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Asadi, Sadegh (2015)
Neuroanatomical circuitry mediating the sensory impact of nicotine in the central nervous system. J Neurosci Res., Vol.93, No.2 (February 2015): 230-243. Ozra Dehkordi, Jed E. Rose, Sadegh Asadi, Kebreten F. Manaye, Richard M. Millis, Annapurni Jayam-Trouth.

Ashayeri, Ebrahim (2002)
Strontium 89 in the treatment of pain due to diffuse osseous metastases: a university hospital experience. J Natl Med Assoc 94, No.8 (2002 Aug):706-11. Ashayeri Ebrahim, Omogbehin A, Sridhar R, Shankar RA.

Ashayeri, Ebrahim (2007)
Nicotine decreases the cytotoxicity of doxorubicin towards MCF-7 and KB-3.1 human cancer cells in culture. J Natl Med Assoc. 2007 Apr;99(4):319-27. Zhou Y, Gu X, Ashayeri E, Zhang R, Sridhar R.

Ashayeri, Ebrahim (2008)
Cytotoxicity of etidronic acid to human breast cancer cells. Ethn Dis. 18, No.2 Suppl 2 (Spr 2008): S2-87-92. Zhou Yanfei, Beyene D, Zhang R, Kassa Alamayehu, Ashayeri Ebrahim, Sridhar Rajagopalan.

Ashenafi, Meseret (2005)
: Nucleotide Sequence of the Gene aph(6)-Id from Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae. (25 Apr 2005). M Ashenafi, AA Saunders, GW Sundin, WM Byrnes.

Ashenafi, Meseret (2007)
Cloning and expression of streptomycin inactivating enzymes APH(6)-Ia and APH(6)-Id. Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand). 2007 May 15;53(3):74-9. Collins AC, Ashenafi M, Saunders AA, Byrnes WM.

Ashenafi, Meseret (2008)
The fused TrpEG from Streptomyces venezuelae is an anthranilate synthase, not a 2-amino-4-deoxyisochorismate (ADIC) synthase. Ethnicity and Disease (Jun 2008). Ashenafi, M.,* Carrington, R.,* Collins, A. C.,* and Byrnes, W. M.

Ashenafi, Meseret (2012)
Development of a sensitive HPLC method to measure in-vitro permeability of E-andZ-isomeric forms of thiosemicarbazones in caco-2 monolayers. Journal of Chromatography B, Vol.906 (1 Oct 2012): 25-32. Zufan Debebe, Sergei Nekhai, Meseret Ashenafi, David B. Lovejoy, Danuta S. Kalinowski, Victor R. Gordeuk, W. Malcolm Byrnes, Des R. Richardson, Pradeep K. Karla.

Ashenafi, Meseret (2014)
Purification and characterization of aminoglycoside phosphotransferase APH(6)-Id, a streptomycin-inactivating enzyme. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Vol.387, No.1-2 (2013): 207-216. Meseret Ashenafi, Tatiana Ammosova, Sergei Nekhai, W. Malcolm Byrnes.

Ashenafi, Meseret (2014)
The fused anthranilate synthase from Streptomyces venezuelae functions as a monomer. Mol Cell Biochem, Vol.400, No.1 (2014): 9-15. Meseret Ashenafi, Prasad T. Reddy, James F. Parsons, W. Malcolm Byrnes.

Ashktorab, Hassan (1996)
Stable transfection of mink embryonic stem (ES) cells and the expression of green fluorescent protein under cytomegalovirus promoter control. Theriogenology 45, No.1 (1 Jan 1996): 238. Irina A. Polejaeva, Hassan Ashktorab, Thomas D. Bunch, LeGrande C. Ellis,William A. Reed and Kenneth L. White

Ashktorab, Hassan (1998)
G1 Cell cycle arrest in gastric epithelial cells exposed to Helicobacter pylori. AACR 39 (1998): 243. A. Ahmed; H. Ashktorab; D.T. Smoot; C.R. Allen.

Ashktorab, Hassan (1998)
Polyunsaturated fat inhibits growth of H. pylori. Am. J. Gastro. 93, (1998): 1647. Smoot, D.T.; Gupte, M.; Allen, C.; Ashktorab, H.

