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Berezovskaya, Faina S (2012)
Is it possible to prevent the “Tragedy of common resource”?. Mat. Biolog. Bioinform., Vol.7,No.1 (2012): 30-44 (Mi mbb87), Proceedings of The Second National Conference "Mathematical Modeling in Ecology". F. S. Berezovskaya, I. G. Kareva, G. P. Karev.

Berezovskaya, Farina (2012)
Transitional regimes as early warning signals in resource dependent competition models. Mathematical Biosciences, Vol.240, No.2 (Dec 2012): 114-123. Kareva, I., Farina Berezovskaya, Castillo-Chavez, C.

Berg-Cross, Linda (2012)
Counseling patients with chronic lung disease: Interdisciplinary strategies for reducing distress. In: Linda Chlan and Marshall I. I. Hertz (eds.), Integrative Therapies in Lung Health and Sleep, 305-322. (Springer, 2012). Kathleen F. Sarmiento and Linda Berg-Cross.

Berg-Cross, Linda (2012)
Zombie Families : A Parent Handbook on Sleep Deprivation and Family Dynamics. Dog Ear Publishing, 2012.

Berhe, Solomon A (2012)
Antitrypanosomal activities and cytotoxicity of some novel imidosubstituted 1,4-naphthoquinone derivatives. Arch Pharm Res., Vol.35, No.1 (Jan 2012): 27-33. Mozna H. Khraiwesh, Clarence M. Lee, Yakini Brandy, Emmanuel S. Akinboye, Solomon Berhe, Genelle Gittens, Muneer M. Abbas, Franklin R. Ampy, Mohammad Ashraf and Oladapo Bakare.

Bernor, Raymond L (2011)
Equidae. In: Terry Harrison (ed.), Paleontology and Geology of Laetoli: Human Evolution in Context. Vol.2: Fossil Hominins and the Associated Fauna, 295-326. New York: Springer, 2011. Miranda J. Armour-Chelu, Raymond L. Bernor.

Bernor, Raymond L (2011)
The Maragheh bovids (Mammalia, Artiodactyla): Systematic revision and biostratigraphic-zoogeographic interpretation. Geodiversitas, Vol.33, No.4 (2011): 649-708. Kostopoulos, D.S., Raymond L. Bernor.

Bernor, Raymond L (2011)
Systematics and Paleobiology of Hippotherium malpassii n. sp. (Equidae, Mammalia) from the latest Miocene of Baccinello V3 (Tuscany, Italy). Bollettino della Societa Paleontologica Italiana, Vol.50, No.3 (2011): 175-208. Raymond L. Bernor, Kaiser, T.M., Nelson, S.V., Rook, L.

Bernor, Raymond L (2011)
Reevaluation of Siwalik hipparions. (Abstr.) Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, SVP Program and Abstracts Book 2011. Dominik Wolf, Raymond L. Bernor, and S. Taseer Hussain.

Bernor, Raymond L (2012)
Eurygnathohippus feibeli (Perissodactyla: Mammalia) from the late Miocene of as Sahabi (Libya) and its evolutionary and biogeographic significance. Bollettino della Societa Paleontologica Italiana, Vol.51, No.1 (2012): 39-48. Raymond L. Bernor., Boaz, N.T., Rook, L

Bernor, Raymond L (2012)
New observations on the paleodiet of the late miocene Höwenegg (Hegau, Germany) Hippotherium primigenium (Mammalia, Equidae). Bollettino della Societa Paleontologica Italiana, Vol.51, No.3 (2012): 185-191. Wolf, D., Semprebon, G.M., Raymond L. Bernor.

Bertera, Elizabeth M (2012)
Adaptation of the Communication Skills Attitude Scale (CSAS) to dental students. Journal of Dental Education, Vol.76, No.12 (Dec 2012): 1629-1638. Brian Laurence, Elizabeth M. Bertera, Tawana Feimster, Roberta Hollander, Carolyn Stroman.

