Alternative Spring Break: A History of Service

For nearly 40 years, Howard students have passed up vacations of fun in the sun in Florida or the Caribbean during their Spring Break and instead rolled up their sleeves to help families across America.

Since Hurricane Katrina, more than 300 students annually span out across the nation to help others. 
Last year, they worked in New Orleans, where thousands are still recovering from the devastation of the 2005 hurricane; Chicago, where gun violence haunts the city’s children; Detroit, where nearly a quarter of the city’s adults are functionally illiterate, and Washington, D.C., where many young people’s dreams of a brighter future are clouded by despair. 

Additionally, they helped in Haiti, which is still rebuilding after the 2010 earthquake that left many homeless amid widespread destruction.

On March 10, they will be returning to those locations where they will provide tutoring, cook and serve lunches and dinners, clean up lots and paint houses, provide legal assistance and other needed help.

Watch the video to learn more about this program, which was created by the Office of the Dean of the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel.  Afterwards, please consider a donation to help this student-run, student-organized, student-financed effort continue its good work.

ASB 2011 Video: