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24th Annual James A. Porter Colloquium

The 24th James A. Porter Colloquium on African American Art and Benefit Awards Gala

The Transitioning Role of Studio Practice in Modern and Contemporary African American Art

Typically, studio practice takes place within the artist's studio. This experience allows the artist to react to the many ways and methods through which diverse opinions are gleaned from wider educational opportunities. The availability of new media technologies, the expansion of social, cultural, political, philosophical and aesthetical concerns in classrooms and in everyday life, shape artistic production. Moreover, the influences of institutions such as museums, galleries and university/college art departments as well as the increasingly sophisticated demands of audiences have tested the very complex nature of contemporary studio art practice. Today, artists and the curators who select and exhibit their work are grounded in an exciting but increasingly complicated understanding of the relationship between art and common humanistic issues.

During this two-day program, art historians, artists, critics, and interdisciplinary scholars will examine the continuity and consistency within the established principle of what constitutes the "artist studio," while encouraging wide-ranging inspection, introspection, and discussion about the many ways artists work or choose not to work in their studios.

The 2013 presentation of the Howard University Department of Art's James A. Porter Colloquium is presented in conjunction with the David C. Driskell Center for the Study of the Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans and the African Diaspora.

Location: Main Campus, School of Business Auditorium
Price: Free, but registration required
Sponsor: Department of Art
Contact: Teresia Bush
Jun 2018
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