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Wilson, Lori L (2014)
Strong association of fascin expression with triple negative breast cancer and basal-like phenotype in African-American women. J Clin Pathol., Vol.67, No.2 (2014): 153-60. Ashwini K. Esnakula, Luisel Ricks-Santi, John Kwagyan, Yasmine M. Kanaan, Robert L. DeWitty, Lori L. Wilson, Bert Gold, Wayne A.I. Frederick, Tammey Naab.

Wilson, Lori L (2014)
Obesity and weight loss attempts among subjects with a personal history of cancer. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, Vol.14, No.3 (2014): e330-e336. Ambria Moten, Kayin Jeffers, Daniel Larbi, Roxanne Smith-White, Teletia R. Taylor, Lori Wilson, Babafemi B. Adenuga, Wayne A.I. Frederick, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo.

Wilson, Melissa (2007)
Transactivation of the EGFR by AP-1 is induced by Helicobacter pylori in gastric cancer. Am J Gastroenterol. 2007 Oct;102(10):2135-46. Epub 2007 Jul 7. Ashktorab Hassan, Daremipouran Mohamad, Wilson Melissa, Siddiqi Serwat, Lee Edward L, Rakhshani N, Malekzadeh R, Johnson AC, Hewitt SM, Smoot Duane T.

Wilson, Nakia (2014)
Prevalence and clinical correlation of left ventricular systolic dysfunction in African Americans with ischemic stroke. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, Vol.23, No.7 (2014): 1965-1968. Saravana Devulapalli, Shariff Dunlap, Nakia Wilson, Stephen Cockburn, Mohankumar Kurukumbi, Prafulla Mehrotra, Annapurni Jayam-Trouth.

Wilson, Robert (2003)
Gunshots to the hand and upper extremity. Clin Orthop. 408 (Mar 2003): 133-44.

Wilson, Robert (2003)
Antibiotic therapy in gunshot wound injuries. Clin Orthop. 408 (Mar 2003): 82-5.

Wilson, Robert H (2007)
Quadriceps avulsion through a bipartite patella. Orthopedics. 2007 Jun;30(6):491-2. Thomas AL, Wilson RH, Thompson TL.

Windham, Michael (2014)
Rare manifestation of a rare disease: Acute liver failure in Adult Onset Still’s Disease – Dramatic response to methylprednisolone pulse therapy. A case report and review. 2014. Valluru Nalini, Venkata S. Tammana, Michael Windham, Eyasu Mekonen, Rehana Begum, Andrew Sanderson.

Windham, Michael (2014)
Rare manifestation of a rare disease, acute liver failure in adult onset Still's disease: Dramatic response to methylprednisolone pulse therapy-A case report and review. Case Rep Med., 4 June 2014: 375035. N. Valluru, Venkata S. Tammana, Michael Windham, Eyasu Mekonen, Rehana Begum, Andrew Sanderson.

Winfree, Willie J (2006)
Addressing the shortage of dentists in underserved areas. Dent Today. 2006 Jun;25(6):24. Bailey JR, Winfree WJ, Hailu K.

Winter, William P (2002)
Arterialization of peripheral venous blood in sickle cell disease. Journal of the National Medical Association 94, No. 5 (May 2002): 320-326. Nahavandi, Masoud; Millis, Richard M; Tavakkoli, Fatemeh; Wyche, Meville Q; Perlin, Elliott; Winter, William P; Castro, Oswaldo

Winter, William P (2002)
Nitric oxide and cyclic GMP levels in sickle cell patients receiving hydroxyurea. British Journal of Haematology 119 (2002): 855-857. M. Nahavandi, F Tavakkoli, MQ Wyche, E Perlin, WP Winter, O Castro.

Winter, William P (2003)
Mechanism of metabolic control of red cell 2,3-DPG biosynthesis and its possible role in sickle cell disease. BLOOD 102, No.11, Part 2 (16 Nov 2003): 11B-11B Winter WP, Cushenberry CE, Barnes DD, Jolley VA

Winter, William P (2004)
Science and the media. SCIENTIST 18, No. 12 (21 June 2004): 10-10. Winter William P.

Wnag, Songping (2011)
Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of Sprouty1, a receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor in prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis., Vol.14, No.4 (2011): 279-285. Darimipourain M, Songping Wang, M. Ittmann, Bernard Kwabi-Addo.

Wodajo, Lelasfa (2010)
Visual Guide to Musculoskeletal Tumors: A Clinical - Radiologic - Histologic Approach. New York: Elsevier, 2010. Felasfa Wodajo, Frank Gannon, Mark Murphey.

Wolf, Dominik (2010)
2. Makuyuni, a new Lower Palaeolithic hominid site in Tanzania. Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen Zoologischen Museum und Institut, Vol. 106 (2010): 69–110. Kaiser, T.M., C. Seiffert, C. Hertler, L. Fiedler, H.L. Schwartz, S.R. Frost, L. Giemsch, R.L. Bernor, D. Wolf, G.M. Semprebon, S.V. Nelson, F. Schrenk, K. Harvati, T.G. Bromage, and C. Sanaane.

Wolf, Dominik (2010)
4. Taxonomy and paleoecology of the Pleistocene Equidae from Makuyuni, Northern Tanzania. Palaeodiversity, Vol. 3 (2010): 249–269. Wolf, D., S.V. Nelson, H.L. Schwartz, G.M. Semprebon, T.M. Kaiser, and R.L. Bernor.

Wolf, Dominik (2011)
Reevaluation of Siwalik hipparions. (Abstr.) Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, SVP Program and Abstracts Book 2011. Dominik Wolf, Raymond L. Bernor, and S. Taseer Hussain.

Wolf, Dominik (2012)
Osteoderm histology of the Pampatheriidae (Cingulata, Xenarthra, Mammalia): Implications for systematics, osteoderm growth, and biomechanical adaptation. J Morphol., Vol.273, No.4 (2012): 388-404. [Epub ahead of print]. Dominik Wolf, DC Kalthoff, PM Sander.

Wolf, Dominik (2012)
Osteoderm histology of the Pampatheriidae (Cingulata, Xenarthra, Mammalia): implications for systematics, osteoderm growth, and biomechanical adaptation. Journal of Morphology 273: 388–404. Wolf, D., D.C. Kalthoff, and P.M. Sander. 2012.

Wolf, Dominik (2013)
Deciduous cheek teeth of the late Miocene (MN11) Dorn-Dürkheim 1 hipparionine horses. Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments, Vol.93, No.2 (2013): 191-206. Dominik Wolf, Raymond L. Bernor.

Wondimhun, Yared (2011)
Vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy of HIV infected and non-infected women in tropical settings of Northwest Ethiopia. BMC Public Health, Nol.11 (15 Jul 2011): 569. Mulu A, Kassu A, Huruy K, Tegene B, Yitayaw G, Nakamori M, Van Nhien N, Bekele A, Yared Wondimhun, Yamamoto S, Ota F.

Woodard, Maurice (2005)
Merze Tate. PS-POLITICAL SCIENCE & POLITICS 38, No. 1 (Jan 2005): 101-102.

Woods, Alfreda (2012)
Helicobacter pylori protection against reflux esophagitis. Dig Dis Sci., Vol.57, No.11 (Nov 2012): 2924-2928. Hassan Ashktorab1, O. Entezari, Mehdi Nouraie1, E. Dowlati, Wayne Frederick1, Alfreda Woods1, Edward Lee1, Hassan Brim2, Duane T. Smoot1, Firoozeh Ghadyar, Farin Kamangar, Hadieh Razjouyan.

Results 6701 to 6725 of 6971

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