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Thomas, Veronica G (2010)
Evaluation Use. International Encyclopedia of Education (2010): 614-621. Veronica G. Thomas.

Thomas, Veronica G (2011)
Looking ahead: The future of evaluation. American Journal of Evaluation, Vol.32, No.4 (2011): 565. Smith, N.L., Brandon, P.R., Hwalek, M., Kistler, S.J., Labin, S.N., Rugh, J., Veronica G. Thomas, Yarnall, L.

Thomas, Veronica G (2011)
Cultural issues in evaluation: From margin toward center. American Journal of Evaluation, Vol.32, No.4 (2011): 578-582.

Thomas, Veronica G (2011)
Paradoxes in obesity with mid-life African American women. Journal of the National Medical Association, Vol.103, No.1 (2011): 17-25. M.H. Gaston, G.K. Porter, Veronica G. Thomas.

Thomas, Yonette (2011)
Age-related differences in cigarette smoking among whites and African-Americans: Evidence for the crossover hypothesis. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Vol.118, No.2-3 (Nov 2011): 280-287. Denise Kandel, Christine Schaffran, Mei-Chen Hu, Yonette Thomas.

Thomas, Yonette F (2012)
Crime, HIV and health: Intersections of criminal justice and public health concerns. Crime and Public Health in the United States (2013): 16p. Bill Sanders, Bethany Deeds and Yonette F. Thomas.

Thompson, Dianne N (2012)
Su1436 association of race-ethnicity and socioeconomic status with colorectal cancer screening utilization among a nationally representative sample of US adults. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Vol.75, Vol.4, Suppl. (Apr 2012): AB331-. Richard A. Barrett, Dianne N. Thompson, Nisser A. Umar, Hassan Brim, Hassan Ashktorab, Tamaro S. Hudson, Duane T. Smoot, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo

Thompson, Terry L (2011)
Surgical trends in Bankart repair: An analysis of data from the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery certification examination. Am. J. Sports Med., published 31 May 2011. Brett D. Owens, John J. Harrast, Shepard R. Hurwitz, Terry L. Thompson and Jennifer Moriatis Wolf.

Thompsona, Adrian (2001)
Multiple pathways linking racism to health outcomes. Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race, Vol.8, No.1 (2011): 143-157. Camara Jules P. Harrell, Tanisha I. Burford, Brandi N. Cage, Travette McNair Nelson, Sheronda Shearon, Adrian Thompsona, Steven Green.

Tidwell, Angela (2012)
Supplier selection using QFD: A consumer products case study. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, Vol.29. No.3 (2012): 284-294. Angela Tidwell, J. Scott Sutterfield.

Tieu, Alan (2012)
Su1434 nativity, race-ethnicity and the prevalence of colorectal neoplasia. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Vol.75, No.4, Suppl. (Apr 2012): AB330-. Nneoma O. Okoronkwo, Chukwuma Umunakwe, Alan Tieu, John Kwagyan, Hassan Brim, Hassan Ashktorab, Edward L. Lee, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo

Timbrell, Charles (2011)
William Youn: Schubert 4 Impromptus, D 935 (op. 142). Fanfare, 29 Dec 2011.

Timbrell, Charles (2011)
Béla Hartmann: Schubert Piano Sonata in D, D 850. 16 Ländler, D734. Fanfare, 26 Nov, 2011.

Timbrell, Charles (2011)
Lonquich plays Schumann. Fanfare, July/Aug 2011: 402-03.

Timbrell, Charles (2011)
Wurtz plays Schubert. Fanfare, Jan/Feb 2012: 465-66.

Timbrell, Charles (2011)
Durakoglu plays Debussy. Fanfare, Nov/Dec 2011: 403.

Timbrell, Charles (2011)
Nebolsin plays Schubert. Fanfare, Nov/Dec 2011: 554.

Timbrell, Charles (2011)
Schumann, by Daniel Gortler. International Record Review, Feb. 2011: 51.

Timbrell, Charles (2011)
Defining Liszt (symposium). International Piano, Mar/Apr 2011: 39-42.

Timbrell, Charles (2011)
Scarlatti, by Alice Ader. International Recond Review, Mar 2011: 54.

Timbrell, Charles (2011)
Sauer plays Beethoven. Fanfare, July/Aug 2011: 147.

Timbrell, Charles (2012)
Grimaud plays Mozart. International Record Review, Jan 2012: 47-48.

Timbrell, Charles (2012)
Achucarro plays Falla, Debussy, Ravel. Fanfare, Jan/Feb 2012: 561-62.

Ting, Andy Hai (2011)
Improve the strength of PLA/HA composite through the use of surface initiated polymerization and phosphonic acid coupling agent. Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Vol.116, No.5 (2011): 785-796. Tongxin Wang, L.C. Chow, S.A. Frukhtbeyn, Andy Hai Ting, Quanxiao Dong, M. Yang, James W. Mitchell.

Tirmazi, MT (2011)
The impact of acculturation on depression among older muslim immigrants in the United States. J Gerontol Soc Work, Vol.54, No.4 (May 2011): 425-48. Soleman H. Abu-Bader, M.T. Tirmazi*, Fariyal F. Ross-Sheriff.

Results 2401 to 2425 of 2681

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