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Kerr, Gail S (2012)
A woman with rheumatoid arthritis, Sjögren's syndrome, leg ulcer, and significant weight loss. Arthritis Care & Research, 2012, Accepted Article (Accepted, unedited articles published online for future issues). Gail S Kerr, Anita Aggarwal, Shelly McDonald-Pinkett.

Kerr, Gail S (2012)
Adherence with bisphosphonate therapy in US veterans with rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis Care & Research, Vol.64, No.12 (Dec 2012): 1864–1870. J. Steuart Richards, Grant W. Cannon, Candace L. Hayden, Richard L. Amdur, Deana Lazaro, Ted R. Mikuls, Andreas M. Reimold, Liron Caplan, Dannette S. Johnson, Pascale Schwab, Bogdan N. Cherascu, Gail S. Kerr.

Kerr, Gail S (2012)
Identifying provider counseling practices using natural language processing: Gout example. Proceedings - 2012 IEEE 2nd Conference on Healthcare Informatics, Imaging and Systems Biology, Art.No. 6366218 (2012): 127. Patterson, O.V., Gail S. Kerr, Richards, J.S., Nunziato, C.A., Maron, D.D., Amdur, R.L., DuVall, S.L.

Ketete, Muluemebet (2012)
The metabolically healthy but obese phenotype in African Americans. The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, Vol.14, No.2 (2012): 92-96. Rabia Cherqaoui, Thaslim A. Kassim, John Kwagyan, Clyde Freeman, Gail Nunlee-Bland, Muluemebet Ketete, Shichen Xu, Otelio S. Randall.

Khoury, Amal L (2012)
Living on a prayer: Religious affiliation and trauma outcomes. Am Surg., Vol.78, No.1 (Jan 2012): 66-8. Amal Khoury, Tolulope A. Oyetunji, Oluwaseyi Bolorunduro, Leila Harbour, Edward E. Cornwell Jr, Suryanarayana M. Siram, Thomas Mellman, Wendy R. Greene..

Khurshid, Kurshid A (2012)
Relationship between attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and delayed sleep phase disorder. Mind & Brain, Journal of Psychiatry, 2012.

Kibreab, Angesom (2012)
Tu1721 safety and hemodynamic outcome of same day versus different day endoscopic procedures and dialysis among hospitalized patients. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Vol.75, Vol.4, Suppl. (Apr 2012): AB501-. Angesom Kibreab, Akeem O. Adebogun, Yewande E. Odeyemi, Belen Tesfaye, Priya Gopie, Donique D. Jones, Andrew K. Sanderson, Miriam Michael, Constance Mere, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo.

Kidwell Jr, Earl D (2012)
Enucleation and evisceration: 20 years of experience. Orbit, Vol.31, No.4 (2012): 211-215. Salman J. Yousuf, Leslie S. Jones,, Earl D. Kidwell Jr.

Kidwell, Earl D (2012)
Evaluation and management of eyelid and eyelash malposition for the anterior segment surgeon. In: Robert A. Copeland Jr. and Natalie Afshari (eds.), Copeland and Afshari's Principles and Practice of Cornea (New Delhi, India: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, 2012), 959-965. Salman J Yousuf*, Earl D Kidwell.

Kindred, Chesahna (2012)
History of Howard University Hospital Department of Dermatology and Residency Program. J Drugs Dermatol., Vol.11, No.8 (Aug 2012): 991-2. Ahmad Reza Hossani-Madani*, Chesahna Kindred*, Sharon Bridgeman-Shah, Ife Rodney, Rebat M. Halder.

Kobayashi, Ihori (2012)
Subjectively and objectively measured sleep with and without posttraumatic stress disorder and trauma exposure. Sleep, Vol.35, No.7 (2012): 957-965. Ihori Kobayashi, Huntley, E., Lavela, J., Thomas A. Mellman

Kobayashi, Ihori (2012)
Gender differences in sleep during the aftermath of trauma and the development of posttraumatic stress disorder. Behav Sleep Med., Vol.10, No.3 (2012): 180-90. Ihori Kobayashi, Thomas A. Mellman.

Kobayashi, Ihori (2012)
One's sex, sleep, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Biology of Sex Differences, Vol.3, No.29 (2012). Ihori Kobayashi, Nancy Cowdin, Thomas A Mellman.

