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William, Carla D (2012)
An exploratory analysis of fear of recurrence among African-American breast cancer survivors. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, Vol.19, No.3 (2012): 280-287. Teletia H. Taylor, Edward D. Huntley, Jennifer Sween, Kepher Makambi, Thomas A. Mellman, Carla D. Williams, Pamela Carter-Nolan, Wayne Frederick.

William, Robert (2012)
Association of cumulative ultraviolet radiation exposure with prostate cancer risk in a case-control study of African-American men. The Open Prostate Cancer Journal, Vol.5 (2012): 8-14. Yasmine M. Kanaan, Desta Beyene, Mohammad Daremipouran, Augustine Mireku-Boateng, Robert Williams, Aaron Jackson, George E. Bonney, Victor Apprey, Marlon G. Daniel, Anthony K. Wutoh, JoyAnn Phillips Rohan, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Robert L. Copeland Jr.

Williams, Carla (2014)
Effect of Lung Cancer Screening Awareness on Smoking Cessation Behavior. Fam Med, Vol.46, No.10 (November-December 2014): 70-775. Dianne N. Thompson, Richard Barrett, Anand Deonarine, Carla D. Williams, Debra White-Coleman Sara Horton, Alicia Thomas, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo.

Williams, Carla D (2000)
Addictive behaviors and depression among African Americans residing in a public housing community. Addictive Behaviors 25, No.1 (Jan-Feb 2000): 45-56. *Carla D. Williams, *Lucile L. Adams-Campbell.

Williams, Carla D (2001)
Environmental influences, employment status, and religious activity predict current cigarette smoking in the elderly. Addict Behav. 26, No.2 (Mar-Apr 2001): 297-301. Williams CD, Lewis-Jack O, Johnson K, Adams-Campbell L.

Williams, Carla D (2007)
CES-D four-factor structure is confirmed, but not invariant, in a large cohort of African American women. Psychiatry Res. 2007 Mar 30;150(2):173-80. Williams CD, Taylor TR, Makambi K, Harrell J, Palmer JR, Rosenberg L, Adams-Campbell LL.

Williams, Carla D (2007)
Racial discrimination and breast cancer incidence in US Black women: the Black Women's Health Study. Am J Epidemiol. 2007 Jul 1;166(1):46-54. Epub 2007 Mar 30. Taylor TR, Williams CD, Makambi KH, Mouton C, Harrell JP, Cozier Y, Palmer JR, Rosenberg L, Adams-Campbell LL.

Williams, Carla D (2007)
Association between cigarette smoking and colorectal cancer in the Women's Health Initiative. J Natl Cancer Inst. (13 Nov 2007) [Epub ahead of print] Paskett ED, Reeves KW, Rohan TE, Allison MA, Williams Carla D, Messina CR, Whitlock E, Sato A, Hunt JR.

Williams, Carla D (2009)
Associations between breast cancer risk factors and religiousness in American women in a national health survey. J Relig Health,Vol.48, No.2 (Jun 2009): 178-88. F Gillum and C Williams.

Williams, Carla D (2009)
An assessment of the CES-D scale factor structure in black women: The Black Women's Health Study. Psychiatry Res. 2009 Jul 30;168(2):163-70. Makambi KH, Williams CD, Taylor TR, Rosenberg L, Adams-Campbell LL.

Williams, Carla D (2010)
DRD2 single nucleotide polymorphisms are associated with nicotine dependence in an urban population of African American smokers. The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) 60th Annual Meeting. November 2-6, 2010. Washington, DC. B. Arrey, Pradeep Karla, C. Williams, S. Wilson, L. Ricks-Santi, T. Mason, Muneer Abbas, Victor Apprey, George Bonney, W. Anthony, Georgia M. Dunston

Williams, Carla D (2011)
Association of secondhand smoke exposure with nicotine dependence among Black smokers. Addictive Behaviors, Vol.36, No.4 (Apr 2011): 412-415. Shondelle M. Wilson-Frederick, Carla D. Williams, Mary A. Garza, Ana Navas-Acien, Mark R. Emerson, Saifuddin Ahmed, Jean G. Ford.

Williams, Carla D (2012)
Antidepressant use, depressive symptoms, and incident frailty in women aged 65 and older from the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Vol.60, Vol.5 (2012): 854-861. Susan L. Lakey, Andrea Z. LaCroix, Shelly L. Gray, Soo Borson, Carla D. Williams, Darren Calhoun, Joseph S. Goveas, Jordan W. Smoller, Judith K. Ockene, Kamal H. Masaki, Mace Coday, Milagros C. Rosal and Nancy F. Woods.

