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Sridhar, Rajagopalan (2008)
Image-based real-time evaluation of the molecular events underlying HC11 mammary epithelial cell differentiation. Anal Biochem 382 (2008): 122-128. Shan L, Zhang R, Zhang W, Lee E, Sridhar R, Snyderwine EG, Wang PC.

Sridhar, Rajagopalan (2011)
Synthesis of amphiphilic triblock copolymers as multidentate ligands for biocompatible coating of quantum dots. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Vol.375, No.1-3 (2011): 147-155. Wang, T., Sridhar, R., Korotcov, A., Ting, A.H., Francis, K., Mitchell, J., Wang, P.C.

Sridhar, Rajagopalan (2011)
Molecular structure and rheological properties of hemoglobin molecules in sickle cell disease. In: Prabhakar Misra and Chandran Haridas (eds.), Fundamentals and Current Topics in Molecular Structure Research. Kerala, India: Research Signpost, 2011. Francis Mensah, Rajagopalan Sridhar, Prabhakar Misra

Sridhar, Rajagopalan (2012)
Loperamide, an FDA-approved antidiarrhea drug, effectively reverses the resistance of multidrug resistant MCF-7/MDR1 human breast cancer cells to Doxorubicin-induced cytotoxicity. Cancer Invest., Vol.30, No.2 (2012): 119-25. Yanfei Zhou, Rajagopalan Sridhar, Liang Shan, Wei Sha1, Xinbin Gu1, Saraswati Sukumar.

Sridhar, Rajagopalan (2013)
An anti-PSMA bivalent immunotoxin exhibits specificity and efficacy for prostate cancer imaging and therapy. Advanced Healthcare Materials, Vol.2, No.5 (2013): 736-744.. Fayun Zhang, Liang Shan, Yuanyi Liu, David Neville, Jung-Hee Woo, Yue Chen, Alexandru Korotcov, Stephen Lin, Sophia Huang, Rajagopalan Sridhar, Wei Liang, Paul C. Wang.

Sridhar, Rajagopalan (2014)
Reduction of pyramidal and immature hippocampal neurons in pediatric simian immunodeficiency virus infection. NeuroReport, Vol.25, No.13 (2014): 973-978. Kimberley Curtis, Matthew Rollins, Heather Carryl, Van Rompay, K.K.A., Abel, K., Mark W. Burke.

Srihar, Rajagopalan (2010)
A nanocomplex system as targeted contrast agent delivery vehicle for magnetic resonance imaging dynamic contrast enhancement study. J Nanosci Nanotechnol., Vol.10, No.11 (Nov 2010): 7545-9. Korotcov A, Shan L, Meng H, Wang T, Sridhar R, Zhao Y, Liang XJ, Paul C. Wang.

St Surin-Lord, Sharleen (2011)
Scleroderma and Raynaud's phenomenon improve with high-peak power laser therapy: A case report. Dermatol Surg., Vol.37, No.10 (Oct 2011): 1531-52011. Sharleen St Surin-Lord, S.Obagi.

St-Surin-Lord, Sharleen (2013)
Pili annulati associated with hair fragility: Cause or coincidence? Cutis, Vol.91, No.1 (2013): 36-38. Werner, K., Sharleen St-Surin-Lord, Leonard C. Sperling.

St. Surin-Lord, Sharleen (2011)
Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation: Etiologic and therapeutic considerations. American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, Vol.12, No.2 (2011): 87-99. Callender, Valerie D., Sharleen St.Surin-Lord, Davis, Erica C., Maclin, Marissa.

Stanton, Gregory B (1995)
Topography of Projections to Posterior Cortical Areas From the Macaque Frontal Eye Fields. Journal of Comparative Neurology 353, no. 2 (1995): 291-305. G B Stanton, et al.

Stanton, Gregory B (2001)
Organization of cerebellar and area "y" projections to the nucleus reticularis tegmenti pontis in macaque monkeys. J Comp Neurol. 432, No.2 (Apr 2001): 169-83.

Stanton, Gregory B (2004)
The Primate Frontal Eye Field. C.J. Bruce, H.R. Friedman, M.S. Kraus and G.B. Stanton. In: L.M. Chalupa and J.S. Werner(eds.), The Visual Neurosciences, 1428 -1448(2004).

