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Walters, Curla S (2000)
Helicobacter pylori inhibits gastric cell cycle progression. Microbes and Infection 2(10), August 2000: 1159-1169.*Amel Ahmed, *Duane Smoot, *George Littleton, *Robert Tackey,*Curla S. Walters, Fatah Kashanchi, *Cornell R. Allen and *Hassan Ashktorab.

Walters, Curla S (2002)
IL-12 plays a significant role in the apoptosis of human T cells in the absence of antigenic stimulation: Cytokine 19, No.3 (August 2002): 126-137. Hongtao Fan**, Curla S. Walters*, Georgia M. Dunston* Robert Tackey*

Walters, Curla S (2002)
IL-12 Plays a Significant Role in The Apoptosis of Human T Cells in the Absence of Antigenic Stimulation. Cytokine 19, No.3 (Aug 2002): 126-137. Hongtao Fan, Curla S. Walters, Georgia M. Dunston and Robert Tackey.

Walters, Curla S (2003)
Bystander T Cells Participate in Specific Response to Cockroach Antigen (CR) in Vitro. Immunological Investigations 32, No.1&2 (2003): 105-118. CS Walters, RN Tackey, E Reece, and S Paluvoi.

Walters, Curla S (2003)
p53 and p14 increase sensitivity of gastric cells to H. pylori-induced apoptosis. Digestive Disease Sciences. 48, No.7 (2003): 1284-91, 2003. H. Ashktorob*, A. Ahmed*, G. Littleton*, XW Wang*, CR Allen, R. Tackey*, C. Walters*, DT Smoot.*

Walters, Curla S (2004)
Molecular detection of micrometastitic breast cancer in histopathology-negative axillary lymph nodes correlates with traditional predictors of prognosis – An interim analysis of a prospective multi-instituional cohort study. ANNALS OF SURGERY 239, No. 6 (Jun 2004): 828-837 Gillanders WE, Mikhitarian K, Mauldin PD, Palesch Y, Walters C, Urist MM, Mann GB, Doherty G, Herrmann VM, Hill AD, Eremin O, El-Sheemy M, Orr RK, Valle AA, Henderson MA, DeWitty RL, Sugg SL, Frykberg E, Yeh K, Bell RM, Metcalf JS, Elliott BM, Brothers T, Robison J, Mitas M, Cole DJ

Walters, Eric (1998)
An enhanced olfactory marker protein immunoreactivity in individual olfactory receptor neurons following olfactory bulbectomy may be related to increased neurogenesis. Journal of Neurobiology 34, No.4 (March 1998): 377-390. Virginia McMillan Carr; Eric Walters; Frank L. Margolis; Albert I. Farbman.

Walters, Eric (2003)
Characterization of the mouse olfactory glutathione S-transferases during the acute phase response. J Neurosci Res. 2003 Sep 1;73(5):679-85. Weech M, Quash M, Walters E.

Walters, Eric (2004)
Zonal expression and activity of glutathione S-transferase enzymes in the mouse olfactory mucosa. Brain Research, Vol.995, No. 2 (9 Jan 2004):151-157 Whitby-Logan GK, Weech M, Walters E

Walters, Eric (2005)
Localization and characterization of glutathione-s-transferase isozymes alpha, mu, and pi within the mouse vomeronasal organ. NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS 375, No.3 (3 Mar 2005): 198-202. Green N, Weech M, Walters E

Walters, Eric (2005)
Inhibition of tumor growth and prolonged survival of rats with intracranial gliomas following administration of clotrimazole. JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY 103 (2005): 79-86. Khalid, MH; Tokunaga, Y; Caputy, AJ; Walters, E.

Walters, Eric (2008)
Vitamin E Succinate induces Ceramide-Mediated Apoptosis in head and neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma In vitro and In vivo. Clin Cancer Res. 2008 Mar 15;14(6):1840-8. Gu Xinbin, Song X, Dong Y, Cai Hui, Walters Eric, Zhang Renshu, Pang Xiaowu, Xie T, Guo Y, Sridhar Rajagopalan, Califano JA.

