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Sanderson II, Andrew K (2014)
Prevalence of colorectal neoplasia among Young African Americans and Hispanic Americans. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Vol.59, No.2 (2014): 446-450. Hassan Ashktorab, Mansour Paydar, Hassan Hassanzadeh Namin, Andrew Sanderson, Rehana Begum, Hassan Brim, Heena Panchal, Edward Lee, Angesom Kibreab, Mehdi Nouraie, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo.

Sanderson II, Andrew K (2014)
Ischemic colitis in a patient With systemic lupus erythematosus: Case report and review of literature. Journal of Medical Cases, Vol.5, No.5 (May 2014): 292-294. Belen Asheber Tesfaye. Josia Narda Henry, Angesom Kibreab, Andrew Sanderson.

Sanderson II, Andrew K (2014)
Rare manifestation of a rare disease, acute liver failure in adult onset Still's disease: Dramatic response to methylprednisolone pulse therapy-A case report and review. Case Rep Med., 4 June 2014: 375035. N. Valluru, Venkata S. Tammana, Michael Windham, Eyasu Mekonen, Rehana Begum, Andrew Sanderson.

Sanderson II, Andrew K (2015)
Association between diverticular disease and pre-neoplastic colorectal lesions in an urban african-american population, Digestion, Vol.92 (2015): 60-65. Hassan Ashktorab, H. Panchal, B. Shokrani, M. Paydar, A. Sanderson, E.L. Lee1, R. Begum, T. Haidary, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo, S. McDonald-Pinkett, Hassan Brim, Mehdi Nouraie.

Sanderson II, Andrew K (2015)
Beverage intake preference and bowel preparation laxative taste preference for colonoscopy. World J Gastrointest Pharmacol Ther., Vol.6, No.3 (6 Augut 2015): 84-88. Adeyinka O Laiyemo, Clinton Burnside, Maryam A Laiyemo, John Kwagyan, Carla D Williams, Kolapo A Idowu, Hassan Ashktorab, Angesom Kibreab, Victor F Scott, and Andrew K Sanderson.

Sandone, Corinne (2015)
Muscular and skeletal anomalies in human trisomy in an evo-devo context. CRC Press, 2015. Rui Diogo,Christopher M. Smith, Janine M. Ziermann, Julia Molnar, Marjorie C. Gondre-Lewis, Corinne Sandone, Edward T. Bersu, Mohammed Ashraf Aziz.

Sanford, KK (2001)
Radiation-induced chromatid breaks and deficient DNA repair in cancer predisposition. Crit Rev Oncol Hematol 2001 Feb;37(2):87-96. Parshad R, Sanford KK.

Sankavaram, K (2013)
Zinc: Physiology, dietary sources, and requirements. Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition (Third Edition), 2013: 437-443. H.C. Freake, K. Sankavaram.

Sarpong, Sampson (2009)
Mediator release assay for assessment of biological potency of German cockroach allergen extracts. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Vol.123, No.4 (Apr 2009): 949-955.e1. Anna H. Nowak-Wegrzyn, Ramon Bencharitiwong, John Schwarz, Gloria David, Peyton Eggleston, Peter J. Gergen, Andrew H. Liu, Jacqueline A. Pongracic, Sampson Sarpong, and Hugh A. Sampson.

Sarpong, Sampson B (2003)
A novel mouse model of experimental asthma. Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 2003 Dec;132(4):346-54. Sarpong SB, Zhang LY, Kleeberger SR.

Sarpong, Sampson B (2007)
A Network-based Analysis Of Lung From A Novel Mouse Model Of Experimental Asthma. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Volume 119, Issue 1, Supplement 1, January 2007, Page S175. S.B. Sarpong, S. Ghimbovschi and E. Hoffman

Sartip, Kamyar (2012)
Neuroimaging of nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCCS) in children. Pediatr Radiol., 14 Nov 2012. [Epub ahead of print]. Kamyar Sartip1, Adam Kaplan2, George Obeid2, Nadja Kadom.

Sartip, Kamyar (2013)
Neuroimaging of nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCCS) in children. Pediatric Radiology, Vol.43, No.5 (2013): 620-627. Kamyar Sartip, Adam Kaplan, George Obeid, Nadja Kadom.

