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Sims, Regina C (2011)
The influence of coping with perceived racism and stress on lipid levels in African Americans. J Natl Med Assoc., Vol.103, No.7 (Jul 2011): 594-601. Denee T. Mwendwa, Regina C. Sims, Serge Madhere, Joneis Thomas, Larry D. Keen 3rd, Clive O. Callender, Alfonso L. Campbell Jr.

Sims, Regina C (2011)
Coping with perceived racism: a significant factor in the development of obesity in African American women? J Natl Med Assoc., Vol.103, No.7 (Jul 2011): 602-8. Denee T. Mwendwa, Georica Gholson, Regina C. Sims, Shellie-Ann Levy, Mana Ali, Jules Harrell, Clive O. Callender, Alfonso L. Campbell Jr,

Singer, Marc (2011)
Dark genesis: Falls from language and returns to Eden from 'Pog' to Promethea. Studies in Comics, Vol.2, No.1 (2011): 93-104.

Singer, Marc (2011)
Grant Morrison: Combining the Worlds of Contemporary Comics. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2011.

Singer, Marc (2011)
Time and narrative: Unity and discontinuity in The Invisibles. In: Matthew J. Smith and Randy Duncan (eds.), Critical Approaches to Comics: Theories and Methods, 55-70. New York: Routledge, 2012.

Siram, Suryanarayana M (2011)
Treatment outcomes of injured children at adult level 1 trauma centers: are there benefits from added specialized care? Am J Surg., Vol.201, No.4 (Apr 2011): 445-9. Tolulope A. Oyetunji, Adil H. Haider, Stephanie R. Downing, Oluwaseyi B. Bolorunduro, David T. Efron, Elliott R. Haut, David C. Chang, Edward E. Cornwell 3rd, Fizan Abdullah, Suryanarayana M. Siram.

Siram, Suryanarayana M (2011)
Negative appendectomy: a 10-year review of a nationally representative sample. Am J Surg., Vol.201, No.4 (Apr 2011): 433-7. Shiva A. Seetahal, Oluwaseyi B. Bolorunduro, Trishanna C. Sookdeo, Tolulope A. Oyetunji, Wendy R. Greene, Wayne Frederick, Edward E. Cornwell III, David C. Chang, Suryanarayana M. Siram.

Siram, Suryanarayana M (2011)
Early-stage gallbladder cancer in the surveillance, epidemiology, and end results database: Effect of extended surgical resection. Arch Surg., Vol.146, No.6 (Jun 2011): 734-8. Stephanie R. Downing, Kerry-Ann Cadogan, Gezzer Ortega, Tolulope A. Oyetunji, Suryanarayana M. Siram, David C. Chang, Nita Ahuja, Lasalle D. Leffall Jr, and Wayne A.I. Frederick.

Siram, Suryanarayana M (2011)
T4b breast masses: a retrospective review of 12 cases presenting to a metropolitan tertiary care center. J Natl Med Assoc., Vol.103, No.8 (Aug 2011): 757-61. Stephanie Downing, Ayorinde Akinrinlola, Suryanarayana M. Siram, Robert L. DeWitty Jr, Henry Paul, Konrad Dawson, Wayne A.I. Frederick.

Siram, Suryanarayana M (2012)
Living on a prayer: Religious affiliation and trauma outcomes. Am Surg., Vol.78, No.1 (Jan 2012): 66-8. Amal Khoury, Tolulope A. Oyetunji, Oluwaseyi Bolorunduro, Leila Harbour, Edward E. Cornwell Jr, Suryanarayana M. Siram, Thomas Mellman, Wendy R. Greene..

Siram, Suyanarayana M (2011)
Does the pattern of injury in elderly pedestrian trauma mirror that of the younger pedestrian? Journal of Surgical Research,Vol.167, No.1 (2011): 14-18. Suyanarayana M. Siram, Victor Sonaike, Oluwaseyi B. Bolorunduro, Wendy R. Greene, Sonja Z. Gerald, David C. Chang, Edward E. Cornwell III, Tolulope A. Oyetunji.

