Spring Break 2012 - Atlanta
ASB Atlanta 2012 Introduction:
While in Atlanta:
More than 100 Howard students will spend most of the week at Hope Hill Elementary School working one-on-one with its 350 ...more
In the News In the News
HU Students Forgo Spring Break to Better Lives in Atlanta

Hundreds of students flocked to Atlanta and partied over spring break. Some of Howard University's best students were not among them. They were in Atlanta, but they lent a helping hand to underserved students in Atlanta and even Africa through the university's Alternative Spring Break program.
From March 12 to March 16, more than 50 Howard students tutored students at Douglass High School and Therrell High School in reading and math in preparation for standardized state test as well as college entrance exams. They also mentored students at Hope Hill Elementary School and Toomor Elementary School.....more 

ASB Atlanta 2012 Coordinator(s)
ASB Atlanta 2012 Coordinator
Jasmine Tucker
Name: Jasmine E. Tucker
Classification: Junior
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Major: Sociology Major, Afro-American Studies Minor
Itinerary Itinerary
  • Sunday, March 11th
    9:00 – Bus 1 and 2 Depart Castleberry Hotel
Atlanta Facts Atlanta Facts
Atlanta Facts
Atlanta, Georgia’s most populous city and the third largest metropolitan area in the Southeast..more
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