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Overview & Goals

Since its founding in 1867, Howard University has answered the call to educate deserving young men and women, regardless of their financial circumstances. Unfortunately today, the nation‘s economic crisis has put a tremendous strain on many of our students. Pay cuts and unemployment continue to reduce or eliminate family contributions and federal student aid is limited; leaving many students to question... how will I pay for my Howard degree?

In response, President Sidney A. Ribeau launched the Bridging the Gap Student Aid Campaign in March 2012 to raise $25 million in current–use and endowed scholarship and fellowship assistance that will directly address the gaps in financial aid for deserving Howard students.

The campaign also addresses four related goals:

  1. Enhance Student Retention and Enrollment
    Nearly 10% of Howard‘s students have dropped classes for financial reasons, which delays and often prevents students from graduating. Last year, 600 students were unable to continue their enrollment as a direct result of their inability to meet financial obligations.
  2. Increase Overall Graduation Rates
    Howard‘s four-year graduation rate is less than 50%, with more students taking longer to obtain their degree and, in many cases, taking time off to pay for their education.
  3. Reduce Student Indebtedness
    Last year, Howard awarded students more than $80 million in institutional aid. Only one third of the aid awarded was scholarships and grants, loans made up 64%.
  4. Increase Student Involvement in Enrichment Activities
    Students who must obtain employment to pay for their studies often work in excess of 25 hours a week. This tends to impede academic success and prevent full participation in enrichment activities, thwarting a well-rounded education.

Today, almost 90% of Howard students require some form of financial aid including scholarships. Yet, it is often not enough for them to achieve their dream of graduating from Howard and pursuing their careers without additional support.

For many students and families, the prospect of paying for college is daunting, but you have the power to help them rise above this challenge. Your donation to the Bridging the Gap Student Aid Campaign will ensure that Howard‘s best and brightest have the funds they need to complete their studies and launch their careers.

In these challenging times, a successful campaign is essential to Howard‘s ability to remain true to its legacy and ensure that its students have access to an excellent education. Your generous support will significantly strengthen our ability to respond to the demonstrated needs of our students.

Now, more than ever, Howard students need your help. The Bridging the Gap Student Aid Campaign is your opportunity to Answer the Call. The time to act is now!!