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While in Atlanta
More than 100 Howard students will spend most of the week at Hope Hill Elementary School working one-on-one with its 350 students preparing them for upcoming state achievement tests. Hope Hill is located at 112 Boulevard in a relatively poor neighborhood in northeast Atlanta.  Ninety-six percent of students at the school are on free or reduced lunch.
Still, the school’s principal and staff maintain the highest standards.  Students are encouraged from kindergarten to consider college. Each classroom, for example, is named after a college or university. Howard has its own room with a pendant over the door. Additionally, each student annually receives a T-shirt from one of the nation’s colleges or universities.  

Howard students worked with the students last year, after which, school officials reported, significant improvement in reading scores on standardized tests.  This year, they will be working on reading and math.

Additionally, Howard students will take the children on a tour of local historically Black colleges in Atlanta.
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