Intramural & Club Sports Activities

The activities which are planned for the 2010-2011 academic year are: Flag football, men and women, basketball, men and women, volleyball, aerobics, soccer, baseball, both indoor and outdoor, taekwondo, judo, self-defense, badminton, and golf. Plans are underway to launch a golf program. As a result of the many requests to start an Intramural softball program, steps have been taken to do a feasibility study for the program. Both softball and golf can be played by both men and women which makes them even more attractive to the intramural department.

Competitive Intramural Activities

Competitive Intramural and Club Sports are some of the most important activities on campus, and attract major participation. The activities are Flag Football, Women’s Flag Football, Indoor and outdoor Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball.


During the fall semester, Flag Football, Soccer, and Volleyball are the activities that draw the most attention. Volleyball is co-ed and draws a large number of female participants.

Soccer is a year round ongoing sport at Howard University. Fall soccer draws many spectators on Friday nights, as the players take to the floor at the lower Burr Gymnasium. The players enjoy the free play.

The biggest draw during the fall is always flag football.

Women's Flag Football

The women's Flag Football team is currently ranking number eight in the nation. They have competed in the National Intramural Championship successfully for the past five years. They won an automatic berth to the National Championship in November 2010 by winning the regional NIRSA collegiate championship in region 1.



Traditionally that basketball league has thirty-two (32) men teams and six to eight (6-8) women teams. The league games are conducted on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. The first two teams in each division advance to the playoff bracket until the champion team is determined. The schedule may change from time to time depending on the number of teams participating in a particular league.

Champion teams are usually sponsored to compete in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Collegiate Intramural Tournaments by NIRSA and ACIS.

Indoor Soccer

Standing room is the only way to describe this league. This league is the most competitive league in all of intramurals. The fans always come out to cheer for their favorite team. There were eight to ten (8-10) teams in the league every year.

Club Baseball

With the cancellation of the baseball program, the Howard University Club Baseball Association formed. The club eventually joined the NCBA, National Club Baseball Association. This is a college level association that has teams from all over the country. The team game schedule includes University of Georgia, GWU, Loyola, NSCU, Georgetown, University of Virginia, James Madison, and University of Maryland.