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Copeland Jr, Robert L (2012)
Inflammatory breast cancer is associated with hyperactivated mitogen activated kinase. J Autacoids (Editorial), Vol.1, No.3(2012): 1-2. Robert L. Copeland1, Yasmine M. Kanaan2. http://dx.doi.org/10.4172/2161-0479.1000e114

Copeland Jr, Robert L (2014)
Use of tanning potential as a predictor for prostate cancer risk in African-American men. In Vivo, Vol. 28, No.6 (November-December 2014): 1181-1187. Desta Beyene, Mohammad Daremipouran, Victor Apprey, Robert Williams, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Olakunle O. Kassim, Tammey J. Naab, Yasmine M. Kanaan, Robert L. Copeland Jr..

Copeland Jr, Robert L (2014)
Metabolic profile of triple-negative breast cancer in African-American women reveals potential biomarkers of aggressive disease. Cancer Genomics Proteomics, Vol.11, No.6 (2014): 279-294. Yasmine M. Kanaan, B.P. Sampey, Desta Beyene, A.K. Esnakula, Tammey J. Naab, Luisel J. Ricks-Santi, Sylvia Dasi, Agnes Day, Kwesi W. Blackman, Wayne A.I. Frederick, Robert L. Copeland Jr, E. Gabrielson, Robert L. Dewitty Jr.

Copeland Jr, Robert L (2015)
Apoptotic effects of novel dithiocarbamate analogs of Emetine in prostate cancer cell lines. Anticancer Res., Vol.35, No.9 (September 2015): 4723-4732. Zabalda D. Bamji, Kareem N. Washington, Emmanuel Akinboye, Oladapo Bakare, Yasmine M. Kanaan, Robert L. Copeland Jr.

Copeland, Robert L (2015)
Antiproliferative Activities of Fagara xanthoxyloides and Pseudocedrela kotschyi against prostate cancer cell lines. Anticancer Research, Vol.35 No.3 (March 2015): 1453-1458. Olakunle O. Kassim, Robert L. Copeland, Hilaire M. Kenguele, Sergei Nekhai, Kwashie A. Ako-Nai, Yasmine M. Kanaan.

Copeland, Robert L (2015)
Vitamin D receptor genetic polymorphisms are associated with PSA level, Gleason score and prostate cancer risk in African-American men. Anticancer Research, Vol.35, No.3 (March 2015): 1549-1558. Emmanuel Y. Jingwi, Muneer Abbas, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Danyelle Winchester, Desta Beyene, Agnes Day, Tammey J. Naab, Olakunle O. Kassim, Georgia M. Dunston, Robert L. Copeland Jr, Yasmine M. Kanaan.

Copeland, Robert L (2015)
Risk of prostate cancer in African-American men: Evidence of mixed effects of dietary quercetin by serum vitamin D status. The Protate, Vol.75, No.13 (2015): 1376-1383. C. J. Paller, Yasmine M. Kanaan, Desta A. Beyene, Tammey J. Naab, Robert L. Copeland3, H. L. Tsai, N. F. Kanarek, Tamaro S. Hudson.

Copeland, Robert L (2015)
SPINK1 promoter variants are associated with prostate cancer predisposing alterations in benign prostatic hyperplasia patients. Anticancer Res., Vol.35, No.7 (July 2015): 3811-3819. D. Winchester, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Tshela Mason1, Muneer Abbas, Robert L. Copeland, Desta Beyene4, E.Y. Jingwi, Georgia M. Dunston, Yasmine M. Kanaan.

Copeland, Robert L (2015)
Design, synthesis and cytotoxicity studies of dithiocarbamate ester derivatives of emetine in prostate cancer cell lines. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 4 July 2015. Emmanuel S. Akinboye, Zebalda D. Bamji, Bernard Kwabi-Addo, David Ejeh, Robert L. Copeland, Samuel R Denmeade, Oladapo Bakare.

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