Remember to Check Your Validation Status

Dear Student:

If you are registered for the Fall 2012 semester, please be sure to review your validation status via BisonWeb. After logging in, select ”Student”, then ”Student Accounts”, and then ”Check Your Validation Status”. If you are not validated, it is necessary that you satisfy your financial obligations by one of the following methods:

  1. Payment-in-full
  2. Enroll in the University Installment Plan – There is a $25.00 enrollment fee and a 25% down payment required. Enrollment by August 10, 2012 will require the remaining balance to be divided into two equal installments and paid in September and October.

If you are validated, please remember to check your account via BisonWeb on a regular basis. Students may also view updated information on the BisonWeb homepage and the Student Financial Services Frequently Asked Questions site.

Student–specific inquiries may be submitted to our online ticketing system at:

We wish you a successful fall 2012 semester.


Office of Student Financial Services