Walters, Eric (2014)
Enhanced satellite cell activity in aging skeletal muscle after manual acupuncture-induced injury. Chinese Medicine, Vol.5 (2014): 22-33. Sonya K. Sobrian, Eric Walters.

Wang, Amy S (2004)
Age 14 starts a child's increased risk of major knife or gun injury in Washington, DC. JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION 96, No.2 (Feb 2004): 169-174. Freed HA, Milzman DP, Holt RW, Wang A

Wang, Hong (2011)
Gestational nicotine exposure regulates expression of AMPA and NMDA receptors and their signaling apparatus in developing and adult rat hippocampus. Neuroscience, Vol.188 (11 Aug 2011): 168-181. Hong Wang, Martha I. Dávila-García, Weonpo Yarl, Marjorie C. Gondré-Lewis.

Wang, Hong (2012)
Estimated GFR and Incident Cardiovascular Disease Events in American Indians: The Strong Heart Study. American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Available online 25 July 2012 Nawar M. Shara, Hong Wang, Mihriye Mete, Yaman Rai Al-Balha, Nameer Azalddin, Elisa T. Lee, Nora Franceschini, Stacey E. Jolly, Barbara V. Howard, Jason G. Umans

Wang, Hong (2012)
A randomized controlled trial to determine the lowest effective dose for adequate mydriasis in premature infants. Journal of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, Vol.16, No.4 (Aug 2012): 365-369. G. Vike Vicente, Monisha Bahri, Judith J. Palafoutas, Hong Wang, Nitin Mehta.

Wang, Hong (2012)
Estimated GFR and incident cardiovascular disease events in American Indians: The Strong Heart Study. American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Vol.60, No.5 (Nov 2012): 795-803. Nawar M. Shara, Hong Wang, Mihriye Mete, Yaman Rai Al-Balha, Nameer Azalddin, Elisa T. Lee, Nora Franceschini, Stacey E. Jolly, Barbara V. Howard, Jason G. Umans.

Wang, Hong (2013)
Haptoglobin genotype is a consistent marker of coronary heart disease risk among individuals with elevated glycosylated hemoglobin. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Available online 9 January 2013. Leah E. Cahill, Andrew P. Levy, Stephanie E. Chiuve, Majken K. Jensen, Hong Wang, Nawar M. Shara, Shany Blum, Barbara V. Howard, Jennifer K. Pai, Kenneth J. Mukamal, Kathryn M. Rexrode, Eric B. Rimm.

Wang, Hong (2013)
C-reactive protein, fibrinogen, and incident heart failure in the Strong Heart Study Population. The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, Vol.15, No.1 (Jan 2013). Ana Barac, Hong Wang, Nawar M. Shara, Giovanni Simone, Richard B. Devereux, Barbara V. Howard and Julio A. Panza.

Wang, Hong (2013)
Prenatal nicotine and maternal deprivation stress de-regulate the development of CA1, CA3, and dentate gyrus neurons in hhippocampus of infant rats. PLOS One, Vol.8, No.6 (2013): e65517. Hong Wang and Marjorie C. Gondré-Lewis.

Wang, L (2010)
Aspartyl aminopeptidase, encoded by an evolutionarily conserved syntenic gene, is colocalized with its cluster in secretory granules of pancreatic islet cells. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem., Vol.74, No.10 (23 Oct 2010): 2050-2055. W.W. Cai, L. Wang, Y. Chen.

Wang, Paul C (1996)
Lower Leg High-Intensity Resistance Training and Peripheral Hemodynamic Adaptations. Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology 21, no. 3 (1996): 209-17. P Wang, et al.

Wang, Paul C (2004)
Steepest changes of a probability-based cost function for delineation of mammographic masses: A validation study. MEDICAL PHYSICS 31, No. 10 (Oct 2004): 2796-2810. Kinnard L, Lo SCB, Makariou E, Osicka T, Chouikha MF, Freedman MT

Wang, Paul C (2004)
Likelihood Function Analysis For Segmentation of Mammographic Masses For Various Margin Groups. Proc of IEEE Symposium on Biomedical Imaging.(2004): 113-116. Kinnard L, Lo SB, Makariou E, Osicka T, Wang PC, Freeman M, Chouikha M.

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