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Adams-Campbell, Lucile L (2007)
Diagnostic accuracy of the Gail model in the Black Women's Health Study. The American Journal of Medicine, Volume 20, Issue 8, August 2007: 734.e1-734.e9. Adams-Campbell LL, Makambi KH, Palmer JR, Rosenberg L.

Adams-Campbell, Lucile L (2007)
Anthropometric predictors of elevated prostate specific antigen among rural and urban Nigerians: a population-based study. West Afr J Med. 2007 Jan-Mar;26(1):7-13. Ukoli FA, Egbagbe E, Zhao BB, Lyamu E, Young D, Oside P, Osime U, Adams-Campbell LL.

Adams-Campbell, Lucile L (2007)
CES-D four-factor structure is confirmed, but not invariant, in a large cohort of African American women. Psychiatry Res. 2007 Mar 30;150(2):173-80. Williams CD, Taylor TR, Makambi K, Harrell J, Palmer JR, Rosenberg L, Adams-Campbell LL.

Adams-Campbell, Lucile L (2009)
Breast cancer risk assessments comparing Gail and CARE models in African-American women. Breast Journal, Vol.15, No.1 (Sep/Oct 2009): S72-S75. Lucile L Adams-Campbell, Kepher H Makambi, Wayne AI Frederick, Melvin Gaskins, Robert L DeWitty, and Worta McCaskill-Stevens.

Adams-Campbell, Lucille L (2007)
Molecular breast cancer subtypes in premenopausal and postmenopausal african-american women: age-specific prevalence and survival. J Surg Res. 143, No.1 (Nov 2007): 109-18. Ihemelandu CU, Leffall LD Jr, Dewitty RL, Naab TJ, Mezghebe HM, Makambi KH, Adams-Campbell L, Frederick WA.

Adams-Campbell, Lucille L (2008)
Anthropometric Risk Factors for Colorectal Polyps in African-American Women. Obesity (24 Jan 2008) [Epub ahead of print]. Wise LA, Rosenberg L, Palmer JR, Adams-Campbell LL.

Adams-Fuller, Terri (2005)
Women, Race/Ethnicity, and Crime. In: Renzetti, Claire M., Goodstein, Lynne, and Miller, Susan (eds.), Women, Crime, and Criminal Justice: Original Feminist Readings, 2nd ed. Roxbury Publishing, California, 2005.

Adams-Fuller, Terri (2006)
The Words Have Changed but the Ideology Remains the Same: Misogynistic Lyrics in Rap Music. Journal of Black Studies 36, No.6 (2006): 938-957 Adams, Terri; Fuller, Douglas.

Addae-Afoakwa, K (2008)
Malignancies in HIV: Pre- and post-highly active antiretroviral therapy. Journal of the National Medical Association 100, No.7 (2008): 817-820. Nutankalva L, Wutoh AK, McNeil J, Reddy R, Frederick W, Daftary MN, Gentles A, Addae-Afoakwa, K*.

Addagada, A (2007)
Chemistry of proton track registration in cellulose nitrate polymers. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Volume 76, Issue 4, April 2007, Pages 691-698. J.W. Mitchell and A. Addagada

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (1997)
Breast cancer education, self-efficacy, and screening in older African American women. J Natl Black Nurses Assoc. 9, No.1 (Spring-Summer 1997): 45-57. Adderley-Kelly B, Green PM

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (1998)
Howard University College of Nursing international experience: Impact on curriculum development. In: New perspectives in international health and nursing education, eds. M. da G.M. Wright and Korniewicz, 29-31. Washington, DC: Pan American Health Organization, 1998.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (1998)
Voices of care. Reflections (3rd Quarter 1998): 37-39. Beatrice V. Adderley-Kelly and B. J. Patterson and F.L.Bower.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (1999)
Partnership for health promotion in an urban community. Nurse Health Care Perspect 20, No.2 (March-April 1999): 76-81. Green, P.M.; Adderley-Kelly, B.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2000)
Health behaviors of undergraduate African-American nursing students. ABNF Journal 20(1), 2000: 7-12. Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice & Green, P. M.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2000)
Health promotion for urban middle school students: A survey of learning needs. Journal of National Black Nurses Association 11 (2), 2000: 34-38. Adderley-Kelly, B. & Green, P. M.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2002)
Health promotion for urban elderly:A survey of learning needs. Journal of the National Black Nurses Association, 13, No.1 (2002): 34-38. Green,P.M* & Adderley-Kelly, B.*

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2003)
Promoting the scholarship of research for faculty and students. The ABNF Journal 14, No.2 (2003): 41-44.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2003)
The relationhip between obesity and breast cancer. The ABNF Journal 14, No.3 (2003): 39-42. Adderley-Kelly, B.* & Williams-Stephens, E.*

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2003)
The relationship between obesity and breast cancer. ABNF J., Vol.14, No.3 (May-Jun 2003): 61-5. Review. Adderley-Kelly B, Williams-Stephens E.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2004)
Colorectal cancer knowledge, perceptions, and behaviors of African Americans. Cancer Nursing 27, No.3 (2004): 206-215. Green, Pauline M.(*) & Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2005)
Colorectal cancer in African Americans: Addressing the need for further research and utilization. Journal of the National Black Nurses Association, Vol.16, No.1 (2005): 48-54. Green, PM, and Adderley-Kelly, B.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2005)
Strategies for successful conduct of low income African Americans. Nursing Outlook, Vol.53 (2005): 147-152. Adderley-Kelly, B. & Green, P.M.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2005)
Chlamydia: A major health threat to adolescents and young adults. ABNF J., Vol.16, No.3 (May-Jun 2005): 52-5. Review. Adderley-Kelly B, Stephens EM.

Adderley-Kelly, Beatrice (2007)
The prevalence of overweight and obesity among undergraduate health sciences students. ABNF J. 2007 Spring;18(2):46-50.

Results 176 to 200 of 14997

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