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Abegunrin, Olayiwola (2003)
Nigerian Foreign Policy under Military Rule, 1966-1999. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2003.

Abegunrin, Olayiwola (2003)
The Political History of Nigeria. In: Clifford D. Merryman et al., eds. Dimensions of Power: Readings in Power and Society, 61-67. 2nd edition; Acton, MA: Copley Custom Publishing Group, 2003.

Abegunrin, Olayiwola (2004)
The Military and Nigerian Political Economy in the Global System, In: Kwadwo Konadu-Agyemang (ed.), Africa's Development in the 21st Century: Some Pertinent Issues, Opportunities and Challenges (Burlington, VT:Ashgate International, 2004).

Abegunrin, Olayiwola (2004)
The Soviet/Russian Involvement in Southern African Liberation Struggle, 1960-1990. In: Maxim Matusevich (ed.), Africa in Russia, Russia in Africa, Three Centuries of Encounters (Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, 2005).

Abegunrin, Olayiwola (2006)
Restructuring Nigerian Federalism: The Imperative of A Sovereign National Conference. In: in Segun Gbadegesin (ed.), The Imperative of Cultural Democracy in Nigeria, 88-112. Mitchellville, MD: Pinnacle Publications, 2006.

Abegunrin, Olayiwola (2006)
Chief M.K.O. Abiola's Presidential Ambitions and Yoruba Democratic Rights. In: Ann Genova and Toyin Falola (eds.), Yoruba Identity and Power Politics (Rochester, NY: University Rochester Press, 2006.

Abegunrin, Olayiwola (2006)
Nigeria in Global Politics: Twentieth Century and Beyond. Olayiwola Abegunrin and Olusoji Akomolafe (eds.). New York: Nova Publishers, 2006.

Abegunrin, Olayiwola (2009)
Africa in global politics in the twenty-first century: A Pan-African perspective. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

Abegunrin, Olayiwola (2010)
African integration: From OAU to AU. In Hakeem I. Tijani, Raphael C. Njoku and Tiffany F. Jones (eds), Africa and the Wider World, 363-382. New York: Pearson Learning Solutions, 2010.

Abegunrin, Olayiwola (2012)
Review of: Redefining Moments for Project Nigeria in the Twenty-First Century, by Jibo Nura (London: Authors OnLine Ltd, 2010). African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review, Vol.2, No.1 (Spr 2012): 170-172.

Abernathy, Shawn M (2011)
Influence of viscosity on the enthalpy of vaporization of toluene in mineral oil and 5W-30 motor oil. ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts, 2011. Shawn M. Abernathy.

Abraham, Jessy (2008)
Molecular risk assessment for breast cancer development in patients with ductal hyperplasias. Clin Cancer Res. 2008 Feb 15;14(4):1274-80. Poola I, Abraham J, Marshalleck JJ, Yue Q, Lokeshwar VB, Bonney G, Dewitty RL.

Abraham, Jessy (2009)
Molecular constitution of breast but not other reproductive tissues is rich in growth promoting molecules: A possible link to highest incidence of tumor growths. FEBS Letters, In Press, Uncorrected Proof, Available online 19 August 2009. Indira Poola, Jessy Abraham, Josephine J Marshalleck, Qingqi Yue, Sidney W Fu, Lokesh Viswanath, Nikhil Sharma, Russel Hill, Robert L DeWitty, George Bonney.

Abrams, Cyntia K (2009)
Erythrocyte total carbonic anhydrase esterase activity in african american obese children: reduction starts at a young age. Biochem Genet. Vol.47, No.3-4 (Apr 2009): 322-8. Malheiro AJ, Kanwal K Gambhir, Gail Nunlee-Bland, Cynthia K Abrams, Verle E Headings, Abdul-Rahman M.

Abrha, Yirgaalem (2000)
Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) recovery from spiked organic matrix using accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) and Soxhlet extraction. Journal of Hazardous Materials 80(1-3), 30 December 2000: 147-157. **Yirgaalem Abrha and *D Raghavan.

Abrha, Yirgaalem (2000)
Characterization of heterogeneous regions in polymer systems using tapping mode and force mode atomic force microscopy. Langmuir 16(24), 2000: 2454. D. Raghavan, M. VanLandingham, X. Gu**, and T. Nguyen.

Abrha, Yirgaalem (2000)
Comparison of ASE and Soxhlet extraction for PCB determination in PCB spiked organic matrices. Journal of Hazardous Materials B80,147, 2000: 147. Yirgaalem Abrha** and D. Raghavan,

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2000)
Work satisfaction, burnout, and turnover among social workers in Israel: A causal diagram. International Journal of Social Welfare, Vol.9, No.3 (2000): 191-200.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2002)
Predictors of life satisfaction in frail elderly. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, Vol.38, No.3 (2002): 3-17. Soleman H. Abu-Bader, Anissa Rogers, Amanda Barusch.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2003)
Parent-adolescent conflict and its resolution in monogamous and polygamous Bedouin Arab families in southern Israel. ScientificWorldJournal 5, No.3 (Dec 2003): 1249-64. Elbedour S, Hektner JM, Morad M, Abu-Bader SH.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2005)
Gender, ethnicity, and job satisfaction among social workers in Israel. Administration in Social Work 29, No.3 (2005): 7-21.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2006)
The scope of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse in a Bedouin-Arab community of female adolescents: The interplay of racism, urbanization, polygamy, family honor, and the social marginalization of women. Child Abuse Negl., Vol.30, No.3 (Mar 2006): 215-29. Elbedour S, Abu-Bader S, Onwuegbuzie AJ, Abu-Rabia A, El-Aassam S.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2006)
Predictors of depression among former welfare recipients: a path diagram. Best Practices in Mental Health: An International Journal, Vol.2, No.2 (2006): 1-22. Soleman H. Abu-Bader, Sandra E. Crewe.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2006)
Using Statistical Methods in Social Work Practice. Chicago: Lyceum Books, 2005.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2008)
The impact of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the well-being of Arab Americans in New York City. Journal of Muslim Mental Health, Vol.3, No.2 (2008): 217. Wahiba Abu-Ras, Soleman H. Abu-Bader.

Results 26 to 50 of 14997

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