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Ray, Geoffrey L (2011)
The Matrix Metalloproteinase-7 Polymorphism Rs10895304 Is Associated with Increased Recurrence Risk in Patients with Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer. International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics, Vol.79, No.5 (2011): 1330-1335. Jerry J. Jaboin, Misun Hwang, Zachary Lopater, Heidi Chen, Geoffrey L. Ray, Carmen Perez, Qiuyin Cai, Marcia L. Wills, Bo Lu.

Razjouyan, Hadi (2011)
Esophageal carcinoma in African Americans: A five-decade experience. Dig Dis Sci., Vol.56, No.12 (2011): 3577-3582. Hassan Ashktorab, Zahra Nouri, Mehdi Nouraie, Hadi Razjouyan, Edward E. Lee, Ehsan Dowlati, El-Waleed El-Seyed, Adeyinka Laiyemo, Hassan Brim and Duane T. Smoot.

Razjouyan, Hadie (2012)
Hypothyroidism, the main thyroid dysfunction in Iranian patients with Myasthenia Gravis: a case serie. Iranian Journal of Neurology, Vol.10, No.1-2 (2011, Accepted April 2012): 22-25. Mansoureh Mamarabadi, Hadie Razjouyan, Mehdi Moghaddasi.

Reddy, Prasad T (2014)
The fused anthranilate synthase from Streptomyces venezuelae functions as a monomer. Mol Cell Biochem, Vol.400, No.1 (2014): 9-15. Meseret Ashenafi, Prasad T. Reddy, James F. Parsons, W. Malcolm Byrnes.

Reddy, Ramani (2005)
Avascular Necrosis and Protease Inhibitors. Journal of the National Medical Association 97, No.11 (2005): 1543-1545. Reddy R*, Daftary MN*, Delapenha R*, Dutta AP*, Oliver J**, Frederic W*.

Reece, Elena (2003)
Bystander T cells participate in specific response to cockroach antigen (CR) in vitro. Immunol Invest. 2003 Feb;32(1-2):105-18. Walters CS, Tackey RN, Reece E, Paluvoi S.

Reed, Caroline (2010)
Recruitment of infants with sickle cell anemia to a Phase III trial: Data from the BABY HUG study. Contemporary Clinical Trials, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 24 August 2010. Lynn Wynn, Scott Miller, Lane Faughnan, Zhaoyu Luo, Ellen Debenham, Lea Adix, Billie Fish, Tally Hustace, Tracy Kelly, MaryLou MacDermott, Joan Marasciulo, Brenda Martin, Jennifer McDuffie, Mary Murphy, Betsy Rackoff, Caroline Reed, Phillip Seaman, Glenda Thomas, Winfred Wang.

Reed, Jasmine A (2011)
Gastric prolapse with pseudocysts following laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. JSLS, Vol.15, No.4 (Oct-Dec 2011): 542-545. Glenn Jason A.; Ortega, Gezzer; Gonzalez, Dani O.; Reed, Jasmine A.; Turner, Patricia L.; Tran, Daniel D.; McKenna, Stephen; Bauer, Christine C.; Fullum, Terrence M.

Reeves, Inez V (2012)
Exaggerated vasopressor response to exercise and cerebral blood flow velocity. Clinical and Experimental Hypertension, Vol.34, No.5 (2012): 370-376. Vernon Bond, Richard M. Millis, Alfonso Campbell, Jules Harrell, Kim L. Goring, Inez Reeves, Sheree M. Johnson, Richard G. Adams.

Reeves, Inez V (2014)
Hemodynamic correlates of low umbilical cord vitamin D and ionized calcium. Clinical and Experimental Hypertension, Vol.36, No.7 (1 November 2014): 459-464. I. Reeves, G. Rosario, M. Young, K. Lewis, K. Washington, Richard M. Millis

Reeves, Inez V (2014)
Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women of ethnic minority: a potential contributor to preeclampsia. Journal of Perinatology, Vol.34, No.10 (2014): 767-773. Inez V. Reeves, Zabalda D. Bamji, G.B. Rosario, K.M. Lewis, M.A. Young1, K.N. Washington.

Regina-Marie Tuggle, Karleena (2010)
Laparoscopic versus open appendectomy in complicated appendicitis: A review of the NSQIP database. Journal of Surgical Research, In Press, Uncorrected Proof, Available online 15 May 2010. Karleena Regina-Marie Tuggle, Gezzer Ortega, Oluwaseyi B. Bolorunduro, Tolulope A. Oyetunji, Richard Alexander, Patricia L. Turner, David C. Chang, Edward E. Cornwell III, Terrence M. Fullum.

