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By Alyssa Heard
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Fannie C. Williams Charter School Marching Warriors Talent, Dedication Impress ASB Volunteers

The middle school marching band is made up of students from almost every grade, including kindergarten.

NEW ORLEANS (March 13) – In a city known for its music, members of the Howard University Showtime Marching Band decided to give a lesson.

Members of the band, here for a week as part of Howard University’s Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program, worked with student members of the Fannie C. Williams Charter School Marching Warriors on their musicianship and skills.
Fannie C. Williams isn’t your average school. From pre-kindergarten to eighth grade, students are taught that “the road to college begins here,” according to the Chief Academic Officer, Tarynesa ‘Terri’ Williams.

“A goal of the school is to always keep college on their minds,” Williams said.

As part of that effort, students are identified by the year they would go to college. This is all in efforts to prepare them for the college process, Williams said, and one way the school keeps students pointed toward that goal is its own marching band program.

That said, members of Howard’s band, part of the nearly 100 students working as part of ASB in New Orleans, decided to help the students by teaching them some fundamental components to band culture.

Charissa Moye, a senior music business major from York, Pa., led a short trumpet sectional, where she taught the students the importance of a strong warm-up and the right time to “crank.”

“These kids have only been in music for six months,” Moye said.  “That’s crazy for their expertise level. I’m trying to work with them on simple stuff, like posture and tone, so they can make a lasting sound. They know what they’re doing.  Sometimes they just don’t understand why.”

For a glimpse of the Frances C. Williams Charter School Marching Band in action, visit:

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