R (2012)
CDK2 regulates HIV-1 transcription by phosphorylation of CDK9 on serine 90. Retrovirology, Vol.9 (9 Nov 2012): 94. Denitra Breuer, Alexander Kotelkin, Tatiana Ammosova, Namita Kumari, Andrey Ivanov, Ilatovskiy AV, Beullens M, Philip R. Roane, Bollen M, Petukhov MG, Kashanchi F, Sergei Nekhai.

Robinson, John D (2012)
Circumcision in the United States: Where are we? Journal of the National Medical Association, Vol.104, No.9-10 (2012): 455-458. John D. Robinson, Gezzer Ortega, Jarrod A. Carrol, Aimée Townsend, Daniel A. Carnegie, David Rice, Nelson Bennett Jr.

Robjhon, Miliaritiana L (2012)
The influence of the SAL and lightning on tropospheric ozone variability over the Northern Tropical Atlantic: Results from Cape Verde during 2010. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol.39, No.20 (2012): art. no. L20810. Gregory S. Jenkins, Miliaritiana L. Robjhon, Jonathan W. Smith, Jonathan Clark, Luis Mendes.

Robjohn, Miliaritiana (2011)
Observations and simulation of a Saharan air layer event with a midtropospheric dust layer at Dakar, Senegal, 6-7 July 2010. Journal of Geophysical Research D: Atmospheres, Vol.116, No. 21 (2011): Art. no. D21204. Mamadou Drame, M., Gregory S. Jenkins, Camara, M., Miliaritiana Robjhon.

Rodney, Ife J (2012)
Why are there so few effective treatments for pigmentary disorders of the skin? Expert Review of Dermatology, Vol.7, No.2 (2012): 109-112. Rebat M. Halder, Ife J. Rodney.

Rodney, Ife J (2012)
History of Howard University Hospital Department of Dermatology and Residency Program. J Drugs Dermatol., Vol.11, No.8 (Aug 2012): 991-2. Ahmad Reza Hossani-Madani*, Chesahna Kindred*, Sharon Bridgeman-Shah, Ife Rodney, Rebat M. Halder.

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