Registration Error Messages

Error Message Description
Closed Section Course is filled to capacity.
Course Cancelled Course has been cancelled. Please make another selection
CRN is Invalid Confirm the CRN and try again. If it is still invalid, check with the department.
Department Registration will not be possible online. Contact the office of the academic department offering the course to obtain permission to register for the class. Use the Change of Program Card to obtain approval (including signature).
Holds YOU CANNOT REGISTER OR ADD/DROP CLASSES DUE TO HOLDS ON YOUR RECORD. Holds have been placed on your record by University offices. To view a list of your holds click on “Student Records & Registration”, then "Student Records Information", then “View Administrative Holds”. You will not be able to register, add/drop, receive transcripts, obtain grades or graduate until all holds have been released. Only the office that placed the hold can release it.
Instructor Signature Registration will not be possible online. Contact the course instructor to obtain permission to register for the class. Use a Change of Program Card to obtain approval (including signature) and submit the card to your academic advisor who will override the restriction in the system and permit you to register for the course on-line.
Link Error See the Schedule of Classes to determine if a course is linked to another (Lab, Lecture or Activity). If linked, you must enroll in both at the same time. You can also click the “Class Search” button and search for the available link.

Maximum Hours Exceeded Undergraduates in good standing are limited to 18-21 credit hours per semester depending on your School or College. An advisor’s signature is required on the Change of Program Card. Bring the signed Change of Program Card to your advisor for approval.
Prerequisite and Test Score Error You have not satisfied a required prerequisite course or exam score for enrollment in this class. Please make a different selection. If you believe you have satisfied the course prerequisite you should meet with your academic advisor who can determine if an override is warranted.
Restrictions All exceptions to the following restrictions require a signed change of program card to register for the class. Registration is not possible online:
  • CAMPUS: This class is restricted to students who are enrolled at a particular campus.
  • LEVEL: This class is restricted to a certain level (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, law school or PhD candidates). Your level is not the one needed for registration. Only your advisor can give permission to register for this class.
  • DEGREE: This class is restricted to a certain degree (e.g. BA, BS, MA, MS, MPA, MBA, JD, PhD or MD). You are not pursuing the degree necessary to take this class. You will need permission from your Dean’s Office to register for this course.
  • MAJOR: This class is restricted to certain majors. The department is the only office that can give permission to register if you are not the major specified.
  • CLASS: This course is restricted to certain classes (e.g., juniors or seniors) and only the instructor or department can allow access to this course.
  • COLLEGE: This class is restricted to a certain college. You are not a Degree-Seeking student in this college. You will need permission from your Dean to register for this course.
Time Conflict You have attempted to register for two classes that either meet at the same time or overlap. Please check the times for the classes online.
You are not permitted to register at this time You are not eligible to register at this time. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes. If you have any questons please call the Office of the Registrar at (202) 806-2705.

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Functions not Available on Bison Web

Error Message Description
Special Registration Categories Registration for the College of Medicine, Dentistry, the School of Pharmacy, Study Abroad, Domestic Exchange, and courses taught through the Consortium cannot be accomplished via Bison Web. The appropriate office processes registration for Study Abroad; Exchange Programs; and Cooperative Education.
Special Grading Options (Audit, Pass/Fail) Courses that have more than one grading option automatically default to the standard letter grade mode, (A-F). If you wish to take a course under a different grading mode, such as Audit, you must make the change using a Change of Program Card.
Closed or Restricted Courses You cannot register by Bison Web for courses that are closed or that require special permission to enroll. Instead, you must use a Course Capacity Override Form, available in your school or college. Having a Course Capacity Override Card signed by the instructor does NOT guarantee enrollment in a course.
Consortium Registration Please visit our Consortium web pages for further information regarding the Consortium program.

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