Rehana, Begum (2014)
A novel use of Early Radiation Therapy in the treatment of hyperbilirubinemia in a patient with Primary Hepatic Lymphoma and Chronic Hepatitis C. Case Reports in Gastrointestinal Medicine, 2014. Venkata Tammana, Begum Rehana, Patricia Oneal, Hemamalini Karpurapu, Amruta Muley, Sri Lakshmi Hyndavi Yeruva, Jacquelyn Dunmore-Griffith, Eyasu Mekonen, and Nahani Hasan

Reid, Erroll (2006)
A retrospective evaluation of 56 patients with oral burning and limited clinical findings. Gen Dent. 2006 Jul-Aug;54(4):267-71; quiz 272, 289-90. Brown RS, Farquharson AA, Sam FE, Reid E.

Reid, S (2009)
Leptin is essential in maintaining normal vascular compliance independent of body weight. International Journal of Obesity, 22 October 2009 [Epub ahead of print]. G Sikka, R Yang, S Reid, A Benjo, N Koitabashi, A Camara, E Baraban, CP O'Donnell, DE Berkowitz, and LA Barouch.

Reid, S (2010)
Leptin is essential in maintaining normal vascular compliance independent of body weight. International Journal of Obesity, Vol.34, No.1 (Jan 2010): 203-206, January 2010. G. Sikka, R. Yang, S. Reid, A. Benjo, N. Koitabashi, A. Camara, E. Baraban, C.P. O'Donnell, D.E. Berkowitz, L.A. Barouch, LA.

Reid, Shaina N (2015)
Genetically induced abnormal cranial development in human trisomy 18 with holoprosencephaly: Comparisons with the normal tempo of osteogenic-neural development. J Anat., Vol.227, No.1 (2015): 21-33. Shaina N. Reid, Janine N. Ziermann, Marjorie C. Gondré-Lewis.

Reid, SN (2011)
The NIH criteria for the surgical treatment of obesity: A call for re-evaluation. Journal of Surgical Research, Vol.165, No.2 (Feb 2011): 333 (Abstract). Terence M. Fullum, S.N. Reid, G. Ortega, S.K. Ong'uti, P.L. Turner.

Ressman, K (2003)
Prenatal cocaine and/or nicotine exposure produces depression and anxiety in aging rats. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2003 May;27(3):501-18. Sobrian SK, Marr L, Ressman K.

Ressman, Katherine (2009)
Prenatal cocaine and/or nicotine differentially alter the acquisition of active avoidance as a function of the age of the offspring. Neurotoxicology and Teratology, Vol.31, No.4 (Jul-Sep 2009): 247. Sonya Sobrian, Katherine Ressman, Lara Mara, R. Robert Holson, and Martha Gay.

Ressman, Katherine (2011)
Age-related changes in prenatal cocaine and/or nicotine induced depression and anxiety in offspring. Neurotoxicology and Teratology, Vol.33, No.4 (Jul-Aug 2011): 498. Sonya Sobrian, Katherine Ressman, Lara Marr, Robert Holson.

Ressman, Katherine (2012)
Differential effects of prenatal cocaine and/or nicotine on indices of psychiatric disorders in elderly rats. Neurotoxicology and Teratology, Vol.34, No.3 (May-June 2012): 374- . Sonya K. Sobrian, Katherine Ressman, Lara Marr, LaPorcia Wagner, R. Robert Holson.

Retland, Nicole (2010)
A model for routine hospital-wide HIV screening: lessons learned and public health implications. J Natl Med Assoc., Vol.102, No.12 (Dec 2010): 1165-72. Maxwell CJ, Sitapati AM, Abdus-Salaam SS, Scott V, Martin M, Holt-Brockenbrough ME, Retland NL.

Retta, Tamrat M (1996)
Can risk factor modification reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in minority populations? Prev Med. 25, No.1 (Jan-Feb 1996): 61-2. Randall OS, Retta TM, Ordor OE, Courtney BL.

Retta, Tamrat M (2002)
Major outcomes in moderately hypercholesterolemic, hypertensive patients randomized to pravastatin vs. usual care. The antihypertensive and lipid-lowering treatment to prevent heart attack trial (ALLHAT-LLT). JAMA, Decembeer 18, 2002 – Vol 288, No. 23, p. 2998. Golden J, Lewis E, Mateski D, Narayan P, Notargiacomo A, Ordor D, Papademetriou V, Randall O*, Retta T*, Theobalds J, Xu S*. ALLHAT - Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial.

Results 6126 to 6150 of 7785

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