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Wang, Paul C (2012)
Essential elements to consider for MRI cell tracking studies with iron oxide-based labeling agents. Journal of Basic & Clinical Medicine, Vol.1, No.1 (2012): 16p. Paul C. Wang, Liang Shan.

Wang, Paul C (2012)
Single-walled carbon nanotubes alter cytochrome c electron transfer and modulate mitochondrial function. ACS Nano, Vol.6, No.12 (2012): 10486-10496. Ma, X., Zhang, L.-H., Wang, L.-R., Xue, X., Sun, J.-H., Wu, Y., Zou, G., Wu, X., Paul C. Wang, Wamer, W.G., Yin, J.-J., Zheng, K., Liang, X.-J.

Wang, Paul C (2013)
An anti-PSMA bivalent immunotoxin exhibits specificity and efficacy for prostate cancer imaging and therapy. Advanced Healthcare Materials, Vol.2, No.5 (2013): 736-744.. Fayun Zhang, Liang Shan, Yuanyi Liu, David Neville, Jung-Hee Woo, Yue Chen, Alexandru Korotcov, Stephen Lin, Sophia Huang, Rajagopalan Sridhar, Wei Liang, Paul C. Wang.

Wang, Paul C (2013)
Surface chemistry-mediated penetration and gold nanorod thermotherapy in multicellular tumor spheroids. Nanoscale, Vol.5, No.1 (2013): 143-146. Jin, S., Ma, X., Ma, H., Zheng, K., Liu, J., Hou, S., Meng, J., Paul C. Wang, Wu, X., Liang, X.-J.

Wang, Paul C (2013)
Multifunctional hybrid silica nanoparticles for controlled doxorubicin loading and release with thermal and pH dual response. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, Vol.1, No.8 (2013): 1109-1118. Hu, X., Hao, X., Wu, Y., Zhang, J., Zhang, X., Paul C. Wang, Zou, G., Liang, X.-J.

Wang, Paul C (2013)
Innovative pharmaceutical development based on unique properties of nanoscale delivery formulation. Nanoscale, Vol.5, No.18 (2013): 8307-8325. Anil Kumar, Fei Chen, Anbu Mozhi, Xu Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhao, Xiangdong Xue, Yanli Hao, Xiaoning Zhang, Paul C. Wang and Xing-Jie Liang.

Wang, Paul C (2014)
Eccentric muscle challenge shows osteopontin polymorphism modulation of muscle damage. Human Molecular Genetics, Vol.23, No.15 (August 2014): 4043-4050. Whitney Barfield, Kitipong Uaesoontrachoon, Chung-Sheih Wu, Stephen Lin, Yue Chen, Paul C. Wang, Yasmine Kanaan, Vernon Bond Eric P. Hoffman.

Wang, Paul C (2014)
A p H-responsive mesoporous silica nanoparticles employed in controlled drug delivery systems for cancer treatment. Cancer Biology & Medicine. Vol.11, No.1 (March 2014). Ke-Ni Yang, Chun-Qiu Zhang, Wei Wang, Paul C. Wang, Jian-Ping Zhou, Xing-Jie Liang.

Wang, Paul C (2014)
pH-responsive mesoporous silica nanoparticles employed in controlled drug delivery systems for cancer treatment. Cancer Biol Med., Vol.11, No.1 (March 2014): 34-43. Yang KN, Zhang CQ, Wang W, Paul C. Wang, Zhou JP, Liang XJ.

Wang, Paul C (2014)
Highly sensitive simultaneous detection of mercury and copper ions by ultrasmall fluorescent DNA-Ag nanoclusters. New Journal of Chemistry, Vol.38, No.4 (2014): 1546-1550. Li, S., Cao, W., Kumar, A., Jin, S., Zhao, Y., Zhang, C., Zou, G., Paul C. Wang, Li, F., Liang, X.-J.

Wang, Paul C (2014)
Ultra-Small Gold Nanoparticles as Carriers for Nucleus-Based Gene Therapy Due to Size-Dependent Nuclear Entry. ACS Nano, 2014. Shuaidong Huo, Shubin Jin, Ma Xiaowei, Xiangdong Xue, Keni Yang, Anil Kumar, Paul C Wang, Jinchao Zhang, Zhongbo Hu, and Xing-Jie Liang.

Wang, Paul C (2014)
Biosafe nanoscale pharmaceutical adjuvant materials. Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, Vol.10, No.9 (September 2014): 2393-241. Shengliang Li, Chongxi Wang, Juan Liu, Xiaolong Yang, Paul C. Wang, Xin Zhang and Xing-Jie.

