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BARACK OBAMA: The First Term 2009 - 2012
(Special Event)

The Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, Howard University's premier library documenting the global black experience is pleased to present "Barack Obama: The First Term, 2009-2012", an exhibition of some 60 photographs documenting Barack Obama's first four years as President of the United States. Founded 99 years ago as a small collection of books, manuscripts and other documents, the Moorland-Spingarn has developed into the premier academic research library in the field of African American and African Diasporan history and culture.

The photographs in the exhibition have been selected from the extensive photographic archive of President Obama's Official White House Photographer, Pete Souza. Souza and his staff have been shooting upwards of 10,000 photos a week documenting Barack Obama's daily activities. The works selected for this exhibition survey the major achievement moments of President Obama's first term while revealing the day-to-day workings of the office of the President. They also explore the human dimensions of Obama's life as President for himself and for his family. The collective portrait that emerges from these images is that of a concerned and committed public servant striving to right the American ship of state in a period of profound national crisis.

Pete Souza, the Official White House Photographer, is a photojournalist who was formerly a photographer for the Chicago Tribune (Washington Bureau 1998-2007). He also served as President Ronald Reagan's Official White House Photographer (1983-1989). Publications include: Images of Greatness: An Intimate Look at the Presidency of Ronald Reagan (2004) and The Rise of Barack Obama (2009). The captions on the photographs in the exhibition are Souza's personal commentaries on the images.

Location: Moorland-Spingarn Gallery in Founders Library, 500 Howard Place N.W
Price: Free
Feb 2013
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