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Ufearo, Hilary (2010)
Complete blood count, measures of iron status and inflammatory markers in inner-city African Americans with undiagnosed hepatitis C seropositivity. Clin Chim Acta. 2010 May 2;411(9-10):653-6. Hilary Ufearo, Khalid Kambal, Gladys O. Onojobi, Mehdi Nouraie, Charles Agbemabiese, Sharmin Diaz, Anita Aggarwal, Zakari Aliyu, Robert E. Taylor, Victor R. Gordeuk.

Ukaegbu, Maraizu (2011)
Large-area plasmonic hot-spot arrays: Sub-2 nm interparticle separations with plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of Ag on periodic arrays of Si nanopillars. Optics Express, Vol.19, No.27 (2011): 26056-26064. Caldwell, J.D., Glembocki, O.J., Bezares, F.J., Kariniemi, M.I., Niinistö, J.T., Hatanpää, T.T., Rendell, R.W., Maraizu Ukaegbu, Ritala, M.K., Prokes, S.M., Charles M. Hosten, Leskelä, M.A., Kasica, R.

Umar, Nisser A (2011)
Gene, exercise and memory study (GEMS): A randomized controlled clinical trial to evaluate the effects of standardized aerobic exercise on neurocognition and neurodegeneration in african americans with mild Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's and Dementia, Vol.7, No.4, Suppl.1 (Jul 2011): S615-S616. Thomas Obisesan, Richard Gillum, Nisser Umar, Vernon Bond, Deborah Williams.

Umar, Nisser A (2011)
Ethnic-based differences in the association of self-perceived health status and doctor's office utilization: longitudinal study on aging. Clin Interv Aging., Vol.6 (2011): 295-301. Nisser Umar, Aliyu MH, Jane Otado, Richard F. Gillum, Thomas O. Obisesan.

Unegbu, Uzo (2011)
A case of successfully treated acute respiratory distress syndrome complicating Plasmodium falciparum malaria. J Natl Med Assoc. Vol.103, No.1 (Jan 2011): 64-7. Noel Manyindo, Dagobert Simo, Shweta Arora, Uzo Unegbu, Daniel Oyiriaru, Reginald Wills.

Unger, Darian (2011)
Improving product development process design: A method for managing information flows, risks, and iterations. Journal of Engineering Design, Vol.22, No.10 (2011): 689-699. Darian Unger, S. Eppinger.

Van Camp, Debbie (2010)
Predictors of black students' race-related reasons for choosing an HBCU and intentions to engage in racial identity-relevant behaviors. Journal of Black Psychology, Vol.36, No.2 (2010): 226-250. Debbie Van Camp, Jamie Barden, Lloyd R. Sloan.

Vedermikova, Elena Yu (2010)
Probing optical recognition of metal Ions with employment of cationic dye-calix[4]arene supramolecular complexes. ARKIVOC, Vol.7 (2010): 146-159. Galina Talanova, Elena Yu Vedermikova, Nicole M. Buie*, Evan Staunton*, Vladimir S. Talanov.

Velez-Juarbe, Jorge (2010)
Marine mammals from the Miocene of Panama. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, Vol.30, No.3-4 (Dec 2010): 167-175. Mark D. Uhen, Anthony G. Coates, Carlos A. Jaramillo, Camilo Montes, Catalina Pimiento, Aldo Rincon, Nikki Strong, Jorge Velez-Juarbe.

Venable, DD (2010)
Water vapor measurements by Howard university Raman lidar during the waves 2006 campaign. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, Vol.27, No.1 (2010): 42-60. Adam, M., Demoz, B.B., Whiteman, D.N., Venable, D.D., Joseph, E., Gambacorta, A., Wei, J., Shephard, M.W., Miloshevich, L.M., Barnet, C.D., Herman, R.L., Fitzgibbon, J., Connell, R.

Venable, Demetrius D (2011)
Lamp mapping technique for independent determination of the water vapor mixing ratio calibration factor for a Raman lidar system. Applied Optics, 50 (23) pp. 4622-4632. Demetrius D. Venable, David N. Whiteman, Monique N. Calhoun, Afusat O. Dirisu, Rasheen M. Connell, and Eduardo Landulfo.

Venable, Demetrius D (2011)
Comments on "Accuracy of Raman lidar water vapor calibration and its applicability to long-term measurements". Applied Optics, Vol.50, No.15 (2011): 2170-2176. D.N. Whiteman, Demetrius Venable, E. Landulfo.