Sklarew, Bruce H (2012)
The analyst at the morgue: Helping families deal with traumatic bereavement. Psychoanalytic Inquiry, Vol.32, No.2 (2012): 147-157. Bruce H. Sklarew, Handel, S., Ley, S.

Sloan, Lloyd (2011)
Ethnicity, acculturation, and plagiarism: A criterion study of unethical academic conduct. Human Organization, Vol.70, No.1 (2011): 88-96. Martin, D., Rao, A., Lloyd Sloan.

Smith, D (2012)
P-211 - Ethical concerns about psychiatric genetic studies: Item functioning and bias of the questionnaire about genetic risk. European Psychiatry, Vol.27, Suppl.1 (2012).

Smith, Jonathan W (2012)
Lower/middle tropospheric ozone variability in Senegal during pre-monsoon and monsoon periods of summer 2008: Observations and model results. Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 2012, Online First™. Gregory S. Jenkins, Seydi Ndiaye, Moussa Gueye, Rachel Fitzhugh, Jonathan W. Smith, Abou Kebe.

Smith, Jonathan W (2012)
The influence of the SAL and lightning on tropospheric ozone variability over the Northern Tropical Atlantic: Results from Cape Verde during 2010. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol.39, No.20 (2012): art. no. L20810. Gregory S. Jenkins, Miliaritiana L. Robjhon, Jonathan W. Smith, Jonathan Clark, Luis Mendes.

Smith, JW (2011)
Enhancement and depletion of lower/middle tropospheric ozone in Senegal during pre-monsoon and monsoon periods of summer 2008: Observations and model results. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, Vol.11, No.3 (2011): 7155-7187. Jenkins, G.S., Ndiaye, S., Gueye, M., Fitzhugh, R., Smith, J.W., Kebe, A.

Smith, Kevin S (2011)
Prevalence of adenomyosis in hysterectomy specimens in an inner city university hospital. Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Vol.18, No.6, Suppl. (Nov-Dec 2011): S107-. B. Shokrani, S. Martin, Z. De Four, J. Samuel, K.S. Smith.

Smith, Kevin S (2011)
Essure versus vasectomy: An analysis of success, complications, pain, and pregnancy. Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Vol.18, No.6, Suppl. (Nov-Dec 2011): S47-. K.S. Smith, L.F. Gephart, J. Cooper.

Smith, Kevin S (2012)
Accuracy of ultrasonography and doppler studies in identifying ovarian torsion at a small inner city hospital: A ten year retrospective review 2001-2011. Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Vol.19, No.6, Suppl. (Nov–Dec 2012): S148. E. Yared, K.S. Smith, B. Davis.

Smith, Maurice D (2012)
School self-evaluation: A Jamaican perspective, Journal of Third World Studies, Vol.29, No.1 (2012): 137-153. Maurice D. Smith*.

Smith, Raymond D (2012)
The debt crisis and the loss of freedom: A call for moral imagination. Journal of Human Values, Vol.18, No.2 (2012): 101-112. Raymond D. Smith.

Smith, Sonya T (2011)
Simulation of the response of the inner hair cell stereocilia bundle to an acoustical stimulus. PLoS One, Vol.6, No.3 (2011): e18161. Sonya T. Smith, R.S. Chadwick RS.

Smith, Sonya T (2011)
Performance evaluation of fuzzy switching position controller for automation and process industry control. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol.47, No.5 (2011): art. no. 5953508/2274-2282. Ahmed Rubaai, J. Jerry, S.T. Smith.

Smith, Sonya T (2011)
Nanofluidics of mammalian hearing. ASME 2011 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, IMECE 2011, Vol.2 (2011): 877-880. Sonya T. Smith, Chadwick, R.

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