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Johnson, Audrey J (2009)
Assessing secondary science teacher's perceptions on teaching students with disabilities. Journalof the Research Associationof Minority Professors, Vol.11, No.1 (Feb 2009). 29-39.Marilyn M. Irving, *Audrey J. Johnson, *Mildred Nti,Wilfred (Will) A. Johnson.

Johnson, Charles D (2013)
Re-thinking the emergence of the struggle for south African liberation in the United States: Max yergan and the council on African affairs, 1922-1946. Journal of Southern African Studies, Vol.39, No.1 (2013): 171-192.

Johnson, Christal RS (2013)
An ounce of time, a pound of responsibilities and a ton of weight to lose: An autoethnographic journey of barriers, message adherence and the weight-loss process. Public Relations Inquiry, Vol.2 (2013): 95-116. Christal R.S. Johnson and Katherine L. Eaves.

Johnson, Christal RS (2013)
An ounce of time, a pound of responsibilities and a ton of weight to lose: An autoethnographic journey of barriers, message adherence and the weight-loss process. Public Relations Inquiry, Vol.2 (2013): 95-116. Christal R.S. Johnson and Katherine L. Eaves.

Johnson, Christina (2011)
New mechanism for complement killing of Gram-negative bacteria. AJMR, Vol.5 (2011): 3936-3941. Earl F. Bloch*, Shelly McDonald-Pinkett Stephanie Campbell, Sheena Baskin, Sandra Dillahunt, Sharla Peters, Shantelle Lucas, Dia Evans, Christina Johnson, Taira Everett, Yasmine Kanaan.

Johnson, Hauslynn (2003)
Organic redox-initiated polymerization process for the fabrication of hydrogels for colon-specific drug delivery. Drug Development Industrial Pharmacy, 29, No.4 (2003): 375-386. Emmanuel O. Akala*, Oluchi Elekwachi**, Vantoria Chase**, Hausalynn Johnson**, Marjorie Lazarre**, Kenneth Scott*.

Johnson, Jabril (2015)
Use of multiple intelligence modalities to convey genetic and genomic concepts in African American college biology students. Natural Science, Vol.7 (June 2015): 299-308. Jabril Johnson, Fatimah Jackson.

Johnson, James H (2005)
Dendritic Nanoscale Chelating Agents: Synthesis, Characterization and Environmental Applications. 2005. In Nanotechnology and the Environment, ACS Symposium Series 890, Chapter 32, 238-247. MS Diallo*, L Balogh*, S Chritie**, P Swaminathan*, X Shi, WA Goddard, JH Johnson Jr

Johnson, James H (2008)
Dendritic Chelating Agents. 2. U(VI) Binding to Poly(amidoamine) and Poly(propyleneimine) Dendrimers in Aqueous Solutions. Environ. Sci. Technol., 42, No.5 (Jan 2008): 1572–1579. Mamadou S. Diallo, Wondwossen Arasho, James H. Johnson, Jr., and William A. Goddard III

Johnson, James H (2011)
Minority participation in environmental and energy decision making. In: Joanna Burger (ed.), Stakeholders and Scientists. (2011). James H. Johnson.

Johnson, Jewel (2014)
Pediatric hypertension. U.S. Pharmacist, Vol.39, No.2 (2014): 57-60. Hylick, E.V., Grubbs, C.R., Jewel Johnson*, Oliver, B.

Johnson, Kamau (1998)
Neuropsychological Functioning in HIV-Positive African American women with a History of Drug Use. J Natl Med Assoc. 90, No.11 (November 1998): 665-74. Mason, K.I.; Campbell, A.; Hawkins, P.; Madhere, S.; Johnson, K; Takushi-Chinen, R.

Johnson, Keneshia (2012)
Metal organic chemical vapor deposition of ZnO from β-ketoiminates. Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Vol.26, No.6 (2012): 267-272. Jordan Holmes, Keneshia Johnson, Bo Zhang, Howard E. Katz, Jason S. Matthews.

Johnson, Krista (2008)
Between self-help and dependence: donor funding and the fight against hiv/aids in south africa. Africa 78, No.4 (2008): 496-517. Krista Johnson.

Johnson, Krista (2015)
To cut and run: Donor approaches to male circumcision in southern Africa. African Studies Quarterly, Vol.15, No.4 (2015): 59-82. Krista. Johnson.

Johnson, Megan (2011)
Multi-method analysis of MRI images in early diagnostics of Alzheimer's disease. PLoS One, Vol.6, No.10 (2011): e25446. Robin Wolz, Valtteri Julkunen, Juha Koikkalainen, Eini Niskanen, Dong Ping Zhang, Daniel Rueckert, Hilkka Soininen, Jyrki Lötjönen, the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (incl Thomas O. Obisesan and Megan Johnson ).

Johnson, Nikki S (2009)
Synthesis of sodium (+)-(12S,13R)-epoxy-cis-9-octadecenyl sulfonate from Vernonia oil. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, Vol.86, No.7 (Jul 2009): 675-680. Darryl C. Sutton, Nikki S. Johnson, Caswell Hlongwane, and Folahan O. Ayorinde.

Johnson, Nikki S (2011)
Vernonia oil: Conversion to a mixture of tertiary amines including N, N-Dimethyl-(12 S,13 R)-epoxy-cis-9-octadecenyl Amine. JAOCS, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 2011, pp. 1-6. Articles not published yet, but available online Article in Press. Nikki S. Johnson, Folahan O. Ayorinde.

Johnson, Porscha (2014)
Student perspectives on student leadership development programs (Letter). American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, Vol.78, No.4 (2014): Art.85. Arnall, J., Porscha Johnson*, Lee, J., Linder, M., Lund, N., Satpathy, S.

Johnson, Porscha L (2015)
Options in the management of sickle cell disease. U.S. Pharmacist, Vol.40, No.7 (2015): 4-7. Porscha L. Johnson, Fredric A. Lombardo, Clarence D. Moore.

Johnson, Ruth W (2003)
A Perspective on Obesity. The ABNF Journal 14, No.3 (2003): 92-94. Johnson,RW, Broadnax P.

Johnson, Ruth W (2006)
Integration of technology in a clinical research setting. ABNF J. 2006 Summer;17(3):112-4. Review. Tilghman C, Tilghman J, Johnson RW.

Johnson, S (2013)
Photoresponse in arrays of thermoelectric nanowire junctions. Applied Physics Letters, Vol.103, No.4 (2013). 4p. Tito E. Huber, R. Scott, S. Johnson, Tina Brower, J. H. Belk and J. H. Hunt.

Johnson, Scott (2015)
Photoresponse and light trapping in nanowire array-graphene interfaces. Bulletin of the American Physical Society, APS March Meeting 2015, Vol.60, No.2, Monday–Friday, March 2–6, 2015; San Antonio, Texas. Tito Huber, Scott Johnson, Quinton Barclift, Tina Brower, Jeffrey H. Hunt, John H. Belk.

Johnson, Shameka N (2015)
Effects of an iPad-based collaborative instruction on first graders at-risk for reading delays. International Journal of Technology and Inclusive Education (IJTIE) , Vol.4, No.2 (December 2015 ): 645-649. Shameka N. Johnson, Priti Haria.

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