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Wutoh, Anthony K (2012)
Differences in costs, length of stay and mortality for myocardial infarction and related disorders in non-federal hospitals. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcome, Vol.125 (2012): AP338. Priscilla O. Okunji, Anthony K. Wutoh.

Wyche, James H (2011)
DCAMKL-1 regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human pancreatic cells through a miR-200a-dependent mechanism. Cancer Research, Vol.71, No.6 (2011): 2328-2338. Sureban, S.M., May, R., Lightfoot, S.A., Hoskins, A.B., Lerner, M., Brackett, D.J., Postier, R.G., Ramanujam, R., Mohammed, A., Rao, C.V., James H. Wyche, Anant, S., Houchen, C.W.

Wyche, James H (2012)
Preparation of sirNA-encapsulated PLGA nanoparticles for sustained release of sirna and evaluation of encapsulation efficiency. Methods in Molecular Biology, 906 (2012): 311-319. Pantazis, P., Dimas, K., James H. Wyche, Anant, S., Houchen, C.W., Panyam, J., Ramanujam, R.P.

Wyche, Karen F (2011)
Exploring community resilience in workforce communities of first responders serving Kartina survivors. American Jl. Orthopsychiatry, Vol.81 (2011): 18-30. Karen F. Wyche, Pfefferbaum, R. L., Pfefferbaum, B., Norris, F. Wisnieski, D, Younger, H.

Wyche, Karen Fraser (2011)
Components of multicultural knowledge and understanding: Issues for United States Educators. Humanitarian Review, Vol.5, No.48 (2011): 80-85.

Wyche, Karen Fraser (2011)
Commentary: Memories, reflections, and questions. In: B. Greene & D. Broadbar (eds), A Minyan of Women: Family Dynamica and Psychotherapy Practice, 220-231. New York: Taylor & Francis, 2011.

Wynn, Zakiya (2011)
A rare case of subependymoma with an atypical presentation: a case report. Case Rep Neurol., Vol.3, No.3 (Sep 2011): 227-32. Mohankumar Kurukumbi, Amruta Muley, Ganga Ramidi, Zakiya Wynn, Annapurni Jayam Trouth.

Xu, Guang (2011)
17α ± -estradiol inhibits oxidative stress, Aβ release, apoptosis, and changes in Ca2+ distribution in two in vitro models of Aβ pathology. Alzheimer's and Dementia, Vol.7, No.4, Suppl.1 (Jul 2011): S458. Amy Drew, Valerie Cousins, Georges Haddad, Kebreten Manaye.

Xu, Guang (2011)
17α-Estradiol attenuates neuron lossin ovariectomized Dtg AβPP/PS1 mice. J Alzheimers Dis., Vol.23, No.4 (2011): 629-639. Kebreten F. Manaye, Joanne S. Allard, Sara Kalifa, Amy C. Drew, Guang Xu, Ingram DK, Cabo RD, Mouton PR.

Xu, Nin (2012)
HIV-1 resistant CDK2-Knockdown macrophage-like cells generated from 293T cell-derived human induced pluripotent stem cells. Biology, Vol.1, No.2 (2012): 175-195. Marina Jerebtsova, Namita Kumari, Min Xu, Gustavo Brito Alvim de Melo, Xiaomei Niu, Kuan-Teh Jeang, Sergei Nekhai.

Xu, Shichen (2011)
Nocturnal blood pressure nondipping in obese African-Americans. Blood Press Monit., vOL.16, nO.3 (2011): 111-6. . Sirikam Napan, John Kwagyan, Otelio S. Randall, Shichen Xu, Muluemebet Ketete, Abid R. Maqbool.

Xu, Shichen (2012)
The metabolically healthy but obese phenotype in African Americans. The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, Vol.14, No.2 (2012): 92-96. Rabia Cherqaoui, Thaslim A. Kassim, John Kwagyan, Clyde Freeman, Gail Nunlee-Bland, Muluemebet Ketete, Shichen Xu, Otelio S. Randall.

Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz (2011)
Discrete-time exploited fish epidemic models. Afrika Matematika, Online First™, 4 March 2011. Abdul-Aziz Yakubu, Najat Ziyadi.

Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz (2011)
Constant proportion harvest policies: Dynamic implications in the Pacific halibut and Atlantic cod fisheries. Mathematical Biosciences, In Press, Uncorrected Proof, Available online 5 May 2011. Abdul-Aziz Yakubu, Nianpeng Li, Jon M. Conrad, Mary-Lou Zeeman.

Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz (2011)
Periodically forced discrete-time SIS epidemic model with disease induced mortality. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, Vol.8, No.2 (2011): 385-408. Franke, J.E., Abdul-Aziz Yakubu.

Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz (2012)
A juvenile-adult discrete-time production model of exploited fishery systems. Natural Resource Modeling, Vol.25, No.2 (2012): 273-324. Nianpeng Li, Abdul-Aziz Yakubu.

Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz (2012)
Coexistence of competitors in deterministic and stochastic patchy environments. Journal of Biological Dynamics, Vol.5, No.5 (2011): 454-573. Feng, Z., Liu, R., Qiu, Z., Rivera, J., Abdul-Aziz Yakubu.

Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz (2012)
Optimal treated mosquito bed nets and insecticides for eradication of malaria in Missira. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series B, Vol.17, No.6 (Sep 2012): 1831-1840. Bassidy Dembele and Abdul-Aziz Yakubu.

Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz (2012)
Periodic incidence in a discrete-time SIS epidemic model. In: Urszula Ledzewicz, Heins Schättler, Avner Friedman, Eugene Kashdan (eds.), Mathematical Methods and Models in Biomedicine (New York: Springer, 2013): 411-427. Najat Ziyadi, Abdul-Aziz Yakubu.

Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz (2012)
Host demographic Allee effect, fatal disease, and migration: Persistence or extinction. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics. Vol.72, No.5 (2012): 1644-1666. A. Friedman, Abdul-Aziz Yakubu.

Yan, Tingfen (2012)
Genomic diversity among leptospires revealed by microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization. Appl Environ Microbiol., 2012 Feb 17. [Epub ahead of print]. Broderick Eribo, Mingmongkolchai S, Tingfen Yan, Dubbs P, Nelson KE.

Yang, Andrew RST (2011)
ffects of the triple monoamine uptake inhibitor DOV 102,677 on alcohol-motivated responding and antidepressant activity in alcohol-preferring (P) rats. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, Vol.35, No.12 (Dec 2011). Andrew R. S. T. Yang, Heon S. Yi, Kaitlin T. Warnock, Jacek Mamczarz, Harry L. June, Nikhil Mallick, Philip A. Krieter, Leonardo Tonelli, Phil Skolnick, Anthony S. Basile, Harry L. June.

Yang, Andrew RST (2012)
Effects of the triple monoamine uptake inhibitor DOV 102,677 on alcohol-motivated responding and antidepressant activity in alcohol-preferring (P) rats. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 36 (5) (2012): 863-873. Andrew R. S. T. Yang, Heon S. Yi, Kaitlin T. Warnock, Jacek Mamczarz, Harry L. June Jr.,, Mallick, N., Krieter, P.A., Tonelli, L., Skolnick, P., Basile, A.S., June, H.L.

Yang, Andrew RST (2012)
Amitifadine, a triple monoamine uptake inhibitor reduces binge drinking and negative affect in an animal model of co-occurring alcoholism and depression symptomatology. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, Vol.103, No.1 (2012): 111-118. Kaitlin T. Warnock, Andrew R.S.T. Yang, Heon S. Yi, Harry L. June, Tim Kelly, Anthony S. Basile, Phil Skolnick, Harry L. June.

Yarl, Weompo (2011)
Gestational nicotine exposure regulates expression of AMPA and NMDA receptors and their signaling apparatus in developing and adult rat hippocampus. Neuroscience, Vol.188 (11 Aug 2011): 168-181. Hong Wang, Martha I. Dávila-García, Weonpo Yarl, Marjorie C. Gondré-Lewis.

Results 2601 to 2625 of 2685

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