Beyene, Desta (2012)
Association of cumulative ultraviolet radiation exposure with prostate cancer risk in a case-control study of African-American men. The Open Prostate Cancer Journal, Vol.5 (2012): 8-14. Yasmine M. Kanaan, Desta Beyene, Mohammad Daremipouran, Augustine Mireku-Boateng, Robert Williams, Aaron Jackson, George E. Bonney, Victor Apprey, Marlon G. Daniel, Anthony K. Wutoh, JoyAnn Phillips Rohan, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Robert L. Copeland Jr.

Beyerly, CM (2012)
The Geography of Women and Media Scholarship. In: Karen Ross (ed.), The Handbook of Gender, Sex, and Media, 1-19 (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012).

Bezandry, Paul H (2011)
Almost periodic stochastic processes. New York: Springer, 2011. Paul H. Bezandry, Toka Diagana.

Bezandry, Paul H (2011)
Mean almost periodic solutions to some stochastic difference equations. In: Paul H. Bezandry and Toka Diagana (eds.), Almost Periodic Stochastic Processes, 213-223. New York/Heidelberg: Springer, 2011. Paul H. Bezandry and Toka Diagana.

Bezandry, Paul H (2011)
Existence results for some partial stochastic differential equations. In: Paul H. Bezandry and Toka Diagana (eds.), Almost Periodic Stochastic Processes, 143-195. New York/Heidelberg: Springer: 2011. Paul H. Bezandry and Toka Diagana.

Bezandry, Paul H (2012)
Existence of almost periodic solutions for semilinear stochastic evolution equations driven by fractional Brownian motion. Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, No.156 (2012): 21p.

Bezandry, Paul H (2012)
Note on the almost periodic stochastic Beverton–Holt equation. Bridging mathematics, statistics, engineering and technology. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Vol.24 (2012): 47-54. Paul H. Bezandry.

Bhan, Chandra (2012)
Adsorption-desorption study of BSA conjugated silver nanoparticles (Ag/BSA NPs) on collagen immobilized substrates. Langmuir, Vol.28, No.49 (2012): 17043-17052. C. Bhan*, R. Mandlewala*, A. Gebregeorgis*, Dharmaraj Raghavan.

Bhatti, Babur H (2012)
Antidepressant-like effects of low Ketamine dose is associated with increased hippocampal Ampa/Nmda receptor density ratio in female Wistar-Kyoto rats. Neuroscience, Vol.213 (2012): 72-80. Yousef Tizabi, Babur H. Bhatti, Kebreten F. Manaye, Jharna R. Das, Luli Akinfiresoye.

Bhayani, N (2011)
Diabetes Mellitus is not associated with worse outcomes following open abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Journal of Surgical Research, Vol.165, No.2 (Feb 2011): 341 (Abstract). K. Hughes, J.D. Jackson, S.K. Onguti, P.L. Turner, Oluwaseyi Bolorunduro, N. Bhayani, A. Mcunu, Edward E. Cornwell III, D.A. Rose.

Bhayani, Neil H (2012)
Predictors of marginal ulcers after laparoscopic Roux-En-Y gastric bypass. Journal of Surgical Research, Vol.172, No.2 (Feb 2012): 224-227, Neil H. Bhayani, Tolulope A. Oyetunji, David C. Chang, Edward E. Cornwell III, Daniel D. Tran, Gezzer Ortega, Terrence M. Fullum.

Bindus, Désirée (2012)
The enigma of learning disabilities: Examination via a neuropsychological framework. In: The Neuropsychology of Paychopathology, ed. by Chad Noggle and Raymond Dean (Springer, 2012), 75-96. James B. Hales, Lisa A. Hain, Ryan Murphy, Gina Cancelliere, Desirée L. Bindus*, Hanna A. Kubas.

Blackmon, JV (2012)
Leaders of the new school: The Bennie and Kera Johnson collection. International Review of African American Art, Vol.24, No.1 (2012): 35-37. J.V. Blackmon.

Results 226 to 250 of 2699

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