Konda, Sailesh (2012)
Age-related percutaneous penetration Part 2: Effect of age on dermatopharmacokinetics and overview of transdermal products. Skin Therapy Letter, Vol.17, No.6 (Jun 2012). Sailesh Konda, Susan R. Meier-Davis, Brenda Cayme, Jutaro Shudo, Howard I. Maibach,

Konda, Sailesh (2012)
Resident rounds: Part II - Disorders of pigmentation. J Drugs Dermatol., Vol.11, No.8 (Aug 2012): 997-998. Mwatsveruka N. Munhutu, Sailesh Konda, Annyce Treherne, Aanand N. Geria.

Koretsky, Irina A (2012)
A new species of Leptophoca (Carnivora, Phocidae, Phocinae) from both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean (Miocene Seals of The Netherlands, Part I). Deinsea (Jaarbericht Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam), Vol.15 (2012): 1-12. Irina A. Koretsky, C.E. Ray, and N. Peters.

Korotcov, Alexandru (2012)
Gadolinium metallofullerenol nanoparticles inhibit cancer metastasis through matrix metalloproteinase inhibition: imprisoning instead of poisoning cancer cells. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, Vol.8, No.2 (Feb 2012): 136-146. Huan Meng, Gengmei Xing, Elvin Blanco, Yan Song, Lina Zhao, Baoyun Sun, Xiaoda Li, Paul C. Wang, Alexandru Korotcov, et al.

Korotcov, Alexandru (2012)
Glucosamine-linked near-infrared fluorescent probes for imaging of solid tumor Xenografts. Mol Imaging Biol., Vol.14, No.4 (2012): 443-451. Alexandru V. Korotcov, Ye Y, Yue Chen, Zhang F, Huang S, Lin S, Sridhar R, Achilefu S, Paul C. Wang.

Kotelkin, Alexander (2012)
CDK2 regulates HIV-1 transcription by phosphorylation of CDK9 on serine 90. Retrovirology, Vol.9 (9 Nov 2012): 94. Denitra Breuer, Alexander Kotelkin, Tatiana Ammosova, Namita Kumari, Andrey Ivanov, Ilatovskiy AV, Beullens M, Philip R. Roane, Bollen M, Petukhov MG, Kashanchi F, Sergei Nekhai.

Kumar, Shubhada (2012)
Speckle tracking–derived mitral annular velocities predict mortality in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Echocardiography, Vol.29, No.5 (May 2012): 560–567. Sirikarn Napan, Thaslim A. Kassim, Shubhada Kumar, Bryan H. Curry, Michael D. Greenberg.

Kumar, Shubhada (2012)
Speckle tracking-derived mitral annular velocities predict mortality in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Echocardiography, Vol.29, No.5 (2012): 560-567. Sirikam Napan, Thaslim A. Kassim, Shubhada Kumar, Bryan H. Curry, Michael D. Greenberg.

Kumari, Namita (2012)
HIV-1 resistant CDK2-Knockdown macrophage-like cells generated from 293T cell-derived human induced pluripotent stem cells. Biology, Vol.1, No.2 (2012): 175-195. Marina Jerebtsova, Namita Kumari, Min Xu, Gustavo Brito Alvim de Melo, Xiaomei Niu, Kuan-Teh Jeang, Sergei Nekhai.

Kurukumbi, Mohankumar (2012)
Acute ischemic stroke secondary to iron deficiency anemia: A case report. Case Report Neurol Med. (2012): 487080. Preema J. Mehta, Sherita Chapman, Annapurni Jayam-Trouth, Mohankumar Kurukumbi.

Kurukumbi, Mohankumar (2012)
A rare case of occipital stroke as a consequence of nonbacterial thrombotic endocarditis in ovarian clear cell carcinoma: a case report. Case Rep Neurol., Vol.4, No.1 (Jan 2012): 84-91. Devulapalli S, Pinto N, Gandothra C, Jayam-Trouth A, Kurukumbi M.

Kurukumbi, Mohankumar (2012)
Myasthenia Gravis: A review. Autoimmune Diseases, 2012, Article ID 874680, 10 pages Annapurni Jayam Trouth, Alok Dabi, Noha Solieman, Mohankumar Kurukumbi, and Janaki Kalyanam.

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