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Robinson, Grace E (2005)
The use of a resin-ionomer to induce repair of furcation perforations. Postgraduate Dentist Caribbean 2, No.1 (2005): 12-16. West, N*; Henley, G*; Davenport, JM; and Robinson, GE*.

Rouse, Leo E (2005)
Predicting successful matriculation through basic sciences curriculum at Howard Dentistry. Journal of Dental Research 85 (Special Issue 2005). Leo E. Rouse, Garnett L. Henley, Cecile E. Skinner.

Rouse, Leo E (2008)
Profile of the dentist in the oral healthcare team in countries with developed economies. European Journal of Dental Education 12, No.s1 (Feb 2008): 101-110. M Sanz, E Treasure, W van Dijk, C Feldman, H Groeneveld, M Kellett, J. Pazdera, Leo Rouse, V Sae-Lim, A Seth-Smith, E Yen, P Zarkowski.

Rouse, Leo E (2011)
ADEA President-elect's address. Journal of Dental Education, Vol.75, No.7 (2011): 848-849.

Rouse, Leo E (2011)
Parsing banner downloaded data into a flat-file format for analysis. In: Hansel Burley (ed.), Cases on Institutional Research Systems, Ch.4. Hershey, PA: IGI Global Publishers, 2011. Garnett L. Henley, Gerunda B. Hughes, Twanda Feimster, and Leo E Rouse,

Rouse, Leo E (2014)
Body dismorphic disorder and cosmetic dentistry. Dentistry Today, 2014): Course No. 171. Willie J. Winfree, Leo E. Rouse, Ronald S. Brown.

Rouse, Leo E (2014)
Body dysmorphic disorder and cosmetic dentistry: Diagnostic, management, and ethical issues. Dentalcetoday, 2014, Course No.171. Willie J. Winfree, Leo E. Rouse, Ronald S. Brown.

Sam, Frances (2007)
Recurrent Aphthous Ulcerations: General Characteristics, Epidemiology, Etiology, Differential Diagnosis, and Therapy. The American Dental Institute 982 (2007): 3. Sam F, Sheikh A, Reid E, Brown RS.

Sam, Frances (2007)
Plummer Vinson Syndrome: A case report and literature review. The Internet Journal of Dental Science 5, No.2 (2007). Davidson O. Lawoyin, Errol Reid, Frances Sam, Temidayo Obayomi, Andrea Bonnick.

Sam, Frances (2007)
Concurrent presentation of cutaneous and oral soft tissue vitiligo: A case report and literature review. The Internet Journal of Dental Science 5, No.2 (2007). Davidson O. Lawoyin, Ronald S. Brown, Errol Reid, Frances S Sam, Temidayo Obayomi.

Sam, Frances (2008)
Treating the individual tooth, not the patient: case reports. Dent Today 27, No.4 (Apr 2008): 94, 96-9. Reid E, Sam Frances E, Jones Robert L, Brown Ronald S.

Sam, Frances E (2011)
Office computer systems for the dental office. Dent Clin North Am., Vol.55, No.3 (Jul 2011): 549-57. Frances E. Sam, Andrea M. Bonnick.

Sami, Ali (2015)
Individuals with a long face growth pattern and excess inferior scleral exposure: Is there improvement after maxillary (Le Fort I) advancement and vertical shortening? Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Vol.73, No.9 (2015): 1809-1815. Jeffrey C. Posnick, Ali Sami.

Sanders, Charles F (2000)
The black and white of dental education in the United States enrollment and graduation trends. J Natl Med Assoc. 92(11), Nov 2000: 536-43. *Brown RS, Schwartz JL, *Coleman-Bennett M, * Sanders CF.

Scannapieco, Frank A (2015)
Hospital admissions for pneumonia more likely with concomitant dental infections. Clin Oral Investig,, Vol.19, No.6 (2015): 1261-1268. Brian Laurence, Nee-Kofi Mould-Millman, Frank A. Scannapieco, Armin Abron.

Schwartz, Joel L (1995)
Molecular and Biochemical Control of Tumor Growth Following Treatment with Carotenoids or Tosophrols. Nutrition and Cancer. Prevention and Treatment, ed. K. Prasad et al., 287-316. Totowa, N.J.: Plenum Press, 1995.

Schwartz, Joel L (1995)
Altered Cytokeratin Expression in Carcinogenesis Inhibition by Antioxidant Nutrients. Nutrition and Cancer 24 (1995): 47-56.

Schwartz, Joel L (1995)
Ascorbic Acid and Cancer. Ascorbic Acid: Biochemistry, Biomedical and Cell Biology., 233-47. New York: Plenum Press, 1995.

Schwartz, Joel L (1996)
The Dual Role of Chemopreventative Agents. Journal of Nutrition 126 (1996): 1221S-27S.

Schwartz, Joel L (1996)
Animal Model for the Pathology of Aging: Osteoporosis and Periodontis. International Journal of Oral Biology 21 (1996): 1-9.

Schwartz, Joel L (1996)
The Expression of p53 and the Inhibition of Neovascularization and Oral Carcinogenesis with Glutathione Treatment. Nutrition and Cancer 26 (1996): 229-37.

Schwartz, Joel L (1996)
Vitamin E, the Expression of p53 and the Suppression of Neovascularization. European Journal of Cancer. Part B. Oral Oncology 32B (1996): 114-19.

Schwartz, Joel L (1997)
Retinoid and Caroenoid Angiogenesis Activity: A Possible Mechanism for Enhanced Tumor Growth. Nutrition and Cancer 27, no. 2 (1997): 192-99. J L S.chwartz, et al.

Schwartz, Joel L (1999)
In vitro growth changes of oral human keratinocytes after treatment with carotenoids, retinoid, and/or DMBA. Nutrition and Cancer 33, No.1 (1999): 58-68. Schwartz, J.L.

Schwartz, Joel L (2000)
Experimental oral carcinoma of the tongue and buccal mucosa: possible biologic markers linked to cancers at two anatomic sites. Oral Oncol. 36(2), Mar 2000: 225-35. *Schwartz JL, *Gu X, *Kittles RA, Baptiste A, Shklar G.

Results 326 to 350 of 409

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