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Rotimi, Charles N (2007)
Genome-wide search for susceptibility genes to type 2 diabetes in West Africans: potential role of C-peptide. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2007 Dec;78(3):e1-6. Epub 2007 Jun 4. Guanjie Chen, Adebowale Adeyemo, Jie Zhou, Yuanxiu Chen, Hanxia Huang, Ayo Doumatey, Kerrie Lashley, Agyenim-Boateng K, Eghan BA Jr, Acheampong J, Fasanmade O, Johnson T, Okafor G, Oli J, Amoah A, Rotimi Charles N .

Rotimi, Charles N (2008)
Novel mutations in BBS5 highlight the importance of this gene in non-Caucasian Bardet-Biedl syndrome patients. American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part A, 146A, No.4 (15 Feb 2008): 517-520. Tina Duelund Hjortshøj, Karen Grønskov, Alisdair R. Philp, Darryl Y. Nishimura, Adebowale Adeyemo, Charles N. Rotimi, Val C. Sheffield, Thomas Rosenberg, Karen Brøndum-Nielsen.

Rotimi, Charles N (2008)
Epidemiology, heritability, and genetic linkage of C-reactive protein in African Americans (from the Jackson Heart Study). The American Journal of Cardiology, 102, No.7 (1 Oct 2008): 835-841. Ervin R Fox, Emelia J Benjamin, Daniel F Sarpong, Charles N Rotimi, James G Wilson, Michael W Steffes, Guanjie Chen, Adebowale Adeyemo, Jason K Taylor, Tandaw E Samdarshi, Herman A Taylor Jr.

Rotimi, Charles N (2009)
Genetic network analysis by quasi-bayesian method. J Bioinform Comput Biol. Vol.7, No.1(Feb 2009): 175-92. Ao Yuan, G Chen, Charles Rotimi.

Rotimi, Charles N (2009)
Association of GNB3 C825T polymorphism with peak oxygen consumption. International Journal of Sports Medicine Vol.30, No.5 (May 2009): 315-319. MU Faruque, Richard M Millis, Georgia M Dunston, John Kwagyan, Vernon Bond Jr, Charles N Rotimi, Davis T, Christie R, Campbell AL.

Rotimi, Charles N (2009)
Building scientific progress without borders: Nanobiology and nanomedicine in China and the U.S. Cancer Res. 2009 Jun 23. [Epub ahead of print]. Paul C Wang, RP Blumenthal, Y Zhao, JA Schneider, N Mille, P Grodzinski, MM Gottesman, S Tinkle, K Wang, C Wang, XJ Liang.

Rotimi, Charles N (2009)
A 50-year review of colorectal cancer in African Americans: Implications for prevention and treatment. Dig Dis Sci., Vol.54, No.9 (Sep 2009): 1985-90. Hassan Ashktorab, Mehdi Nouraie, F Hosseinkhah, Edward L Lee, Charles Rotimi, Duane Smoot.

Rotimi, Charles N (2010)
Development of admixture mapping panels for African Americans from commercial high-density SNP arrays. BMC Genomics, Vol.11 (5 Jul 2010): 417. Chen G, Shriner D, Zhou J, Doumatey A, Huang H, Gerry NP, Herbert A, Christman MF, Yuanxiu Chen, Georgia M. Dunston, Mezbah U. Faruque, Charles N. Rotimi, A. Adeyemo.

Rotimi, Charles N (2011)
Association of ATP1B1, RGS5 and SELE polymorphisms with hypertension and blood pressure in African-Americans. J Hypertens., Vol.29, No.10 (Oct 2011): 1906-12. Faruque MU, Chen G, Doumatey A, Huang H, Zhou J, Dunston GM, Rotimi CN, Adeyemo AA.

Rotimi, Charles N (2012)
A genome-wide association search for type 2 diabetes genes in African Americans. PLoS ONE, Vol.7, No.1 (2012): art. no. e29202. Palmer, N.D., McDonough, C.W., Hicks, P.J., Roh, B.H., Wing, M.R., An, S.S., Hester, J.M., Cooke, J.N., Bostrom, M.A., Rudock, M.E., Talbert, M.E., Lewis, J.P., Ferrara, A., Lu, L., Ziegler, J.T., Sale, M.M., Divers, J., Shriner, D., Adebowale Adeyemo, Charles N. Rotimi, Ng, M.C.Y., Langefeld, C.D., Freedman, B.I., Bowden, D.W.

Rotimi, Charles N (2012)
A novel approach for the simultaneous analysis of common and rare variants in complex traits. Bioinform Biol Insights, Vol.6 (2012): 1-9. Epub 2012 Jan 22. Ao Yuan, Guanjie Chen, Yanxun Zhou, Amy Bentley, Charles Rotimi.

Rotimi, Charles N (2012)
Adrenergic alpha-1 pathway is associated with hypertension among Nigerians in a pathway-focused Analysis. PLoS One, 2012. Nicholas P. Reder, Bamidele O. Tayo, Babatunde Salako, Adesola Ogunniyi, Adebowale Adeyemo, Charles Rotimi, Richard S. Cooper.