Wang, Paul C (2014)
Ultrasmall gold nanoparticles as carriers for nucleus-based gene therapy due to size-dependent nuclear entry. ACS Nano, Vol.8, No,6 (2014): 5852-5862. Huo, S., Jin, S., Ma, X., Xue, X., Yang, K., Kumar, A., Paul C. Wang, Zhang, J., Hu, Z., Liang, X.-J.

Wang, Paul C (2014)
Non-invasive MRI and spectroscopy of mdx mice reveal temporal changes in dystrophic muscle imaging and in energy deficits. PLoS One. Vol.9, No.11 (12 November 2014): e112477. Heier CR1, Guerron AD1, Korotcov A2, Lin S2, Gordish-Dressman H3, Fricke S4, Sze RW5, Hoffman EP3, Paul Wang, Nagaraju K3.

Wang, Songping (2010)
Identification of differentially methylated genes in normal prostate tissues from African American and caucasian men. Clin Cancer Res., Vol.16, No.14 (2010): 3539-47.. Bernard Kwabi-Addo1, Songping Wang1, Chung W, Jelinek J, Patierno SR, Wang BD, Andrawis R, Lee NH, Victor Apprey2, Issa JP, Ittmann M.

Wang, Songping (2012)
Relationship between tumor DNA methylation status and patient characteristics in African-American and European-American women with breast cancer. PLoS-One, Vol.7, No.5 (2012). Songping Wang, Tiffany H. Dorsey, Atsushi Terunuma, Rick A. Kittles, Stefan Ambs, Bernard Kwabi-Addo

Wang, Songping (2012)
Relationship between Tumor DNA Methylation Status and Patient Characteristics in African-American and European-American Women with Breast Cancer. PLoS ONE, Vol.7, No.5 (2012): e37928. Wang S, Dorsey TH, Terunuma A, Kittles RA, Ambs S, Kwabi-Addo B

Wang, Songping (2014)
Epigenome-wide profiling identified significant differences in DNA methylation between African-American and European-American men with prostate cancer. Cancer Res, Vol.74 (1 October 2014): 388. Bernard Kwabi-Addo, Songping Wang, Joseph Devaney.

Wang, Tongxin (2010)
A nanocomplex system as targeted contrast agent delivery vehicle for magnetic resonance imaging dynamic contrast enhancement study. J Nanosci Nanotechnol., Vol.10, No.11 (Nov 2010): 7545-9. Korotcov A, Shan L, Meng H, Wang T, Sridhar R, Zhao Y, Liang XJ, Paul C. Wang.

Wang, Tongxin (2011)
Synthesis of amphiphilic triblock copolymers as multidentate ligands for biocompatible coating of quantum dots. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Vol.375, No.1-3 (2011): 147-155. Wang, T., Sridhar, R., Korotcov, A., Ting, A.H., Francis, K., Mitchell, J., Wang, P.C.

Wang, Tongxin (2014)
ioinspired amphiphilic phosphate block copolymers as non-fluoride materials to prevent dental erosion. RSC Adv., Vol.4, No.90 (2014): 49053=49060.

Wang, Xuelei (2013)
Effect of intensive blood pressure control on cardiovascular remodeling in hypertensive patients with nephrosclerosis. Int J Nephrol, Epub 11 Sep 2013, 120167. Otelio RandallO, John Kwagyan, Tamrat Retta, Kenneth Jamerson, Velvie Pogue, Keith Norris, Muluemebet Ketete, Shichen Xu, Tom Greene, Xuelei Wang, Lawrence Agodoa.

Wang, Ze-Jun (2011)
Ginseng derivative ocotillol enhances neuronal activity through increased glutamate release: a possible mechanism underlying increased spontaneous locomotor activity of mice. Neuroscience, Vol.195 (Nov 2011): 1-8. Ze-Jun Wang, Liqin Sun, Weibing Peng, Cuixia Zhu, Fenghua Fu, Thomas Heinbockel.

Wang, Ze-Jun (2014)
Cannabinoid receptor- and metabotropic glutamate receptor-mediated signaling in neural circuits of the main olfactory bulb. In: A. Costa and E. Villalba (eds), Horizons in Neuroscience Research, Vol.13, 37-62. (New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2014). Thomas Heinbockel, Ze-Jun Wang.

Wang, ZJ (2010)
A substituted anilino enaminone acts as a novel positive allosteric modulator of GABAA receptors in the mouse brain. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Vol.336, No.3 (2011): 916-924. Wang, Z.-J., Sun, L., Jackson, P.L., Scott, K.R., Heinbockel, T.

Results 6601 to 6625 of 6976

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