Williams, Carla D (2012)
Perceptions about genetic testing for the susceptibility to alcohol dependence and other multifactorial diseases. Genet Test Mol Biomarkers, Vol.16, No.6 (2012): 476-481. Vanessa J. Marshall, Nnenna Kalu, John Kwagyan, Carla Williams, Robert E. Taylor, Denise M. Scott

Williams, Carla D (2013)
Mo1586 smoking status, smoking cessation behavior and uptake of colorectal cancer screening among US adults. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Vol.77, No.5, Suppl. (May 2013): AB436-AB437. Adeyinka O. Laiyemo, Angesom Kibreab, Carla D. Williams, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Hassan Brim, Hassan Ashktorab, Getachew Mekasha, Momodu a. Jack, Victor F. Scott.

Williams, Carla D (2013)
Role of life events in the presence of colon polyps among African Americans. BMC Gastroenterology, Vol.13, No,101 (Jun 2013). Hassan Ashktorab, Hassan H. Namin, Teletia Taylor, Carla Williams, Hassan Brim, Thomas Mellman, Babak Shokrani, Cheryl L. Holt, Adeyinka O Laiyemo, Mehdi Nouraie.

Williams, Carla D (2013)
Social support and physical activity as moderators of life stress in predicting baseline depression and change in depression over time in the Women's Health Initiative. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, Vol.48, No.12 (2013): 1971-1982. Uebelacker, L.A., Eaton, C.B., Weisberg, R., Sands, M., Carla Williams, Calhoun, D., Manson, J.E., Denburg, N.L., Taylor, T.

Williams, Carla D (2014)
Family history of cancer associated with breast tumor clinicopathological features. Journal of Community Genetics, Jan 2014. Luisel J. Ricks, Altovise Ewing, Nicole Thompson, Barbara Harrison, Bradford Wilson, Finie Richardson, Pamela Carter-Nolan, Cherie Spencer, Adeyinka Laiyemo, Carla Williams.

Williams, Carla D (2014)
Factors associated with attendance to scheduled outpatient endoscopy. Postgrad Med J., 1 September 2014. Adeyinka O. Laiyemo1, Carla D. Williams2, Clinton Burnside1, Sepideh Moghadam1, Kamla D. Sanasi-Bhola1, John Kwagyan3, Hassan Brim4, Hassan Ashktorab1,2, Victor F. Scott1, Duane Smoot1.

Williams, Carlos (2007)
Expression of alpha-7 and alpha-4 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by GABAergic neurons of rostral ventral medulla and caudal pons. Brain Res., Vol.1185 (14 Dec 2007): 95-102. Dehkordi O, Millis RM, Dennis GC, Jazini E, Williams C, Hussain D, Jayam-Trouth A.

Williams, Danielle (2010)
The role of PI 3-kinase p110ß in AKT signally, cell survival, and proliferation in human prostate cancer cells. Prostate (7 Jan 2010). [Epub ahead of print]. Karen M. Hill, Sara Kalifa, Jharna R. Das, Tahira Bhatti, Martha Gay*, Danielle Williams*, LaTonia Taliferro-Smith, Angelo M. De Marzo.

Williams, Deborah (2000)
Automatic pace-sense polarity switch as an indicator of early lead corrosion: The usefulness of impedance trend graphing. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. 23(7), Jul 2000: 1179-80.

Williams, Deborah (2000)
A Comparison between BMI and Conicity Index on Predicting Coronary Heart Disease: The Framingham Heart Study. Annals of Epidemiology 10, No.7 (Oct 2000): 424-431. Kyung S. Kim, Willis L. Owen, Deborah Williams and Lucile L. Adams-Campbell

Williams, Deborah (2000)
Blood pressure reactivity to mental stress and aerobic fitness in normotensive young adult African-American males with parental history of hypertension. Stress Medicine 16(4), 2000: 219-227. *V Bond Jr, *P Vaccaro, *M Caprarola, *RM Millis, *R Blakely, *R Wood, *M Roltsch, *J Fairfax, *B Hatfield, *BD Franks, *D Williams,*GC Davis, *RG Adams.

Williams, Deborah (2002)
Vernon Bond, Quiona Stephens**, Richard G. Adams*, Paul Vaccaro, Ronald DeMeersman, Deborah Williams*, Thomas O. Obisesan*, B. Don Franks, Luke M. Oke*, Bernell Coleman*, Raymond Blakely, Richard M. Millis*. Aerobic exercise attenuates an exaggerated exercise blood pressure response in normotensive young adult African-American men. Blood Pressure 2002; 11: 229-234.

Results 6701 to 6725 of 7029

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