Rotimi, Charles N (2012)
Simple F test reveals gene-gene interactions in case-control studies. Bioinformatics and Biology Insights, (2012): 169-176. Guanje Chen, Ao Yuan, Jie Zhou, Amy R. Bentley, Adebowale Adeyemo, Charles N. Rotimi.

Rotimi, Charles N (2012)
Interethnic variation in lipid profiles: Implications for underidentification of African–Americans at risk for metabolic disorders. Expert Review of Endocrinology & Metabolism, Vol.7, No.6 (Nov 2012): 659-667. Amy R Bentley, Charles N Rotimi.

Rotimi, Charles N (2014)
Gene-based sequencing identifies lipid-influencing variants with ethnicity-specific effects in African Americans. PLOS | Genetics, 6 Marc 2014. Amy R. Bentley, Guanjie Chen, Daniel Shriner, Ayo P. Doumatey, Jie Zhou, Hanxia Huang, Adebowale Adeyemo, James C. Mullikin, Robert W. Blakesley, Nancy F. Hansen, Gerard G. Bouffard, Praveen F. Cherukuri, Baishali Maskeri, Alice C. Young, Charles N. Rotimi, et al.

Rotimi, Jamie (2009)
Regulation of HIV-1 transcription at 3% versus 21% oxygen concentration. Journal of Cellular Physiology, Vol.221, No.2 (Nov 2009): 469-479. Sharroya Charles, Tatyana Ammosova, Jessica Cardenas, Altreisha Foster, Jamie Rotimi, Marina Jerebtsova, Abisola A Ayodeji, Xiaomei Niu, Patricio E. Ray, Victor R. Gordeuk, Fatah Kashanchi, and Sergei Nekhai.

Rotimi, Jamie (2010)
Hepcidin induces HIV-1 transcription inhibited by ferroportin. Retrovirology, Vol.7 (2010): art. no. 104. Min Xu1, Fatah Kashanchi, Altreisha Foster, Jamie Rotimi, Willie Turner, Victor R Gordeuk, Sergei Nekhai

Roy, Neil (2007)
Essentials: Renal, Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Systems. iUniverse, Inc, 2007. Neil Roy and David Bennett. 3rd Year Medical students, College of Medicine.

Royal, Charmaine (2006)
`Race' and Ethnicity in Science, Medicine and Society. Biosocieties 1, No.3 (2006): 325-328.

Royal, Charmaine D (1995)
Resilience in Siblings of Children with Sickle Cell Disease. Journal of Genetic Counseling 4, no. 3 (1995): 199-217. C D Royal, et al.

Royal, Charmaine D (2000)
Recruitment experience in the first phase of the African American hereditary prostate cancer (AAHPC) Study. Annals of Epidemiology 10(8, Supplement 1), November 2000: S68-S77. *Charmaine Royal, Agnes Baffoe-Bonnie, *Rick Kittles, Isaac Powell, James Bennett, Gerald Hoke, Curtis Pettaway, Sally Weinrich, Srinivasan Vijayakumar, *Chiledum Ahaghotu, Terry Mason, Edna Johnson, Michael Obeikwe, Cheryl Simpson, Raul Mejia, William Boykin, Pamela Roberson, Jacqueline Frost, Louise Faison-Smith, Carol Meegan, *Norma Foster, *Paulette Furbert-Harris, John Carpten, Joan Bailey-Wilson, Jeffrey Trent, Kate Berg, *Georgia Dunston, Francis Collins.

Royal, Charmaine D (2000)
Coping strategies in families of children with sickle cell disease. Ethnicity and Disease 10(2), 2000: 237-247. *CD Royal, *V Headings, *J Harrell, *F Ampy, *G Hall.

Royal, Charmaine D (2004)
Conceptualizing human variation. Nature Genetics Supplement 36, No.11(Nov 2004): S17-20. November, 2004. SOY Keita, RA Kittles*, CDM Royal*, GE Bonney*, P Furbert-Harris, GM Dunston*,& CN Rotimi*.

Royal, Charmaine D (2007)
Comparing the impact of a condensed vs extended protocol for disclosure of APOE to relatives of patients with AD: The reveal study. Alzheimer's and Dementia, Volume 3, Issue 3, Supplement 1, July 2007: S184. Robert C. Green, J. Scott Roberts, Clara Chen, Peter Whitehouse, Norman Relkin, Charmaine Royal, Thomas Obisesan, Erin Linnenbringer, Grace-Ann Fasaye, Elana Cox, et al.

Royal, Charmaine D (2009)
Social ecology, genomics, and African American health: A nonlinear dynamical perspective. J Black Psychol. Vol.35, No.2 (2009): 154-179. Serge Madhere, Jules P Harrell, Charmaine D Royal.

Results 6226 to 6250 of 7708

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