Ashktorab, Hassan (1999)
Effectiveness of ranitidine bismuth citrate, clarithromycin, and metronidazole therapy for treating Helicobacter pylori. Am J Gastroenterol 94, No. 4 (April 1999): 955-8. Smoot, D.T.; Hinds, T.; Ashktorab, H.; Jagtap, J.; Kim, K.S.; Scott, V.F.

Ashktorab, Hassan (1999)
Effects of Helicobacter pylori on proliferation of gastric epithelial cells in vitro. Am J Gastroenterol 94, No. 6 (June 1999): 1508-11. Smoot, D.T.; Wynn, Z.; Elliott, T.B.; Allen, C.R.; Mekasha, G.; Naab, T.; Ashktorab, H.

Ashktorab, Hassan (2000)
Helicobacter pylori inhibits gastric cell cycle progression, Microbes and Infection 2(10), August 2000: 1159-1169.*Amel Ahmed, *Duane Smoot, *George Littleton, *Robert Tackey,*Curla S. Walters, Fatah Kashanchi, *Cornell R. Allen and *Hassan Ashktorab.

Ashktorab, Hassan (2000)
Alteration of p53 and NF-kB cross talk by Helicobacter Pylori in Gastric Epithelial Cells. AACR 41, 2000: 516. Ashktorab H, Neapolitano M, Allen C., Smoot, DT.

Ashktorab, Hassan (2000)
Helicobacter Pylori induces 8-OH deoxyguanosine adducts in gastric epithelial cells in vitro. AACR 41, 2000: 540. Duane Smoot, La Creis R Kidd, Seana Westcarr-Gray, Allen ,C., H. Ashktorab, John Groopman.

Ashktorab, Hassan (2000)
Influence of Helicobacter pylori on reactive oxygen induced gastric epithelial cell injury. Carcinogenesis 21, 2000: 2091-2095. D. Smoot, J. Groopman, C.R Allen, D. Jones, K. Vernon, T. Bremner, H. Ashktorab.

Ashktorab, Hassan (2000)
Influence of Helicobacter pylori on reactive oxygen-induced gastric epithelial cell injury. Carcinogenesis, Vol.21, No.11 (Nov 2000): 2091-5. Smoot DT, Elliott TB, Verspaget HW, Jones D, Allen CR, Vernon KG, Bremner T, Kidd LC, Kim KS, Groupman JD, Ashktorab H.

Ashktorab, Hassan (2001)
Promoter methylation regulates Helicobacter pylori-stimulated cyclooxygenase-2 expression in gastric epithelial cells. Cancer Res., Vol.61, No.6 (15 Mar 2001): 2399-403. Akhtar M, Cheng Y, Magno RM, Ashktorab H, Smoot DT, Meltzer SJ, Wilson KT.

Ashktorab, Hassan (2002)
In vivo and in vitro activation of caspase-8 and -3 associated with Helicobacter pylori infection Microbes and Infection / Institut Pasteur 4, No.7 (June 2002): 713-722. Ashktorab, Hassan; Neapolitano, Mattew; Bomma, Chandara; Allen, Cornel; Ahmed, Amel; Dubois, Andre; Naab, Tammy; Smoot, Duane T

Ashktorab, Hassan (2003)
p53 and p14 increase sensitivity of gastric cells to H. pylori-induced apoptosis. Dig Dis Sci. 2003 Jul;48(7):1284-91. Ashktorab H, Ahmed A, Littleton G, Wang XW, Allen CR, Tackey R, Walters C, Smoot DT.

Ashktorab, Hassan (2003)
High incidence of microsatellite instability in colorectal cancer from African Americans. Clin Cancer Res. 2003 Mar;9(3):1112-7. Ashktorab H, Smoot DT, Carethers JM, Rahmanian M, Kittles R, Vosganian G, Doura M, Nidhiry E, Naab T, Momen B, Shakhani S, Giardiello FM.

Ashktorab, Hassan (2003)
Effects of Helicobacter pylori on intracellular Ca2+ signaling in normal human gastric mucous epithelial cells. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2003 Jul;285(1):G163-76. Marlink KL, Bacon KD, Sheppard BC, Ashktorab H, Smoot DT, Cover TL, Deveney CW, Rutten MJ.

Results 476 to 500 of 7809

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