Sartip, Kamyar (2014)
Predictive and prognostic analysis of KRAS and MSI markers in treatment of urban African American colorectal cancer patients. Cancer Res, Vol.74 (1 October 2014): 3853. Priya Gopie, Maryam Yazdy, Bashira Giwa, Sanjeev Solomon, Gladys Onojobi, Mehdi Nouraie, Bonnie Davis, Kamyar Sartip, Shokrani Babak, Lee Edward, Hassan Brim, Hassan Ashktorab.

Saunders, A (2003)
Conservation of the 3'Untranslated Regions of Calmodulin mRNAs in Cetaceans *. Mol.Biol.Rep. 30 (A2003): 193-198. F. Friedberg, A. Saunders, and A.R. Rhoads.

Saunders, AA (2005)
: Nucleotide Sequence of the Gene aph(6)-Id from Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae. (25 Apr 2005). M Ashenafi, AA Saunders, GW Sundin, WM Byrnes.

Saxena, SB (2000)
The adolescent gynecology patient. The Medicolegal OB/GYN Newsletter, 8, No.6 (November 2000): 1, 14-17. Saxena SB, Jenkins RR.

Schneider, Erika (2015)
Sensitivity and specificity of univariate MRI analysis of experimentally degraded cartilage under clinical imaging conditions. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Vol.42, No.1 (2015): 136-144.. Vanessa A. Lukas, Kenneth W. Fishbein, David A. Reiter, Ping-Chang Lin, Erika Schneider, Richard G. Spencer.

Schneider, Robert H (2009)
The relationship between flow-mediated dilatation of the brachial artery and intima-media thickness of the carotid artery to Framingham Risk Scores in older African Americans. The Journal of Clinical Hypertension (Greenwich), Vol.11, No.12 (Dec 2009): 713-9.. John Kwagyan, Saifudin Hussein, Shichen Xu, Muluemebet Ketete, Abid R. Maqbool, Robert H. Schneider, and Otelio S. Randall.

Scott, Denise M (2008)
Alterations in ethyl alcohol pharmacokinetics during oral consumption of malt liquor beverages in African Americans. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 32, No.12, (Dec 2008): 2074-2080. Robert E Taylor, Byron R Raysor, John Kwagyan, Vijay A Ramchandani, Nnenna Kalu, Monique Powell-Davis, Clifford L Ferguson, Lucinda Carr, Denise M Scott.

Scott, Denise M (2012)
Perceptions about genetic testing for the susceptibility to alcohol dependence and other multifactorial diseases. Genet Test Mol Biomarkers, Vol.16, No.6 (2012): 476-481. Vanessa J. Marshall, Nnenna Kalu, John Kwagyan, Carla Williams, Robert E. Taylor, Denise M. Scott

Scott, Denise M (2012)
Heritability of level of response and association with recent drinking history in nonalcohol-dependent drinkers. Alcohol Clin Exp Res., Vol.36, No.6 (2012): 522-529. Nnenna Kalu1, Vijay A. Ramchandani, Vanessa Marshall1, Denise Scott, Clifford Ferguson, Gloria Cain, Robert Taylor.

Scott, Denise M (2012)
The 5-HTTLPR polymorphism moderates the effect of stressful life events on drinking behavior in college students of African descent. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics, Vol.159B, No.5 (2012): 484-490. Henry R. Kranzler, Denise Scott, Howard Tennen, Richard Feinn, Carla Williams, Stephen Armeli, Robert E. Taylor, Margaret J. Briggs-Gowan and Jonathan Covault.

Scott, Denise M (2012)
Magnitude of the problem of drinking alcohol on college campuses, commentary on “Structuring a college alcohol prevention program on the low level of response to alcohol model: A pilot model.” Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, Vol.36, No.7 (2012): 1126-1130. Denise M. Scott.

Scott, Denise M (2012)
Screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment: Public health training for primary care. Am J Public Health., Vol.102, No.8 (2012): 8p. Vanessa J. Marshall, TyWanda L. McLaurin-Jones, Nnenna Kalu, John Kwagyan, Denise M. Scott, Gloria Cain, Wendy Greene, Babafemi Adenuga, Robert E. Taylor.

Results 6251 to 6275 of 7655

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