Instructions for BISON Financial Aid on the Web

Welcome to HU BISON Financial Aid on the Web. Please review the following instructions before you proceed.

Important Note:

If, as you navigate through your financial aid account, you have questions or if your records do not match that which has been reported, feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office. For more information on financial aid programs and services offered here at Howard University, please visit

  1. Read over these instructions, or print them out.
  2. Click "LOG IN TO SECURE AREA" on the Bison Web homepage.
  3. Enter the "@" sign followed by your student identification number. Then enter your personal identification number (PIN). Your PIN must be six (6) numerical digits. Click the "LOGIN BUTTON."

    For information on your PIN number, please use one of the following resources:
    • Student Reference Manual (page 11)
    • Your advisor
    • Enrollment Management (202) 806-2700
    • Courtesy desk in the Blackburn Center Ballroom (during General Registration)
  4. Type in your PIN again on the "LOGIN VERIFICATION PAGE", and click the "LOGIN BUTTON".
  5. If this is the first time you have signed on, a "TERMS OF USAGE PAGE" will display. Please read and if you accept the terms, click the "CONTINUE BUTTON". If you do not accept the terms, click the "EXIT BUTTON".
  7. Select the phrase "FINANCIAL AID".
  8. When the Financial Aid page displays, click on "MY OVERALL STATUS OF FINANCIAL AID" to view:
    • Financial Aid Holds
    • SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)
    • Cost of Attendance
    • Financial Aid Awards
    • Financial Aid History
    • Account Summary
    Click on "MY ELIGIBILITY" to view Financial Aid document requirements.
    • Financial Aid Holds
    • Financial Aid History
    • Document Requirements
    • SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)
    • Academic Transcript
    Click on "E-MAIL HOWARD UNIVERSITY FINANCIAL AID OFFICE" to send an individual e-mail message. Students will receive a response to their e-mail inquiry within 7 days.
  9. When on the "Student Aid Year" page, click on the arrow at the right of the word "Aid Year" and select the appropriate aid year (NOTE: Financial Aid history is not available prior to 1999-2000).
  10. Click on the "SELECT AID YEAR BUTTON". The system will return you to "OVERALL STATUS OF FINANCIAL AID" to view:
  11. If you wish to view financial aid data from another aid year, repeat Step 9.

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