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Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2010)
Risk factors for depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD): The case of Arab and Muslim Americans post-9/11. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, Vol.7, No.4 (2009): 393-418. Wahiba Abu-Ras, Soleman H. Abu-Bader.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2010)
Advanced and Multivariate Statistical Methods in Social Science Research with a Complete SPSS Guide. Chicago: Lyceum Books, 2010.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2010)
Cardiovascular disease risk factors in Arab Americans living in Metropolitan Washington, DC. Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports, Vol.4, No.3 (2010): 1181-185. Nawar M. Shara, Elizabeth A. Carter, Soleman Abu-Bader, Antonio Deshields, Ali Fokar, Barbara V. Howard.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2011)
Using Statistical Methods in Social Science Research, with a Complete SPSS Guide. 2nd Ed. Lyceum Books, 2011.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2011)
The impact of acculturation on depression among older muslim immigrants in the United States. J Gerontol Soc Work, Vol.54, No.4 (May 2011): 425-48. Soleman H. Abu-Bader, M.T. Tirmazi*, Fariyal F. Ross-Sheriff.

Abubakar, MA (2010)
A computer simulation of strain energy from rotation to promote protonic conduction across grain boundaries. Physica B: Condensed Matter, Vol.405, No.5 (1 Mar 2010): 1437-1446. M.A. Abubakar, A.D. Getahun, C.M. Kennefick.

Abubaker, Khalid (2005)
Cellular Automata Modeling of En Route and Arrival Self-Spacing for AutonomousAircrafts" Proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of Air Traffic Controllers Association, August 11, 2005: 127-134. Charles Kim, Khalid Abubaker**, and Obinna Obah**

Abubaker, Khalid (2005)
Performance Evaluation of TMA in Arrival Traffic at IAH. Proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of Air Traffic Controllers Association, August 11, 2005: 85-92. Charles Kim, Daniel Akinbodunse**, Khalid Abubaker**, and Chimaobi Mbanaso**

Achalla, P (2006)
Characterization of elastomeric blends by atomic force microscopy. Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, Volume 44, Issue 3, Date: 1 February 2006, Pages: 492-503. P. Achalla, J. McCormick, T. Hodge, C. Moreland, P. Esnault, A. Karim, D. Raghavan

Acquaye, Lucinda A (2012)
International programs: Advancing human rights and social justice for African American students. Journal of Social Work Education, Vol.48, No.4 (Dec 2012): 763-784. Lucinda A. Acquaye*, Sandra E. Crewe.

Adair, Kirk (2012)
Lab attendance and academic performance. ISRN Education, Vol.2012 (2012), Article ID 364176, 5p. Kirk Adair, Omari H. Swinton. http://www.isrn.com/journals/education/2012/364176/

Adam, Aisha (2003)
Indigenous Mixed Soil Bacteria in Presence of Compatible Plants are More Efficient in PCB Degradation. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 12, No.2b (2003): 1-6. Sisir K Dutta, Aisha Adam, Ousmane Toure, Arthur L Williams, and Yong Quing Chen.

Adam, Aisha (2005)
Molecular evidence of genetic modification of sinorhizobium meliloti: Enhanced PCB bioremediation. J Ind Microbiol. Biotechnol 32 (2005): 561-566. Yongqing Chen; Aisha Adam; Ousmane Toure; SK Dutta.

Adam, M (2010)
Water vapor measurements by Howard university Raman lidar during the waves 2006 campaign. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, Vol.27, No.1 (2010): 42-60. Adam, M., Demoz, B.B., Whiteman, D.N., Venable, D.D., Joseph, E., Gambacorta, A., Wei, J., Shephard, M.W., Miloshevich, L.M., Barnet, C.D., Herman, R.L., Fitzgibbon, J., Connell, R.

Adam, Marianna (2009)
A numerical model of the performance of the Howard University Raman Lidar system. AIP Conf. Proc. 1140 (2009): 93-103. Rasheen M. Connell, Mariana Adam, Demetrius Venable.

Adams, Richard G (1996)
Lower Leg High-Intensity Resistance Training and Peripheral Hemodynamic Adaptations. Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology 21, no. 3 (1996): 209-17. R G Adams, et al.

Adams, Richard G (2000)
Blood pressure reactivity to mental stress and aerobic fitness in normotensive young adult African-American males with parental history of hypertension. Stress Medicine 16(4), 2000: 219-227. *V Bond Jr, *P Vaccaro, *M Caprarola, *RM Millis, *R Blakely, *R Wood, *M Roltsch, *J Fairfax, *B Hatfield, *BD Franks, *D Williams,*GC Davis, *RG Adams.

Adams, Richard G (2002)
Vernon Bond, Quiona Stephens**, Richard G. Adams*, Paul Vaccaro, Ronald DeMeersman, Deborah Williams*, Thomas O. Obisesan*, B. Don Franks, Luke M. Oke*, Bernell Coleman*, Raymond Blakely, Richard M. Millis*. Aerobic exercise attenuates an exaggerated exercise blood pressure response in normotensive young adult African-American men. Blood Pressure 2002; 11: 229-234.

Adams, Richard G (2003)
Low arterial compliance in young African-American males. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 285 (2003): H457-H462. Adrienne S. Zion, Vernon Bond*, Richard G. Adams*, Deborah Williams*, Robert E. Fullilove, Richard P. Sloan, Matthew N. Bartels, John A. Downey, Ronald E. De Meersman.

Adams, Richard G (2004)
Normal exercise blood pressure response in African-American women with parental history of hypertension. Am J Med Sci. 328 (2004): 78-83. Vernon Bond, Richard M. Millis*, R.G. Adams*, Deborah Williams*, Thomas Obisesan*, Luc M. Oke*, Raymond Blakely, Paul Vaccaro, B. Don Franks, Marguerite Neita*, Gwendolyn C. Davis*, Ometha Lewis-Jack*, Charles O. Dotson.

Adams, Richard G (2005)
Attenuation of exaggerated exercise blood pressure response in African-American women by regular aerobic physical activity. Ethn Dis 15 (2005): S5-S10. Bond V, Millis RM*, Adams RG*, Oke LM*, Enweze L*, Blakely R, Banks M, Thompson T*, Obisesan T*, Sween JC**.

Adams, Richard G (2005)
Ethnic and age-related fat free mass loss in older Americans: the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III).BMC Public Health 5, No.1 (Apr 2005): 41. Obisesan TO, Aliyu MH, Bond V, Adams RG, Akomolafe A, Rotimi CN.

Adams, Richard G (2007)
Acute exercise and postexercise blood pressure in African American women. Ethn Dis. 17 (2007): 664-668. Lawrence Enweze, Luc M. Oke, Terry Thompson, Thomas O. Obisesan, Raymond Blakely, R. George Adams, Richard M. Millis, Madiha Khan*, Marshall Banks, Vernon Bond.

Adams, Russell L (1996)
African Americans. In: Russell R. Adams et al. (eds.), The New World Book of Knowledge, 79-80. Danbury, CT: Grolier, 1996.

Adams, Russell L (1996)
As the Twig Is Bent. Commonquest 1, Spring (1996): 7-11.

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