Stanton, Gregory B (2005)
Cortical afferents to the smooth-pursuit region of the macaque monkey's frontal eye field. EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 165 (2005): 179-192. Stanton, GB; Friedman, HR; Dias, EC; Bruce, CJ.

Stephanie, Stephanie (2015)
Intraosseous calcaneal lipoma with subtalar perforation through cystic degeneration: A case report. J Korean Foot Ankle Soc., Vol.19, No.1 (March 2015): 27-31. Abhishek Kumar, Stephanie Stephanie, Jun Young Choi, Sunhee Chang, Jin Soo Suh

Stephanie, Stephanie (2015)
Enchondroma of the foot. The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Vol.54, No.5 (2015): 836-839. Kyung Ah Chun, Stephanie Stephanie*, Jun Young Choi, Ji Ho Nam, Jin Soo Suh.

Stephanie, Stephanie (2015)
Isolated talonavicular arthrodesis as an option for severe rocker bottom foot deformity: A case report. J Korean Foot Ankle Soc., Vol.19, No.2 (June 2015): 69-72. Stephanie Stephanie, Jun Young Choi, Abhishek Kumar and Jin Soo Suh.

Stephanie, Stephanie P (2015)
Racial disparities in the use of laparoscopic cholecystectomy still exist! American Surgeon, Vol.81, No.1 (January 2015): 1-2. Syed Nabeel Zafar, Laura Libuit, Stephanie P Stephanie, Ronald Atwater, Augustine Obirieze, Danel Tran, Kakra Hughes, Wendy R. Greene.

Stevens, Kent A (2011)
Do trauma safety-net hospitals deliver truly safe trauma care? A multilevel a nalysis of the National trauma data bank. Journal of Trauma - Injury, Infection and Critical Care, Vol.70, No.4 (2011): 978-984. Anit S. Vettukattil, Adil H. Haider, Elliott R. Haut, David C. Chang, Tolulope Oyetunji, Edward E. Cornwell III, Kent A. Stevens, David T. Efron.

Stevenson, Adrienne A (2012)
Profiling the ethnic characteristics of domestic injuries in children younger than age 5 years. Am Surg., Vol.78, No.4 (Apr 2012): 426-31. Tolulope A. Oyetunji, Adrienne A. Stevenson, Aderonke O. Oyetunji, Sharon K. Onguti, Sarah A. Ames, Adil H. Haider, Benedict C. Nwomeh.

Stevenson, Adrienne A (2013)
Pneumoperitoneum 48 days after laparoscopic hysterectomy. JSLS, Vol.17, No.4 (2013): 661-664. K.S. Smith, T.C. Wilson, L. Luces, A.A. Stevenson, B. Hajhosseini, S.M. Siram

Stewart, Dylan (2013)
Multidisciplinary management of focal nodular hyperplasia in children: Experience with 10 cases. JAMA Surg., 18 Sep 2013. Gezzer Ortega, Mitchell Price, Shelly Choo, Seth D. Goldstein, Dylan Stewart, Abdullah Fizan.

Stewart, Jay (2005)
Evaluation of epothilone B analog in advanced soft tissue sarcoma: A phase II study of the phase II consortium. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY 23 (2005): 3069-3073. Okuno, S; Maples, WJ; Mahoney, MR; Fitch, T; Stewart, J; Fracasso, PM; Kraut, M; Ettinger, DS; Dawkins, F; Erlichman, C.

Stortchevoi, Alexei (2012)
RECQ1 plays a distinct role in cellular response to oxidative DNA damage. DNA Repair, Vol.11, No.6 (2012): 537-549. Sudha Sharma, Pornima Phatak, Alexei Stortchevoi, Maria Jasin, Jeannine R. LaRocque.

Stortchevoi, Alexei (2013)
Human RECQ1 Interacts with Ku70/80 and modulates DNA end-joining of double-strand breaks. PLoS ONE, Vol.8, No.5 (2013): e62481. Swetha Parvathaneni, Alexei Stortchevoi, Joshua A. Sommers, Robert M. Brosh Jr, Sudha Sharma.

Results 6701 to 6725 of 7696

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