Venable, Demetrius D (2011)
Measurements of humidity in the atmosphere and validation experiments (MOHAVE)-2009: Overview of campaign operations and results. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions, Vol.4, No.3 (2011): 3277-3336. Leblanc, T., Walsh, T.D., McDermid, I.S., Toon, G.C., Blavier, J.-F., Haines, B., Read, W.G., Herman, B., Fetzer, E., Sander, S., Pongetti, T., Whiteman, D.N., McGee, T.G., Twigg, L., Sumnicht, G., Demetrius Venable, M. Calhoun, Dirisu, A., Hurst, D., Jordan, A., Hall, E., Miloshevich, L., Vömel, H., Straub, C., Kampfer, N., Nedoluha, G.E., Gomez, R.M., Holub, K., Gutman, S., Braun, J., Vanhove, T., Stiller, G., Hauchecorne, A.

Venable, Demetrius D (2011)
Independent measurements of Raman LIDAR water vapor calibration factor. International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), Art. no. 6049944 (2011): 3380-3383. Calhoun, M.N., Demetrius D. Venable, Whiteman, D.N.

Venable, Demetrius D (2011)
Measurements of Humidity in the Atmosphere and Validation Experiments (MOHAVE)-2009: Overview of campaign operations and results. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, Vol.4, No.12 (2011): 2579-2605. Leblanc, T., Walsh, T.D., McDermid, I.S., Toon, G.C., Blavier, J.-F., Haines, B., Read, W.G., Herman, B., Fetzer, E., Sander, S., Pongetti, T., Whiteman, D.N., McGee, T.G., Twigg, L., Sumnicht, G., Demetrius D. Venable, Monique N. Calhoun, M., et al.

Verharen, Charles (2010)
Barefoot ethics: Social justice through an appropriate technology checklist. In: Victor Dzidzeniyo et al. (eds), Proc. 4th International Conference on Appropriate Technology, Accra, Ghana, November 2010, 36-42. Charles Verharen and John Tharakan.

Vettukattil, Anit S (2011)
Do trauma safety-net hospitals deliver truly safe trauma care? A multilevel a nalysis of the National trauma data bank. Journal of Trauma - Injury, Infection and Critical Care, Vol.70, No.4 (2011): 978-984. Anit S. Vettukattil, Adil H. Haider, Elliott R. Haut, David C. Chang, Tolulope Oyetunji, Edward E. Cornwell III, Kent A. Stevens, David T. Efron.

Vijay, Arun (2010)
Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease: A comprehensive. Review. Int J Nephrol Urol, Vol.2, No.1 (2010): 172-192. Adarsh Vijay, Arun Vijay*, Preethy Pankaj.

Vijayan, Jaya (2010)
Urinary tract infections in long-term care. Annals of Long-Term Care, Vol..18, No.2 (2010): 35-39. Charles Mouton, Babafemi Adenuga, Jaya Vijayan.

Von Nebbitt E (2010)
Child maltreatment and delinquency onset among african american adolescent males. Research on Social Work Practice, Vol.20, No.3 (2010): 253-259. Williams, J.H., van Dorn, R.A., Bright, C.L., Jonson-Reid, M., von Nebbitt, E.

Waldon, Kimberly (2011)
Resentful racism towards the “white man”: A dialectical analysis using qualitative methodology and social stratification theory. Proceedings of the National Conference of Undergraduate Research 2011.

Walker Jr, Bailus (2011)
The relevance of occupational medicine to primary care in the 21st century. J Natl Med Assoc., Vol.103, No.4 (Apr 2011): 306-12. Bailus Walker Jr, Babafemi Adenuga, Charles Mouton.

Walton Jr, Tracy M (2011)
Fifty Years and Counting. Journal of the National Medical Association, Vol.103, No.9–10 (September–October 2011): 983-985. Tracy M. Walton

Wang, Hong (2011)
Gestational nicotine exposure regulates expression of AMPA and NMDA receptors and their signaling apparatus in developing and adult rat hippocampus. Neuroscience, Vol.188 (11 Aug 2011): 168-181. Hong Wang, Martha I. Dávila-García, Weonpo Yarl, Marjorie C. Gondré-Lewis.

Wang, L (2010)
Aspartyl aminopeptidase, encoded by an evolutionarily conserved syntenic gene, is colocalized with its cluster in secretory granules of pancreatic islet cells. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem., Vol.74, No.10 (23 Oct 2010): 2050-2055. W.W. Cai, L. Wang, Y. Chen.

Results 2201 to 2225 of 2357

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