About Blackburn

The Armour J. Blackburn University Center serves as the living room of the University campus, providing an environment for social, cultural, recreational, leisure and intellectual enrichment outside the classroom. The Blackburn University Center is still one of the most popular stops on the campus for campus tours and visits organized and conducted by the Director of the Center.

Blackburn Mission

The University Center must be visualized as a community organization and program that provides services, conveniences and amenities to the members of the University family, student, faculty staff, administrators, alumni and the community. It is designed to provide experiences, to enrich co-curricular living and learning.

The University Center staff seeks to provide an avenue for the improvement of interpersonal relations among members of the University community serving as the symbol of the unifying force of learning outside of the classroom.

The University Center provides leisure time programs and activities, cultural programs, fine arts programs, intellectual exchanges through book signings, lecture series, film series, theatrical programs and serves as a laboratory where social interaction and cultural exchanges can occur outside the classroom. It also provides Recreational, Intramurals and Club Sports activities which provide the campus community with a structured outlet for relaxation and leisure time activities.

The University Center serves as a training center for many students by providing employment for students while they matriculate at the University. The employment opportunities provide a financial resource for the students while they are in school and serves as an entry level employment experience on their resume for the Association of College Unions International.

The University Center provides the first things that human beings do in their more elemental daily activities: places and means for meeting friends, for lounging, for recreation and for dining.

The University Center will provide rooms and equipment that will support activities that encourage the congeniality and friendships that come from working together on common projects.

The University Center reflects and strengthens the traditions and history of Howard University. To assure that the mission of the University Center is accomplished, the major goals and objectives are:

To stimulate and promote the social and academic welfare of the University.

To serve as a unifying force in the life of the University community, cultivating enduring regard for and loyalty to the University.

To continue to be the Community Center of Howard University which bridges the gap between the community and the University.

To serve as a laboratory of citizenship, for training students in social, professional and leadership responsibility.

To provide cultural, social and recreational programs to make free/leisure time activity a cooperative factor with academics.

To become an integral part of the educational program of the University.

To co-sponsor programs with the campus community and the community at large which will expand the social, cultural and educational offerings to our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community.

To support the continued professional development of all of the University Center staff, encourage and support their participation in local, regional, national and international conferences in Student Affairs or related areas.

To encourage and support the University Center staff to participate in the University Leadership Academy Classes.

Present recognition programs for the students, staff, and members of the campus community and the local community who work collectively with the University Center staff to assure the realization of our mission.

Recreational Activities Mission

The Howard University Recreational Activities program provides comprehensive leisure time activities, which offers play in both organized and informal sports and special activities structured to meet the diverse cultural population of the University.

The Office of the Director of the Blackburn University Center and the Assistant Director for Intramural and Recreational Sports are dedicated to the maintenance of a program which is both attractive and competitive enough to develop the full athletic potential while encouraging healthy living through exercise, recreational/leisure time activities. Competitive and non-competitive sports, recreational sports and leisure time activities are planned for the Howard University students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests of the University.

Intramural Sports Mission

Intramurals and Club Sports provide an outlet to all members of the university family, faculty, staff, students and alumni. Intramurals and Club Sports provide Howard University students opportunities to participate in athletic activities while obtaining higher education. Intramurals and Club Sports also provide means of personal development, physical fitness, time management skills, and social development.

Intramurals and Club Sports provide an avenue for students and staff to interact outside of the classroom, also provide an avenue for students to meet and interact with people from different schools. Intramurals is exercise and entertainment where the concept of teamwork and values of life are taught.

The two top priorities for this year is are to: Increase female participation in intramural activities and expand the Club Sports program by adding golf.